NSSA boss cagey on salary package

via NSSA boss cagey on salary package  25/02/2014 by The Source

NATIONAL Social Security Authority (NSSA) general manager, James Matiza was on Monday taken to task over executive packages at the parastatal as Parliament continued scrutiny on salaries earned by management at public enterprises.

The Parliamentary portfolio committee on public service, labour and social welfare on Monday also demanded to know the frequency and interest rates on loans to NSSA employees.

Recent disclosures of executive compensation at the Public Service Medical Aid Society and the Zimbabwe Broadcasting Corporation have triggered public outrage with some of their executives being shown to earn monthly salaries running into hundreds of thousands of dollars.

Matiza said housing loans to employees attracted a five percent interest and also that they could access a vehicle loan every five years.

“We were requested by the Office of the President and Cabinet (OPC) to submit salary schedules for our parastatal. We did that through our parent ministry who in turn sent them to the OPC. That is as much as I can say,” Matiza said.

“As for figures, I don’t think I have the authority to say…but I want to believe that by not seeing NSSA in the newspapers to say that managers are earning $230 000, is a sign that maybe there is nothing awkward on the salary schedule that we sent.”

The response attracted an angry reaction from the committee members.

“Manager I think that is a bit arrogant for you to say that to this committee. We are not (your) subordinates. We are here at the instance of the public, the people of Zimbabwe therefore we don’t expect that kind of conduct from a public servant,” said the legislator for Binga North, Dubeko Prince Sibanda.

Matiza apologised to the committee and promised to submit the salary schedule.

“We did not anticipate this question when we came here, therefore we did not come with the schedule. If the committee wants us to submit the schedule, we will through our parent ministry,” Matiza said.



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    John Thomas 8 years ago

    He did not expect he would be asked about salaries? This guy is either a liar or so stupid he should not have the job he has. Bet those schedules never show up, or if they do they will be works of fiction

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    Mukanya 8 years ago

    NSSA manager- typically rude and arrogant.

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    Nyoni 8 years ago

    They are all arrogant . Even that Bob the bobbit.

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      Sonofngwazi 8 years ago


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    All the salary schedules submitted are eiher fake or Genuine but the bottomline is the pulic wil never know the truth ,Pulic should demand independant forencic audit of these Parastatals.Few shal b sacrficed bt majority wl escape ,eg Charamba is stil President’s Spokesman.Salary shall remain wth us for alongtme unsolved

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    Just saying 8 years ago

    Why aren’t NSSA’s accounts made public, after all this is not a private or listed company. All working Zimbabweans past & present have made their contributions so why shouldn’t they know what the financial state of NSSA is? Sounds to me like me might have another scandal on our hands after all these C.E.O.’s interact with each other & no doubt they want to outdo each other. I appeal to my countrymen, let’s not be sidelined by these leadership wrangles in ZPF & MDC and keep focus on all the salarygate issues.

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    The arrogant manager knows what he personally earns. He should have told the committee his package at least. Thanks ndende Dubeko Prince Sibanda. These so managers want to zanu up everyone around!!

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    rebel 8 years ago

    That’s why they are charging unreasonable nssa rates so that they can steal more

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    Roving Ambassador 8 years ago

    This is why I believe the MDC’ s are lacking, they should have clogged up the legal system with civil lawsuits requesting documents from public institutions and inspecting them on behalf of us. They even let Mudede off the hook.its within our rights to inspect the voters role and the balloting from the last election. They should have learnt from the mail and guardian which has been fighting our conner against Zuma.

    This indicates how compromised the opposition has been. They actually protect Zanu now.
    We must wake up. We need new politics now . A coalition of the willing. We must get rid of all the Zanoids. It can be done . People turned their backs on Kunonga. We need a leader well respected, self made, and of high moral standing that we can rally around.
    It has to be a tsunami of public support to unseat Zanu. The corruption is doing part of the job already
    The mistake the MDC’s did was to supp with the devil. Never never, do not even get close.

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    ttaps3 8 years ago

    Parliamentary Committees are just a laughing stock, a soap opera at best. They are hoodwinked by the CEO of NSSA that he was not prepared for salary roll questions.Really, in these salarygate time. One could have asked the CEO to reveal his own salary package– at least he takes it home every month. This would haved shed light on whether we have a Cashbert. Hey, one could have offered the CEO a cell phone and asked him to tell somebody to bring figures for the top 10 or so managers– in an hour.
    These Committees are toothless bulldogs- in fact the whole parliament is useless.

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    Sonofngwazi 8 years ago


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    Well said Binga North MP. This NSSA guy is an ignoramus.

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    Where there is ignorance there definitely is a problem!