Nyanga villagers arrested after protesting partisan maize scheme

via Nyanga villagers arrested after protesting partisan maize scheme | SW Radio Africa by Tererai Karimakwenda  November 19, 2013 

A woman with a one-year old child is one of six villagers from Nyanga North, Manicaland province, who were arrested by the police on Sunday after refusing to accept ZANU PF’s distribution of food along political party lines.

Charity Katerere and the five other villagers defied a ZANU PF councillor by grabbing their allotted food supplies, a 10 kg bag of maize each. This was after the local ZANU PF Councillor, Edward Maanda, told them get their maize from MDC-T President Morgan Tsvangirai.

According to Sekai Gombe, the MDC-T secretary for information in Nyanga, Maanda tried to sideline the MDC-T supporters in the presence of a government official from Agritex, who explained that the maize was for all villagers, regardless of their political loyalties.

Gombe told SW Radio Africa that the police were also at the scene, and instead of arresting the ZANU PF Councillor Maanda for defying the Agritex, they arrested the victimized MDC-T members and accused them of ‘stealing’.

“They said: ‘We haven’t stolen. ZANU PF is sidelining us and we are just collecting our share’. Police did nothing when the ZANU PF Councillor announced this partisan distribution. They only reacted when our members grabbed their share,” Gombe explained.

Also arrested along with Charity Katerere are the MDC-T branch chairman for ward three Kavarauswa Village, Lovemore Kanende, Dumisani Kanende, Norman Madakwenda, Lawrence Madakwenda and Krispen Tabwa.

Gombe spoke to SW Radio Africa soon after bringing food to the MDC-T activists, who are being detained at Ruwangwe Police Station. He said they are due to appear in court Wednesday morning in Nyanga, which is 90 kilometers away.

The Zimbabwe Lawyers for Human Rights (ZLHR) have been engaged to represent them.

The partisan distribution of food and agricultural inputs has intensified since the July 31st election that saw ZANU PF claim a widely disputed victory. Reports from around the country indicate that MDC-T supporters are being denied government resources that are meant for all Zimbabweans, regardless of their political affiliation.

This practice has intensified at a time when Zimbabwe is facing another critical food crisis with an estimated two million people expected to need help between January and March next year, according to The United Nations.



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    Washumba 9 years ago

    Kana imi mosungwa kuGermany makuchemachema asi zvamurikuita hamuoni dhandaheads

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    Varoyi vakuru ZANU Pf

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    Peter tosh 9 years ago

    Devils and Satans on the prowl. I don’t think Smith ever did that to black people?

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    kutongwa nonjazi 9 years ago

    Zanu PF is a cult, ….hamuna kana hunhu for real. NDASHAYA PEKUNYARIRA

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    Haruna 9 years ago

    Takarega imbwa dzichiba ma elctions, now we are suffering.

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    Odessa 9 years ago

    Mwari pindirayi wo!!! Tanzva neZanu

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    Mr Mixed Race 9 years ago

    If this report is true then we should assume that we have street kids as policemen and policewomen.How can a person with compassion refuse a neighbour food on silly political differences.This is not heard of in Mat.A few weeks ago within Mat. North one official tried this but the locals from both parties protested and told the misguided official that we are one people.We are a tested people in Mat. and I am proud of our oneness.We may support different parties but we refuse to penalise opponents based on politics.If it happens we trace the source and correct it immediately.

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    tsuro magena 9 years ago

    Let this be the start of mass protest…Why should we be paying taxes …only Zanu members should pay taxes This the beginning of another struggle

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    These police thugs are unwanted and should be dealt with as soon as we have the slightest breeze of change in the way that the rule of law is administered. Some orders should be ignored and I’m sure that they will win the court case even if the judge is Bhunu. I don’t see the sence in blindly following stupid orders and at the end of the day the police are the very same people who are walking home with peanuts and insults at the end of the day. Don’t be a sellout to your own people. We are all Zimbabweans!!!

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    Chirau 8 years ago

    There we go….. now you get arrested for being hungry in the new improved Zimbabwe!!

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    Mafuta 8 years ago

    Arresting hungry women for a bag of corn while fumbled diamonds drip from their filthy fingers. Let the the whole party go back to the hell from whence it sprang.