Parastatal bosses submit contracts to Government | The Herald

via Parastatal bosses submit contracts to Government | The Herald January 26, 2014 by Tinashe Farawo

ALL the country’s parastatals have submitted performance contracts detailing their salaries and benefits to the Chief Secretary in the Office of the President and Cabinet for scrutiny following indications that heads of some of the entities were raking in outrageously highmonthly incomes above US$200 000.

The packages, which were handed in before a deadline set for last Wednesday, will be realigned where necessary.
Secretary for Information, Media and Broadcasting Services Cde George Charamba told The Sunday Mail on Friday that the submission of the contracts and salary schedules was in line with a new Government policy aimed at improving the performance of struggling parastatals. He would not, however, be drawn into revealing the salaries, saying “the idea is not to embarrass anyone”.

“Yes, I can confirm all the parastatal bosses have submitted their salary schedules and benefits, in fact the whole package. This is in line with the new policy on conditions of service for parastatals. The whole package will be looked at. This is also in line with the country’s economic blueprint, Zim Asset, which requires public officials to have performance contracts.” The salaries and benefits of parastatal bosses have raised concern after it emerged that most of the chief executives were earning inflated incomes while their respective entities remained in the doldrums.

The Government moved swiftly to deal with the matter and will make determinations after examining the parastatals’ schedules.
Last week, Information, Media and Broadcasting Services Minister Professor Jonathan Moyo said Government would act on the hefty salaries and allowances.

“So, we have to deal with these things, especially where people have awarded themselves these salaries and these salaries are coming either from subscriptions of the public or from fees paid by the public or from tax,” said Prof Moyo while addressing students attending Joint Command and Staff Course Number 27 in Harare .

“What is unfortunate in one way and fortunate in another way is that the corrupt salaries are in the public sector.
“We have false salaries or even corrupt salaries which have serious implications.” Last year, the Government slashed the salaries and benefits of town clerks by 50 percent.

The local authorities also submitted their performance contracts to Government and their salaries are expected to be made public this week.


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    As some one said COMICAL GEORGE

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    CHINDUNDUMA 8 years ago

    During the Smith era Parastatals were not expected to make huge profits but mainly to break even as they provided goods and services to the public at subsidised rates. this was a way of cushioning the public from exorbitant charges by the Private Sector. Parastatals were big organisatios and prestigious. Salaries were well structured in line with the Private Sector. Fast forward Mugabe era Parastatals make huge losses Managers obscenely rewarded and ordinary workers go for month without pay with the Government quite as if everything is well. Zanu pf what has gone wrong sure nyika iri kutongwa nema penzi chaiwo. where on earth do find a person being paid $200 000.00 per month running a Goverment medical iad like PSMAS

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    Dzenyika 8 years ago

    The whole system is corrupt. The head of the water department at Harare City Council is apparently earning $15,000 a month. This is before perks. The guy is responsible for Harare’s very poor water delivery system. I accept it’s a challenging job, but $15,000 a month??

    The tax base is already very low due to unemployment. The least we can do is use the taxes we collect wisely. It’s taken 5 years for the government to realise that.

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    Biridziro 8 years ago

    I doubt VERY much if these salaries were going staright into the pockets of the executives concerned. There must have been a background agreement that a certain portion of the perks would be directed towards ZANU PF. That MOST if not ALL of the executives involved are strongly associated with ZANU PF is not a mere coincidence. Only a few will be sacrified. We just need a new leadership & a fresh government.

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    masvukupete 8 years ago

    Charamba says “the idea is not to embarrass anyone”. Therein lies all our problems. Its embarrassing to us as Zimbos that such idiocy exists in our managers. Charamba is not concerned about us citizens’s embarrassment but more concerned about those that have been immoral. 2008 economy and elections were an embarrassment. The farming system is an embarrassment. The economy now is an embarrassment. 2013 elections were and still are an embarrassment. The claim that Zimbabwe is the most educated country in Africa with such backward morals is a huge embarrassment. It seems our education has not benefited our own minds and actions, that is a major embarrassment. The parastatals should be required by law to publish their results as it is with public companies. Furthermore their salaries should not be a private issue. Charamba wacho akaitei zvaaiziva kuti ku ZBC kuneproblem? Why didnt he take it further than just writing a letter. He has access to the first person, why didnt he take it up to him. He has access to many parliamentarians. He has access to the politburo. He has access to the whole cabinet. To me he is as much culpable as Cashbert Dube, Muchechetere et al. Even the first person is just as much culpable. If his own spokesman cannot or is afraid to divulge such information to him then he is also incompetent. This just goes to show how incompetent the first person, cabinet, secretaries and other govt functionaries are. Kwavari hupenyu muchechetere chete and they don give a hoot about ordinary Zimbos.

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      Mupurisa 8 years ago

      @masvukupete, apa wanyatsotaura chokwadi. I couldn’t agree more. What a bunch of clowns – makudo arinani!!

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    Mukanya 8 years ago

    A parastatals’/town clerks’ salaries probe will not be published same as the RBZ inputs saga which the Parliamentary committee is making noise about.
    Vamwe kungoda!!
    Ngoda hakuchina?

    These are the origins of ZIMASSET “a divine economic blue print”

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    I do not understand your logic Mr Charamba when you say its not intended to embarrass anybody, but these so-called Christians who have even visited TB Joshua have already embarrassed themselves by greediness beyond human consideration.They take our hard earned money and divert it for their personal glory at the expense of our families’ suffering.

    I expect your ministry to be more tough to these looters who think they have better qualifications than the rest of us, when in fact their special qualifications are corruption and greediness.When we contribute our money we expect those who are nominated to handle our money to be logical and exercise extreme caution all the time, for the benefit of the masses.

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    masvukupete 8 years ago

    Mr Charamba. Will reviewing salaries be able to solve the problem of delivery and profitability? I am sure come next year all these parastatals will be crying for money from the government. If they cannot sustain themselves, let them die or make them into public companies and donate the shares to the workers/war vets/civil servants or whoever. After sometime they will either sell their shares on the ZSE (raising capital) or manage them for dividends. Best empowerment model ever. Tipei isu to manage these parastatals for no pay and give us profit sharing and see what can be done. There is enough Zimbos who can turn these companies into profit earners and major forces in the region, we know how. Tipei mikana muone zvinobuda apa.

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    Brian 8 years ago

    I dare you to publish the salary contracts for all top officials
    in Parastatals.
    It is obviously so embarrasing, just beyond any open discussion
    that excuses dont even come into it.

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    masvukupete 8 years ago

    Apa Chinamasa wo arikuda ku odhita ma Diamond companies. This country is being run by idiots for sure. Everything in retrospect. Hanzi Bob akapenga, OMG.

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    Why is it only now that suddenly these remuneration packages and contracts are under review. What happened before. Does this suggest that all parastatal executive salaries and perks were never agreed or audited by the relevant government authorities in the past. This is just a circus full of half wits and clowns. The really scary thing is that this evil, stinking form of greed, corruption, self enrichment at the expense of the poor, and materialism is endemic through out the entire government and everything associated with it.

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    Does anyone expect anything to change with all our old lootocrats still in power. Come on Zimbabwe. In any decently run nation the whole lot would have been forced to step down. Where are the investigative journalists. How about a comprehensive list of all parastals and council management and a list of all cabinet assets etc. It will be on the best seller list and also raise our temperature. Some idiot said that the PSMA guy’s salary would be stripped down to 60,000pm. This is unacceptable. Try 6000 to 10000>. Chete