Nothing wrong with regime change – Vince Musewe

via Nothing wrong with regime change | The Zimbabwean 15.04.14 by Vince Musewe

Without the help of foreign funding, Zanu (PF) and ZAPU would never have been able to wage the armed struggle. Without international assistance, we will not be able to get rid of Zanu (PF). Our fight is for freedom from oppression just as we fought the same fight against the colonialists – except this time our own people have become the new colonialists.

I am tired of this regime change rhetoric. The Chinese are propping up Zanu (PF) against the will of us progressive Zimbabweans – yet that seems acceptable. The people who want regime change are not the West, it is us local progressive black Zimbabweans who want create a better Zimbabwe. What then do we do?

We have two options. The first one being contributions by each and every one of us to a credible change organisation, not a political party. Our sole effort is for regime change through peaceful means. This of course is not going to happen given the divisive nature of Zimbabweans in general.

We are bad at uniting and good at criticising and slandering others. Zanu (PF) is entrenched like a cancerous tumour in our society and this makes the task significantly difficult and protracted – particularly as our options are limited to peaceful means.

Our next option is to link up with international organisations that can provide us with the required resources. This of course is the most viable option provided that we do not become mere agents.

In my opinion, there is absolutely nothing wrong with us seeking funds elsewhere as long as we know what we want to achieve; Freedom liberty and the right for every Zimbabwean to live up to their full potential. That cannot be such a bad thing and in fact the United Nations should support our efforts because that is what they stand for (I think).

I have noticed with amusement that international organisations in Zimbabwe seem to not be interested in this – but would rather provide developmental funds. My argument remains that development without freedom is slavery. We cannot continue to want others to develop us while we are prisoners to our so called liberators.

Sovereignty is a right I agree, but that right must never be abused to abuse or oppress people – as has been the case to date. Sovereignty is important because we the future leaders are well-equipped and informed enough to understand the new world order that seeks to extract benefit from Africa. We are not naïve to believe that international organisations are here by happenstance or that world government s have no agenda on Zimbabwe.

Yes we want to own our natural and mining resources, yes we want to determine our own future as Africans and but we do know that we can no longer operate divorced from the world at large. The argument that as Africans if we get assistance from the West we are therefore puppets is an old and tired defence mechanism to perpetuate human rights abuse in Africa.

In Zimbabwe, it only serves to entrench Zanu (PF) and frame Africans as though we are victims and recipients of international generosity at the expense of our people. We are not.

Zimbabwe must move into a democratic and modern state led by new leaders and democratic institutions that put the people first. Our nation has so much potential that is now arrested and imprisoned by the past and fear of change.

We must welcome anyone who wishes to assist us in this quest, as long as they know that Zimbabwe and its people come first. That is our agenda. Regime change is now an urgent matter. Freedom first, development later! – Vince Musewe is an economist and author based in Harare. You may contact him on


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    Now you are talking vince. This is your best article ever. We need a spirit of revolution, such utterances leading to action can force the regime to think other wise.

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      mandy 8 years ago

      Vince is simply talking about himself and nothing else. His article should be dismissed with the contempt it deserves. Vince was among the first to dismiss the call by MDC T for every Zimbabwean to dip into their pockets and support the struggle against zanupf. Vince, Tendai Biti, Roy Bennett and Elton Mangoma manufactured, propagandist fashion, what they called absence of values in the leadership of Morgan Tsvangirai.

      What values can a man have if he is stripped totally naked of all rights by the existing regime, I ask you? In Zimbabwe you only have rights at the discretion of Mugabe as the laws are applied selectively. To get what is rightfully yours you have to crawl from Mugabe’s blind side, snatch it, run for it and hope to make it. Has it ever occurred to Vince and his friends that Mugabe has in one way or the other turned every Zimbabwean into a thief just in order to survive. Has it ever occurred to Vince and his friends that most of the people that we think support zanupf are instead victims of Mugabe’s forced patronage system. Go to the rural areas and see for yourselves the reality master Vince and your day dreaming morons, Elton, Tendai and Roy. If you do not support Mugabe then you are denied food. Has it occurred to you that once a man is robbed of his integrity and all the basis of values is taken away?

      Mugabe had an adulterous affair with his current wife, Grace, but it was justified by the state media under the threat of banishment and insult laws. It is a public secret that Grace’s first sexual intercourse with Mugabe was at Munhumutapa buildings offices. What a disgrace! Was that not duress, or even rape Mr. Vincent for a head of state to compel his assistant to such an act? Yet we have not heard you Mr. Vince raise this moral issue at all. Should we assume that your silence is approval.

      Now that you appear to be waking up to reality perhaps you will also accept your errors of judgement in criticising those who have taken to fight against Mugabe’s system before you merely on what you call values. Perhaps you will also accept your moral blameworthiness for slowing down the struggle by your blind crusade of values that has focussed the struggle on the wrong things. Zimbabweans will only have values when their integrity is restored first and foremost.

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        Mandy, some of what you say is true. But do you think upright and honest men like Roy Bennett sacrificed his all in Zimbabwe for selfish reasons. He is a very honourable person. yes, we all make mistakes. Every one of us and MT is no exception. Everyone is just trying to find a way forward. It is time to stop tearing at each other, to speak the truth in love, to forgive and to go forward together and stand against a common evil that has destroyed Zimbabwe. One of evils/communisms main ploys is to make a people totally dependent on an evil regime. We must tear this down together. Prayer is the best place to start and then being unified in a common cause. Each man/woman must lay down all selfish agenda’s.

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          mandy 8 years ago

          NBS I respect you as a person. But for you to say Roy has integrity is a gross misrepresentation of facts. Roy is zanupf all through and through. The needless violence in parliament in 2003 or there by…. In case you did not know Roy Bennett is unscrupulous and vicious at it in pursuit for political power. He is as member of a brand of ritualists freemasons that strip into birth suits and chant all night to invoke occult powers all in search political office and money. In 2001 Roy was accompanied by Nelson Chamisa to Australia for one such ritual where they were made to strip naked and then offer supplications to the devil in order to invoke occult powers. Unfortunately for Roy Chamisa leaked the information. That is not all. Roy Bennett visits spirit mediums and other clairvoyant personalities in his pursuit for power. In short Roy Bennett has no integrity at all to talk about. He is rapaciously power hungry. He will stop at nothing to get to power and will even kill innocent people in that pursuit. Yes, Roy Bennett is white but then what.

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    Reverend 8 years ago

    Good article Vince, and the idea of what one would call a lobbyist group is a great idea, and I would be prepared to give to a group set up of honest men who are dedicated to bringing this country into a position to expell the present regime and set up a new season for Zimbabwe (they would be true heros!)…But… do we have these people in Zimbabwe. It would certainly anger me to watch my money end up in the pockets of a money hungry loser as has happened all the time in this country.Your comment-
    “This of course is not going to happen given the divisive nature of Zimbabweans in general.”
    Sums up the situation, as it has come to ‘what I can get or do for myself’. This is what is keeping this evil government in power as they give out just enough for survival, and the people who can be effective are diminishing daily.
    I cannot understand why the cash rich multinationals have not taken your idea up, but of coarse many of them are in the pocket of Mugabe and survive by evil favors.
    Lets keep trying.

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    apolitical 8 years ago

    There is nothing wrong with anything thaty is legal and does not involce undemocratic funding friom another country against Zimbabwe internationally called terrorism.
    Its surprising and annoying that journalists with an obvioius problem are allowed to publicise their thoughts.
    To promote regime change in any country is internationally considered terrorism.
    We have become civilized over the years or some of us have!
    We believe in democracy which means that all entitled to vote have one and external funds do not manipulate an election as has been attempted.
    If you attempted to do the same in the UK you would be locked up andf the embassy funding same closed down. This is reality itys about double standards and terrorism.
    Trying to write at the journalists level difficult to descend to – if Iran funded a political party in any country in the west via its embassy would the other parties and electorate say it was free and fair would accept a government of Irans choice, I think not!
    This is reality, its about the uneducated thinking it is democracy, unable to reason that it is the absolute opposite.
    To protect local society those promoting this kind of terrorism should be locked up.

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      Jono Austin 8 years ago

      Should Mugabe be locked up for promoting Gukurahundi? ie to protect local society-that is your concern after all.

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      Don Cox 8 years ago

      “To promote regime change in any country is internationally considered terrorism.”

      No, it is called “elections”. What do you think the opposition party is doing in the UK or the USA? They are trying to change the government to one by their own party.

      This includes rallies, posters, press releases, interviews on TV, and anything else that can promote change.

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      Parangeta 8 years ago

      M”Garbage practices Terrorism,
      not the Zimbabweans who want him OUT!

      You, apolitical, are a farce, a boot-licker and
      a zanoid hypocrite, like your filthy bossman~

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    Excellent article Vince. And I pray for you often so that should tell you who I am. It is sad that men like you are not leading this nation. And I too am sick and tired of ZPF’s regime change mantra. What do they think they were doing through the 70’s if it wasn’t to effect regime change. I am sad that on Friday we have our Independence with nothing to celebrate. I am sad that one man has been at the helm all this time and brought utter destruction to this nation. We can point at MT and others but the buck stops with the man at the top albeit a rigged top. ZPF have been crazy to allow him to entrench himself without leadership renewal and we Zimbabweans have been crazy to allow ZPF to entrench themselves and taint the very ethos of our nation. Look at Zimra raiding ZOU. Is there anywhere where ZPF are not looting, stealing and destroying??? yes, regime change is desperately needed. May God himself liberate Zimbabwe from this catastrophic darkness and may we repent as a nation because without that we cannot be restored.

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    Roving Ambassador 8 years ago

    Local businesses should have set up a lobby group to achieve regime change. Their interests are being trempled upon by ZANU and they just turn on their backs and pretend to be happy.
    They must put their money where their mouth is.
    We must not just wait for the povo to rise up.
    Business must rise up.

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    moyokumusha 8 years ago

    You have my support

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    John Thomas 8 years ago

    I notice Vince has included himself as a future leader.

    This is a plausible article, but I worry that these nice sounding words hide ZANU version 2.0. The kids who have gotten themselves good eductions, most of the rough edges have been smoothed over, but inside it is the same old suspect goods.

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    NOW YA TALKING Vince!!

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    Mseyamwa 8 years ago

    Regime change is not illegal at all in most places in the world, except repressive ones. It is what democracy thrives on. Elections are held with thre potential to change regimes and they are very legal. What may be legal is forcible regime change through military coups or other act which is not supported nor desired by the majority. Every opposition party in every free country was formed primarily for the purposes of regime change. Why would they be allowed even to exist when their agenda is illegal. Don’t attempt to lie to readers, they are not as dumb as you want them to be.

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    Mseyamwa 8 years ago

    (revised and to apolitical) Regime change is not illegal at all in most places in the free world, except repressive ones. It is what democracy thrives on. Elections are held with the potential to change regimes and they are very legal. What may be illegal is forcible regime change through military coups or other act which are not supported nor desired by the majority. Every opposition party in every free country was formed primarily for the purposes of regime change. Why would they be allowed even to exist when their agenda is illegal. Don’t attempt to lie to readers, they are not as dumb as you want them to be.

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    machakachaka 8 years ago

    Vince, your article can be summarized thus; You are angry with Zanu pf, but you cannot convince the right numbers to start what you believe should get that party out of power. If you cannot raise the right numbers then you are the minority, and those who do not want to join you are the majority. Don’t you know, dear, that the minority cannot democratically beat the majority? Or are you itching for some form of regime change which does not involve elections? Well you are not alone. There are a dozen others who think like you, but the majority (millions) want peace, and know they can change the government through elections, if they want to.

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    Rwendo 8 years ago

    Change the ZANU PF government through elections. Now there’s an oxymoron if I ever heard one.

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      Exactly. A total delusion. ZPF are the master riggers are excellance but God is watching. ZPF have made a fatal miscalculation in believing that God has slept though all their evil machinations and bloodshed. it is not a matter of if but when: judgment will fall!

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    Tongoona 8 years ago

    Regime Change means change of government and there is nothing wrong with that. Yes funding is paramount but not to an organisation. What is wrong in funding political parties of substance for this national cause. I also agree with you that any regime change must be within the legal frame work.

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    wensil 8 years ago

    A very good article Vince. Its no longer time to watch but to take action. Mugabe and co. are spending too much time looking after themselves and driving with their eyes firmly stuck on the rear view mirror and therefore taking the country back to the stone ages.

    Its no use waiting for 2018 or 2023 elections as some may suggest when those elections are already manipulated unless people take action to make those elections both free and fair otherwise we will continue to be ruled by a small minority of Mugabe henchman and cronies.

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    Regime is not easy.We talk too much without action.lf u want to win ,u dont move around and tell everyone your will give time to plan as well.ln Zim we need a bush ambush.When ZANLA and ZIPLA went to war they just started with abush.ln ZANU.PF the only person who is smart is Mugabe.lf we dont win our war in 2018 it will never happen again.That is why is still control ZANU.PF and Zim as country.Now he is moving dippers and losing his mind ,but noone will remove from power.Do u know that the Chinese Government is doing more damage in Zim than that the looks like we dont know the difference with right and left.ZANU.PF is good at confusion to remain power. Unless we unite and forget our past and rise.ln Zim 18 April is just for top guys

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    Buchman-Turner-Overdrive 8 years ago

    “Regime Change”

    We have heard enough of this term. I just wonder what people would be saying today had Gorge Bush never came up with this term during the Iraq war?

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    Zim Patriot 8 years ago

    A political, pleas don’t lie, you are not A political you are “A biased” a very biased man and we can all see through your farce….Vince great article, I hope its sincere. Our best solution is the power of prayer….Jesus Christ our Lord and savior has final authority in heaven, on earth and below, His miracles are the same yesterday, today and tomorrow and He can change our situation in the blink of an eye, come on Zimbabweans humble ourselves and pray.

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    Nothing is going to change for some time on our Continent, not especially in Zim.
    Corruption and patronage will be the norm for the foreseeable future.

    We are still years behind most in the West and a few in the East.
    Exception here is Russia, which is going down to our level fast.

    Very sad but true.