Parliament summons Mavhaire

via Bulawayo24 NEWS | Parliament summons Mavhaire 15 October 2013

Dzikamai Mavhaire the minister of Energy and Power Development has been summoned to Parliament this week to explain the intensifying electricity shortages.

The motion was moved by MDC legislators James Maridadi of Mabvuku Tafara and Gift Chimanikire of Southerton.

The legislators have recommended that the parliamentary portfolio committee on Mines and Energy conducts an urgent inquiry into the energy sector.

Chimanikire said they were expecting Mavhaire to come to Parliament to debate the motion on electricity shortages which have adversely affected the nation.



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    Tjingababili 11 years ago


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    Rusere 11 years ago

    Mavhaire has no clue on how to revive the energy sector. What he knows is that he was called to a lucrative job from retirement. A Mercedes Benz, offroad vehicle and another one for his wife plus other packages is all he is enjoying. Zvemagetsi izvi is a secondary issue. For the next 5 years, he has a job but won’t produce any results. This is what ZANU is good at, destroy, destroy & destroy!!!!

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    bingo wajakata 11 years ago

    You can say that again! Mugabe is a real goblin, he aught to be ashamed, really ashamed but the pathetic short old man does not know shame. He is the ultimate evil!

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    Getsi Mutosvora 11 years ago

    Parliament summons Hon. Minister Mavahire….what for? It might seem to some to be a silly question, maybe Hon. Maridadi wants to be seen talking and his name appear in the Parliamentary Debates. Zimbabwe as a nation the current energy capacity it is enjoying was left by the so called “imperialists”. When it was clear from the onset that the energy needs is growing, what was us as the nation doing about that, import more power, my foot, from where yet it was also apparent that the neighbours will no longer be able to sale us power. We were suppose to invest in building Power Stations. 33 years what have we to show instead of the power shortages, Mavhaire is only a few months old into this puzzle and he won’t be the right person to answer those questions, why do we want to treat symptoms instead of the causative. The Hon. Minister definately has been dosed to mimic the same old song..sanctions, blah blah but the truth of the matter the government should serious start providing for the monetary resources for us to start building the Power Stations and stop halting on very present MoUs which will never find their way to implementation. More effort should be put to the Batonga Power Project and also the Kariba South Power Extension, the nation tends to benefit an extra 300MW from the Kariba Extension and 800MW from the Batonga Power Project. Spare the Minister, the current installations, if they are not maintained, they are bound to disintegrate and the current shortage can only worsen and my fellows Zimbos should also understand that during maintenance of these machines, power shortage is inevitable, so lets relax, we missed it long back.

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    samanyika 11 years ago

    mavhaire is just 4 money nt 4 work idyai inguva yenyu

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    Paragmatic 11 years ago

    Greetings Bingo and Rusere
    Your comments seem to suggest that the 2 of you do not have a clear understanding of how parliament works in fulfilment of rights of assembly…there is nothing untoward about parliament summoning a minister,in actual fact this is the opportunity to give suggestions and debate constructive ideas across the political divide…needless to say that Mavhaire has less than 3 weeks in office at the helm of a struggling ministry inherited from some mangoma and komichi blame game aside…Mavhaire will need all the ideas he can get..because the reality is that the electricity infrustracture needs upgrading to increase capacity…let us give the man a chance and while at it …let us contribute ideas to the national discourse and not issues…come zimbabwe…

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    insufficient funds 11 years ago

    mavhaire is clueless

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    Zvapasipano 11 years ago

    What education does he have ?how knowledgeable about magetsi veduwe musatamba nenyika kuisa nyika kumawere. Totodzoka kuzvibani nyika yose

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    gorongoza 11 years ago

    How come magetsi anga asingachanetsi kudaro? yes we have heard the aurgument on production limitations…how about the imports? whats the effect of writting off zvikwetereti on Account servicing with our neigbours? has revenue collection improved? what committments did we have before elections and how have we fared in fullfilling them esp with the exporters? Yes zveKariba etc its a long term plan and we support it but totaura zvanhasi!