Parastatals funding military Ops: Moyo

via Parastatals funding military Ops: Moyo 14/03/2014 by Staff Reporter NewZimbabwe

FORMER State Enterprises and Parastatals Minister, Gorden Moyo, has accused President Robert Mugabe of diverting scarce revenue generated by state entities to bankroll partisan military operations key to his political survival.

Moyo also said it was unlikely the veteran leader would sanction any prosecution against company bosses implicated in the current salary scandals.

“We have military components aligned to Zanu PF who are attached to the parastatals to make sure that government gets its resources via parastatals,” Moyo said at a panel discussion organised by Transparency International-Zimbabwe in Mutare Thursday.

“I have got it on record that over 2 000 young men and women from the army were being paid by the Grain Marketing Board during operation Maguta. “Government is working with parastatals to make sure that young people in the barracks are cushioned.”

The MDC-T legislator said any prosecution against the parastatal bosses by President Mugabe, was tantamount to “self-indictment”.

“Surely, the state enterprises are heavily militarised and the current government has been losing elections and has been getting the assistance of the army to stay in power.

“President Mugabe is being held hostage by those in power,” he said.

Moyo also accused his erstwhile colleagues in cabinet of assisting the plunder of the distressed firms.

President Mugabe has berated his ministers for failing to provide thorough supervision on the strategic companies.

But Moyo said the ministers were also part of the looting party and were the least expected to stop the looting of the state enterprises.

The MDC-T Bulawayo province chair said during his tenure as minister in charge of the 78 state firms, he furnished Mugabe with documentary proof his ministers were looting the companies but got no support from him.

“Ministers in cabinet are accomplices so how can they take action,” Moyo said. “I got a record and I told President Mugabe in a cabinet meeting that so and so got a vehicle from the ministry and another one from the parastatals but no action was taken.

“This is double dipping. It’s a pathological lie to say that President Mugabe is not aware of the goings on.”

Moyo challenged President Mugabe to set up a commission similar to the Sandura Commission in 1988 to smoke out criminal elements in his administration who are busy looting state entities and local authorities.

“Mugabe owes it to the public to act. He should set a Sandura-type of executive commission to investigate the 78 parastatals. The commission should report to the parliament not himself.”

Moyo also urged the strengthening of state organs such as the police, the judiciary and parliament to effectively tackle “institutionalised” corruption while lamenting what he said was the undermining of the Anti-Corruption Commission and Auditor general’s office.

Speaking at the same occasion, Centre for Natural Resources Governance director, Farai Maguwu said corruption in the country was a sign of clear leadership failure and called on Zanu PF to return to its 1984 Leadership Code which did not tolerate corruption.

On his part, Confederation of Zimbabwe (CZI) deputy president, Henry Nemaire, another panellists at the event, urged President Mugabe to stop feeding his patronage network by appointing competent managers to run state companies.



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    Roving Ambassador 8 years ago

    Mugabe is not being held hostage by the Junta, he is the chief junta. He is holding the nation hostage.
    Worse than a Somali pirates. The pirate knows his nationals and looks after them.

  • comment-avatar
    Nyoni 8 years ago

    Bob has many choices as the so called commander in chief. But his fear to act against his own not only shows his lack of control of his ministers but the total freedom the ministers have in dealing with issues any way they want.

  • comment-avatar
    Rwendo 8 years ago

    “The MDC-T Bulawayo province chair said during his tenure as minister in charge of the 78 state firms, he furnished Mugabe with documentary proof his ministers were looting the companies but got no support from him”

    He probably said; “Dzawira mutswanda” and added the information to the files used to control politicians who threaten to step out of line. Naive.

  • comment-avatar
    Charles Chamunorwa 8 years ago

    Under Mugabe corruption is allowed and aloud.

  • comment-avatar
    Mapingu 8 years ago

    Come on Moyo, we don’t need other wasteful adventures: if Mugabe the infor as you claim (which I totally agree with you) why ask him create jobs for his cronies again by creating commissions – which are un-necessary? Dr Moyo are u not contradicting yourself here – you were a Minister & you furnished RGM with information for him to act up on. So why commission now – I can smell a rat. Are u not looking forward to be part of that commission? for all I know commissioners are highly paid in Zim?

    In short, RGM has more than enough infor regarding every one in his inner-cicle, we all know that. E.g. every senior official in zanu pf knows that he/she has a handful of C10 guyz specifically assigned to watch their backs; those C10 guyz report everything about individuals do so that the most high is well informed of what every other guy in his inner-circle is doing. That’s no secret. Fact is the most high doesn’t like ‘disloyalty’ not any other misdemeanors. Be disloyal in one moment of weakness then you are gone – but loot willy nilly for as long as your loyalty is intact and nothing comes your way -m if anything a promotion from RGM comes to the best looters.

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    Onyonyoo 8 years ago

    Gwendo urikurasika yutman. Hakusisina tswanda dzacho Inkinga ikuba bamotlogetse Mugabe. Zvinu izvi zwakasorongwa kare ku invest,ZINASU, Taivemo. Saka usatambe shasha gadzirira kuvhotela 263preez. on or before 2018 Sunura kwabafileyo Sathane?”!!!..