Open letter to Grace #mugabe

via Open letter to Grace Mugabe  from a non-important person 08/03/2014 by Tambu Kahari

Dear First Lady …

CONGRATULATIONS to Mrs. Bona Chikore on her amazing wedding. I was one of the people who waited eagerly for the wedding pictures. No. I kid you not. I meticulously calculated the time differences between North America and Zimbabwe. I thought that by 3 am, North American time, the Internet would be flooded with pictures of what I envisioned to be one of the greatest weddings to take place among my own.

Unfortunately for me, I had to wait an extra day before I could feast my eyes on the pearls your daughter was wearing. They looked like they cost close to a US$150,000 or more. They have been appraised as such, even though the appraiser was only using a picture. You designed the wedding dresses, no doubt. I could see your style shining through. Well done! Your tastes are very close to my own. The antique lace you used was superb. It costs around US$300 a metre, and that is being conservative.

I got the impression that Bona did a change of clothes, and so lace was used for two wedding dresses. I shudder to think about the cost of her shoes and her diamond and pearl tiara, set in white gold. I know that cost as close to the pearls as well. Dare I say that you spent almost $US1.5 million dollars on her outfits alone? I will say it.

Please don’t get me wrong. I am not begrudging the young lady. Her father, our honourable President and your husband, is responsible for my freedom and my ability to spew nonsense. Without his sacrifice, I would be no one, with nothing. I would still be stepping aside for the white children I went to school with and taking abuse from them, as I used to because they were the race in power. I would have grown into just a black woman whose dreams were crushed because of her race. I probably would have married young and had lots of children and, highly likely, continued to live in Sakubva, Mutare, the neighbourhood of my birth.

Instead, I was rescued from that mundane existence by thousands who laid down their lives and your husband, Robert Mugabe, was their commander. For that reason, I am a diehard Zanu PFer! I bleed Zanu PF. If I went into politics, as loud, misbehaving women like me should, I would stand under the Zanu PF flag and probably make a great nuisance of myself. So, I understand that Robert Mugabe deserves the fruit of his labour. Your daughter deserves the best. I am not begrudging her what her father worked for.

But here lies my problem, First Lady, and I have a problem, that is why I am writing this letter. So as not to bore you and those at home who are struggling while I am living in relative ease, I will simply state four points to help you get my issue. You said, in October, “We all know that it is difficult to raise daughters especially if you are coming from the kind of family she is coming from where in some instances parents have a tendency of over spoiling children, whatever they ask for they are given without questioning.” In other words, what you meant is that it was a problem to raise a daughter in privilege.

But Honourable First Lady, I am sure that is a problem every mother in Zimbabwe wants and needs. In fact, I personally pray for it. It is surely easier than worrying about your children’s daily needs.  You could help some mothers in Zimbabwe face that problem of children in privilege which has brought you to your knees, even for just one night.

Perhaps if Bona donated the pearls she was wearing on her wedding day and the money was used for some Zimbabwean children, some mothers in Zimbabwe would be able to sleep peacefully, if only for a few days. You can’t help everyone, so how about picking children with autism and various other physical and mental disabilities to help with that money. So far, you have completely turned a blind eye to their well-being. Maybe Bona should take it up as a charity and ask her friends, who obviously have money, to donate.

Zimbabwe, currently, does nothing for disabled children and by the looks of it, you have no intentions of changing that. The conditions that children with disabilities live under in Zimbabwe is so appalling and devastating to their mothers that if you knew, you would auction that dress you were wearing at your daughter’s wedding. That would fetch several thousands of dollars for those sparkly things you had on your dress were precious gems.

If Bona cuts up her wedding dresses and sells them piece-by-piece, or just sells them whole, the money may just be able to help people like Rob Chifokoyo who had to go to America for a kidney transplant. There are so many Zimbabweans, who are poor who have to raise money by themselves to go as far as India to get medical treatment, and yet you, the First Lady and your upper crust friends in Southern Africa, could raise those monies in less than a day if you could be bothered.

I shudder to think of all the people who have died waiting for money. In other countries, it is the wives of the privileged, led by the First Ladies, raise funds for those in need, for they are the ones who have weddings such as Bona’s that bring billionaires like Mr. Patrice Motsepe and their cheque books. In that room alone, were men worth more than half of Africa’s wealth.

If the guest list, Honourable First lady, had been under a thousand people some of the money for feeding guests might have been saved. It could’ve gone to the decrepit school system that is in Zimbabwe. You could’ve seen to having more textbooks perhaps? Just a thought.

Again, why was it necessary for people to donate money to Bona’s wedding? Her father is rich. He could do it all by himself. Is that not the joy of having a rich father or husband? How about if the donations had been made instead to the health care industry, in Bona and her husband’s name, like the privileged do in other parts of the world? That would’ve been a wonderful precedent for others of your class to follow. The money could’ve gone to buying more dialysis machines and equipment for surgery.  That, First Family would have made the whole country feel the joy of Bona’s wedding. I could go on, because I am sure there is even more you can and should do to save lives.  It is your job as the First Lady to harness your wealth and that of all the rich men in Zimbabwe so that it benefits more people than it is doing now.

I know that people are going to say to me, “What do you know? You don’t live in Zimbabwe.” I know that when people overrun a “prophet” who is shopping in OK supermarket the week Bona Mugabe got married, that people on the streets are suffering; they are so desperate, so hungry, so caged that they are looking for deliverance from up above. And the women of very rich men in Zimbabwe, led by their primary boss, who is you, the First Lady of Zimbabwe, have to take some of the blame for simply not giving a damn.

Thank you



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    Tjingababili 9 years ago


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    allen 9 years ago

    Remember what happened to the Russian royal family in 1917? I think the same fate would be appropriate for this family. People of Zimbabwe you have been used and abused for far too long.

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    Freedom 9 years ago

    Kangoma karirisi koda kuparuka. Regai ana mugabe vadye last supper yavo. Their end is near

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    Nyoni 9 years ago

    Bring back the stockade for this silly woman and friends and get the kids throw oranges at them.

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    There is a way that seem right unto man but its steps lead to death.” None of us have the right to trample on the heads of the poor. I found this letter extremely disturbing to say the least!

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      Reverend 9 years ago

      Greetings Brother
      I really do not think the writer, or any of the corrupt Mugabe family, friends and big wigs even consider any right way, only money, glitz and glamour and they will continue robbing the poor and standing on people untill they find time has suddenly run out for them. I do not wish hell on anyone, but broad is the way to destruction and narrow is the road to eternal salvation, and things are too good for them to consider God as He said it is easier for a camel to go through the eye of a needle than for a rich man to seek God.

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    munzwa 9 years ago

    Yes a good letter but don’t forget the throne that was made for this wedding, believe the maker profited by about $40 000.00 alone, yes forty thousand.What do you do with a diamond and gold encrusted throne……remember gadaffi hussain etc.

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    mutavara 9 years ago


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    DubboZimbo 9 years ago

    Why all the whinging, the people of Zimbabwe voted the tyrant in and keep him there. Reap what you sow.

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      Parangeta 9 years ago

      The people of Nikuv voted this old fool in, not Zimbabweans.

      Proof – where is the Electronic Voters Roll, after 8 months? Nowhere to be found, the computers are damaged they say.

      Does ZANU-PF still communicate with cleft-sticks in 2014. Mugarbage does!

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      You’ve said it all in one sentence and to Tumbu Kahari author of the letter – how ignorant you are – you are where you are presently because of the decent education the previous government afforded its people, including Mugabe. Give credit where it’s due.

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    John Steele 9 years ago

    The people voted the satan and his evil wife back in… they will now suffer the consequences!

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    Godonga 9 years ago

    They say in matters of the heart, there s no common sense but this unspoken opulence displayed with Gaddafian recklessness makes me puke.

    If forsaking the Patriotic Front on the eve of the 1980 plebiscite was Mugabe s first mistake, and that Gukurahundi was his moment of madness, then surely marrying Grace ranks in top 3 as Bob s worst blunders. Mugabe lost a lot of support and dignity thru this single act of doing nuptials with Grace.

    Question: Would Sally Mugabe hav approved such exuberance in this House of Hunger? I bet my last £ Mugabe misses that gracious woman, she made him strong not weak. May her soul rest in eternal peace!

    Bayethe Mzilikazi.

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    Godonga 9 years ago

    Editor or Censor baron, why r u blocking my comments? Freedom is a state of the mind! Bomboclot!

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    Thank you Tambu Kahari!!! God bless your courage to say out the truth.

    I have much respect to President Mugabe for playing a big role in the liberation struggle of Zimbabwe.

    What I disagree with his excellence honourable Mugabe is, it seems the cabinet is forgetting those who worked with him during the liberation struggle to liberate people from the chains of oppression!

    My brother Bombs Damage Lumumba with other comrades succeceded to force the regime goverment of Ian Smith. Comrade Bombs Damage Lumumba and other comrades attacked the Shell in Harare under command of General Magamba Josiah Tongogara in 1978 and Smith requested ceasefire from President Mugabe. That is the reason why they arranged a meeting at Lancaster with Lord Soames and the British goverment to stop the war in Zimbabwe.

    Today, Comrade Bombs Damage Lumumba is lying at Marondera Heroes Acre, he left no money, no property and my nephews are sufferring in Harare. I wonder what Zanu PF goverment is thinking about those who sacrificed their lives to liberate Zimbabwe.

    Also, my Uncle Comrade Peter Baya Bude died in Maputo, he was a seniour memebr of Zanu PF and was buried in Maputo Mozambique. We have the pictures of the day Zanu PF officials buried my Uncle in Maputo and President Mugabe, General Tongogara, the late Comrade Maurice Nyagumbo and other Zanu PF dignitaries were present.

    My late brother Bombs Damage Lumumba approached officials at Zanu PF Headquarters to discuss about the burial, but nothing materialised.

    I have ni grudge at all with the families of Zanu PF officials, but my request is, when is Zanu PF going to arrange the burial of my uncle in Zimbabwe? He died fighting for the FREEDOM of Zimbabwe!

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      Bude, how naive you are – just grow up! Remember the end justifies the means and any collateral damage is incidental – those were Mugabe’s words many years ago. Perhaps you and your family should do the honours re interment and pray to Almighty God that Mugabe and his henchmen/hangers-on are struck dead instantly. That’s only one solution as they have ruined a beautiful and once wealthy/viable country along with its peoples.

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    Parangeta 9 years ago

    You are right about one thing 0 you certainly are a Non-person here!

    Idiot, still talking about Liberation, as Zimbabwe burns, 40 years later.

    Mugabe wasn’t on the front lines, he was a back-room boy and a negotiator. Leaving the dangerous stuff to others.

    This writer is a Dis-Graceful Mugarbage boot-licker, azz-licker and Zanois.

    Thank God the dodderer will “Not Collect $200, but GO to Hell”, very soon! Rest in Peace Gukurahundi.

    “Cry, My Beloved Country, Cry”.

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    Bude. Are you all there man. Mugabe has destroyed our country and you say you respect these people. If my Mugabe was my brother I would have killed him myself. 5 million for his daughters wedding. 1 million for his birthday. Are you sane man of are you on mbanje. Get life man you are pathetic. I feel sorry for you that you cannot really say what’s in your heart. These people care ZERO yes that’s ZERO for you.

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    Disgrace is more to be pitied than scorned.No brain,once not bad looking but now fat and ugly.A moron son,Robert junior,a daughter who is lacking in moral fibre like her “father” and a young son who is totally out of it.
    DNA needed in that lot.

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    Chikhangalapfula Moses Shoko 8 years ago

    solve your issues this way, (a), Bean (b), goose (c), fox, and a BOAT.YOU,TAKE ONE AT A TIME ACROSS THE THE River.
    one step at a time, you will see yourself in the Office, and above all tenda MUSIKI/JAH.



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    UN. Sucks 7 years ago

    Pat is ON TO IT.

    Tambu Kahari is clearly articulate and educated . I note she/he makes a negative comment about the former rulers of Zimbabwe.
    Can I assume she is either “living in exile” thanks to financial support and has fled Zimbabwe to avoid living the Zanu lie if she is under 50 years, or her abilities and social and professional perceptions are the result of the full and free education many Zimbweans over this age will have had at the hands of the Rhodesians.

    Numbers floating around suggest about 3 million Zimbos have fled Mr. Mugabe and his gangsters. It appears something like 200 > 240.000 people leaving Zimbabwe were white, so I guess that means approximately 2.75 million blacks have fled the tender mercies of the “liberators”!

    I know a good number of those escaping will have “crawled under a barbed wire” somewhere. But many hundreds of thousands of imaginative, successful, educated (Rhodesian very often), and influential Zimbabwean people – (as this correspondent) – could rouse themselves from their comfortable and rewarding white lifestyle and ride to the rescue of those truly oppressed in their homeland.

    No ??