Provinces will decide Mugabe’s fate: Mutasa

via Provinces will decide Mugabe’s fate: Mutasa | The Zimbabwean 30.10.13 by Nelson Sibanda

President Robert Mugabe’s political fate will be decided by Zanu (PF) provincial structures and not Congress, says Didymus Mutasa, the party’s secretary for administration.

Mutasa told The Zimbabwean in an exclusive interview that as Mugabe was a “popular people chosen leader” his successor would also be chosen by the people

As factionalism and in- fighting threaten to tear the party apart, Mutasa said it was the responsibility of Zimbabweans to stop these power struggles, and expressed optimism that the disbanded party District Coordinating Committees, would resurface soon.

Party spokesperson Rugare Gumbo confirmed that tensions were high as members at provincial level wanted power, but dismissed Mutasa’s hopes, saying the disbanded DCCs were “dead and buried and would not rise from the dead”.

“Power is everything,” Gumbo told The Zimbabwean. “If the succession issue crops up at the Congress and those in provincial structures take advantage of their positions of influence, that would be something else.”

The faction that dominates the provincial leadership will have the upper hand in deciding who will succeed Mugabe when the time comes. That is why provincial elections have been marred by chaos, violence, postponements, alleged imposition of candidates and other irregularities. In Mashonaland West the elections were postponed reportedly at the behest of Mugabe and Ignatius Chombo.



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    Tjingababili 9 years ago

    GOD WILL!!!

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    Zvapasipano 9 years ago

    Leaders are appointed by God ,

  • comment-avatar 9 years ago

    Dont abuse God’s name. YOU! I you knew Him you’d do better!!

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      B.Mathe 9 years ago

      Now its time for ZanuPF to be shattered naturally into small pieces.Its now dog eat dog in the party by the time the old man departs from earth there will be no Zanupf.

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    Promise Chitsidzo 9 years ago

    Argue against it if you will.This is not common knowledge. God chooses our leaders… particularly in the case of Zim. This is the Israel of this part of the world. God is watching it carefully & things will continue happening which will surprise people. Another truth is democracy is not God’s idea… its ours & we are extremely obsessed with running world whose origin we know nothing of. God chose the current leader & we, the people effectively ‘removed’ him a couple of times but because its not consistent with God’s scheme it came to naught.He has a plan & again, it will not be as we think.

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    Mufundisi 9 years ago

    We appoint leaders but God calls, raises and annoints leaders before we appoint them.(JEREMIAH 1V4)