#mugabe pardons prisoners

via President pardons prisoners – DailyNews Live by Lloyd Mbiba  16 FEBRUARY 2014 

Congestion in Zimbabwe’s prisons is set to ease a bit after President Robert Mugabe acceded to pleas by prison authorities to pardon some prisoners.

Mugabe granted the amnesty, and the clemency will benefit all convicted female prisoners and juveniles, but excludes criminals facing serious charges, including rape or any sexual offences, carjacking, conspiracy, armed robbery, murder and stock theft.

Zimbabwe’s prisons are congested because the crime rate has escalated due to the country’s economic collapse.

According to the latest Government Gazette, the president pardoned prisoners under Clemency Order Number 1 of 2014.

The amnesty was done under Section 112 (1) (a) of the Constitution.

“A remission of the remainder of the period of imprisonment is hereby granted to those female prisoners, regardless of the offence committed, save for those sentenced to life imprisonment and to death,” reads part of the Gazette.

Currently, there are two women on death row. However, the new Constitution outlaws the death penalty for women.

“A full remission of the remaining period of imprisonment is hereby granted to all juvenile prisoners under the age of 18 serving terms of imprisonment, irrespective of the offences committed,” the presidential proclamation says.

“A full remission of the remaining period of imprisonment is hereby granted to all those prisoners sentenced to imprisonment for a period of 36 months and below and who would have served a quarter of their sentences by date of gazetting of this Clemency Order.”

The president also granted amnesty to all terminally-ill prisoners who are unlikely to survive their prison terms irrespective of the offences they committed.

“A full remission of sentence be granted to all prisoners serving a term of imprisonament at the open prison,” Mugabe said.

“This category consists of those prisoners who as a result of good behaviour and a genuine desire to reform whilst in closed prison, have been selected for the open prison rehabilitation programmes.

“A full remission of sentence be granted to all prisoners aged 70 and above as at 30 June, 2013, regardless of the offence committed, save for those sentenced to death.”

However, habitual criminals serving a term of extended imprisonment, death sentence prisoners, prisoners serving a sentence imposed by court martial, any person serving a sentence of specified office and any prisoner who escaped jail are excluded from the amnesty.

The country’s 42 prisons have a capacity for 13 000 inmates but currently hold 18 500.

As a result, the Prison Service has not been able to supply adequate rations to inmates.

A recent documentary showed half-naked, skeletal prisoners wasting away from hunger and diseases in some facilities.

Prison officials said they are also strapped for cash, causing “challenges” in fulfilling basic needs for inmates, which include food, clothing and bedding, toiletries and transport, among others.

The Correctional Services says $1,2 million is required monthly for food for the prisoners, but only $300 000 is being received from Treasury.



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    japhet moyo 8 years ago

    I hope this is not meant for thugs imprisoned for political distubances.
    The system has done this before with the sole objective of freeing their own thugs imprisoned for looting and burning down of political opponents’s property.

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    John Thomas 8 years ago

    Don’t forget to lock your gates

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      Funny I was just thinking that. I was a victim of one amnestee some years back. For me its once beaten twice shy

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    Only zanoids as usual set free.

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    Nyoni 8 years ago

    Now that Bob has released these prisoners we hope the space created will be for you and your thieving comrades. WHAT YOU SAY!

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    It’s like flushing a toilet right onto the street. No jobs, no livelyhood, no food. will most likely end up back in the slummer

  • comment-avatar
    Kondo 8 years ago

    This is not an act of magnanimity but reality sinking in. We cant afford to keep any significant number of prisoners in tronk. We hear they were down to one meal a day in some prisons.

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    easily fooled 8 years ago

    MDC political activist, be careful. More room created 4 you to be locked up as saboteurs who are failing to scold the west4 the sanctions on the regime!! Lol. This has led cuthbert and happi son to loot parastatal. And writer of Happisons and cuthberts, stop it at once, the jails are now empty