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via Editorial Comment: Recalling A1 offer letters ill-timed | The Herald November 12, 2013

The recalling of offer letters issued to A1 farmers, while a step in the right direction in auditing land ownership, has come at the wrong time as farmers are seized with crop production matters. Getting the new land ownership document involves travelling to the offices of the Ministry of Lands and Rural Resettlement and obviously this means being away from the land at a critical time farmers should be busy with operations.

We have no problem at all with the recalling of the offer letters and we understand what the Ministry is seeking to achieve.

While the exercise will benefit the ministry by enriching its database, it will also protect the farmers from being moved off the land by corrupt lands officers as they will now be expected to take personal and permanent residence on the allocated land.

The ministry also made it clear that no one will lose or be removed from the land and that should be good news to the farmers and it should be the reason why they must support the exercise.

It is only the timing that we are worried with.

We would have expected the exercise to have been done at any other time other than now when farmers are busy tilling the land, mobilising inputs, such as seed, chemicals and fertiliser. They spend much of their time preparing to farm and being productive.

Dividing their time between sorting out the offer letters and land preparation can be a big problem and naturally it is production that suffers at the end of the day.



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    Doris 10 years ago

    Does this mean the end to the Harare “cell phone farmers”. You know, the ones that have a job in town but have a weekend retreat in the rural areas? Good, I hope so;

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    What the reporter is advocating is we need a lying cheating criminal defamation journalist in charge.

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    Washumba 10 years ago

    We have a problem with the recalling of these letters, vakamboona warungu vachiitwa letter recall naSmith. Ava vajaira kutonga nefear, vanhu vanozodeveloper sei mapurazi acho vachizeza kuzotorerwa. Ndosaka muchiona vanhu vachitengesa maimputs acho nediesel rekurimisa racho nekuti vanotoona zviri profitable pane kurima pakukohwa votandaniswa saka anenge abenefiter ndiyani wekutengesa maimputs newekurima votorerwa usati vakohwa

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    nyararai henyu chirikuseri kwe offer letter chichabuda pachena nekufamba kwenguva?

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    easily fooled 10 years ago

    Is this the herald i know, reporting anti-government policy issue in this manner? The name of the report is not even stated for security i guess… its not th Harare Herald….ndange ndashamisika

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    Bruce 10 years ago

    what land prepartion. Go to the same farmers and notice anything going on.