Response to Mangoma’s Tsvangirai letter

via Response to Mangoma’s Tsvangirai letter  JANUARY 27, 2014 By Elijah Mangwengwende NehandaRadio

His name is Elton Mangoma, Deputy Treasurer General of the MDC-T, member of the National Council and Standing Committee and former Minister of Energy during the Government of National Disunity (GND).

Yes this man has been at the forefront of MDC policies together with Tsvangirai, our Party President, Vice President Amai Khupe, Tendai Biti, Nelson Chamisa, Douglas Mwonzora, etc, the top echelons of the movement.

This man called Mangoma had the tenacity through his wisdom or lack of it or both to put forward a proposal asking Tsvangirai to step down as party President, how ironic and confusing at the same time. CLARITY CDES

RESTORATION OF HOPE AND CONFIDENCE: A Cause for Leadership Renewal Context 

The Position of the President

“There is no denial that Morgan Tsvangirai has embossed his name into the history books of this country. There is also no denial that he has played a pivotal role in Zimbabwe’s quest for democracy and socio-economic transformation.

However, it is my humble submission that, at this juncture, it is time you consider leaving the office of the president of the movement. 2014 marks 15 years of Morgan Tsvangirai as president of the party.

You have done the best that you could and continuing will result in diminishing returns and eating into your legacy. The party is in dire need for new ideas, new thinking, a new trajectory and new stimulus” blurts Elton Mangoma.



Firstly Mr Mangoma you need to be clear on where you really stand, are you now working with ZANU PF to derail the people’s project if not, where did you get the money especially if reports are true, $3million to buy or bribe Tsvangirai out of office.

I am personally glad that Tsvangirai refused to be a Judas Iscariot; he refused to sacrifice the hopes and aspirations of the whole nation by accepting tainted money from power hungry people. It’s weird that you seem to shoulder all blame on the Party President, what about yourself????

Party Leadership Contest not Context

It is unfortunate that top leadership cadres like Mangoma want to use clandestine methods to fast track their way to the highest post in the movement without offering alternative leadership qualities or simple proposals for us the povo to even consider their wishful dreams.

My only advise to you Mr Mangoma, yes it is your democratic right to dream, but don’t do it to the detriment of the whole nation, keep your dimes and let the movement proceed, freedom is coming, and very soon, it is wise however to contest against Tsvangirai rather than putting the leadership into “contextual renewal.”

If you really believe you have the support within the party structures, why not prove it constitutionally rather than clandestinely writing articles that undermine the party leadership and put the leadership into disrepute for no reason.

If you really want to lead the party then why not table your ideas, show leadership credentials, show us your grassroots support, show us how are you going to outwit ZANU PF, we can’t start just by removing someone without having better alternative except dreams. We don’t run a country through dreams.


I am actually very disturbed and saddened that Mr Mangoma failed dismally to improve his political awareness or education over the years he has been actively involved in party leadership let alone policy formulation.

Mr Mangoma let me remind you that politics is a game of numbers especially in a democracy, not night meetings. It is very clear, Mr Mangoma that ZANU PF fear Morgan Tsvangirai in a post Mugabe era.

Who else in ZANU PF will stand a chance against Morgan Tsvangirai come 2018, the two dark horses in ZANU PF succession race, Ngwena and Teurairopa know very well, come rain or thunder they won’t defeat Tsvangirai in any democratic election.

This is why there is a desire to see the back of Tsvangirai beforehand and parachute the likes of you and other overzealous cadres who are dreaming to be the Commanders-in-Chief tomorrow.

ZANU PF is already in campaign mode for the 2018 Presidential elections and their number one agenda is to split the MDC like what they did back in 2005, they successfully bribed Welshman Ncube and cohorts but MDC remains steadfast and stronger and i have no doubt ngoma ndiyo ndiyo this time around, the movement lives on.

So calling for Tsvangirai removal is a misguided initiative and lack of political wisdom at its best.


Our elders taught us that haurashi mbereko nekufirwa. President Mugabe is a political dinosaur when it comes to political organisation and party leadership. He acquired the skills over 40 years. For once I give him credit for managing ZANU PF well as a party leader contrary to his performance as chief executive of our nation.

As such MDC leaders like Mangoma must learn how to manage party politics, failure is a collective thing not pinpointing. Mugabe was humiliated in 2008, he regrouped, trusted his wartime cadres, rigged elections with them and now everyone has a cabinet post.

Thats what i call party political wisdom, so Mr Mangoma what we need now is not frogmarching Tsvangirai to Buhera, people will beat him for neglecting them , we need to regroup under his leadership, guard against ZANU PF infiltration and bribes like the $3million offer, most probably bringing back the likes of Job Sikhala in the fold, rejuvenate the youth through offering sound policies not blame game.

What you did shows extreme leadership weakness, as part of the executive such issues remain locked indoors, kubata hana pachivanhu. We can’t afford another split, as it is the plot is already in motion to decimate the movement and hope this is not another master plan.


Instead of calling for Tsvangirai’s head, it is vital to put more resources to support Luke Tamborinyoka and Douglas Mwonzora to disseminate information to the restive populace, though internet, newspapers, constructive writings to counter Nathaniel Manheru, Jonathan Moyo, Psychology Maziwisa etc.

It is vital at this moment to inform the nation that indigenisation mantra was a dead donkey flogged around to win votes, promised civil servants salaries will never come to fruition because the nation is broke, BEAM is dead because Chiadzwa revenues are nowhere to be seen.

Yes we need to counter ZANU PF propaganda outside ZBC and its possible, very possible.

People are not asking for Tsvangirai removal that’s a myth, all they want to know is where the nation is heading from now on. So we have a mammoth task to give hope to the nation, not giving credence to ZANU PF’s evil project to destroy the people’s movement.

Elijah Mangwengwende is an Independent Political Observer and MDC Activist and can be contacted on



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    This will show what the MDC is made of. This artical has been written by an activist. What are the views of The supporters? Is this going to be another Zanu situation of andiyendi or will they vote at a congress. No one must be bigger than the people. They are the streangth of the party. If however the people want him to stay then their wishes must be respected. I myself have the greatest respect for what Morgan has acheived, but in my opinion the scandals have not done him or the party any good. If the MDC want to be relevant in the future democracy should happen right now within the party structures.

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    matombo chiremba 8 years ago

    Its very clear that the shrill voices are Zanupf organized and supported, otherwise why is it necessary to do this before 2016? Morgan is definitely the most feared person by Robert and I agree that the plan is to make sure that Robert’s successor does not have to face Morgan, but one of likes of Mangoma or Mudzuri etc? Serious discourse in MDC-T should be focused on CHANGE and leave leadership elections for 2016. Anything else is to work for the ZanuPF project and not for the PEOPLE’S project!!! You are either with ZanuPF or with the people and Morgan for now.

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    Who is bigger MDC-T or Tswangirai. That’s what Mugabe did with zanu pf,promote himself at the expense of party and it seem some in mdc-t think the party would be dead or nothing without Tswangirai….

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    Phibion 8 years ago

    When was the MDC-T formed? Has Tsvangirai run his TWO terms as MDC-T president. Lets do the Maths, he ran two terms as MDC president then the party split and he has only run eeeh eeeh I dunno

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    matombo chiremba of course as we’ve said before Zanu has people right there in the MDC. That has been apparent with the Councillors voting in a Zanu Mayor. All I am saying is that Morgan needs a vote of confidence right now so that he can move on. I don’t think having four MDC’S is going to do the fight for democracy any good. I also don’t think he has done anything worse than what Mugabe and other politicians done with his scandals.I do think he needs to refresh and take note which of his peers are with him. Welshman Ncube and Job Sakala have already done enough harm. It is time to repair the damage.

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      Doctor do little a Scandal is a Scandal and there is no sin smaller than the next.As I said If the MDC want to be relevant in the future democracy should happen right now within the party structures.

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    nesbert majoni 8 years ago

    Well if it is true that Elton Mango a wrote that letter then it shows that he is politically immature or he is politically myopic. Its a shame that we get such poison from our own cadres let alone our leadership. This is betrayal of the high order and it must be arrested and stopped now. Where is all this coming from yet the party president is on record that this leadership thing should never be treated as a taboo and he is very open and ready to discuss it when the right channels are followed. We have our congress in 2016 so where is Mr Mango a lost. Maybe he was given some money to stab the party president in the back.

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    Blackhammer! 8 years ago

    In October 2013 I wrote the piece below and it is as true today as it was then:

    In any truly functioning democracy the leader of a losing party, in most cases, resigns so that a new leader takes over and guides the party on a different path so as to attract the electors for the next campaign. In truly functioning open democracies also, if there are any signs and it can be proved that the process of electing the law makers was violated a re-run is ordered. The law is paramount and must be adhered to. The past four years have been painful for a few including yours truly. Without going too much into history the whole setup from the coalition, ‘new constitution’ to the July 31st election was seriously flawed and the few were whistling in the wind. The majority of party members, activists and leaders went along with it. The number of times I questioned my own sanity when overruled or outvoted in discussions of where we were going is innumerable. The lowest point must have been when I insisted that Tsvangirai should have resigned during his ‘bunga bunga’ escapades. It seemed then the man was going for anything on two legs with a skirt and, there are a lot of them! Something inside him had been stirred since the death of his wife and the dormant volcano was now exploding uncontrollably. A classic example of testosterone overriding one’s head. No one seemed to see events from the same angle I observed and now as the same majority bay for Tsvangirai’s blood I find myself in an awkward and funny position of defending Tsvangirai. How many are now in possession of sharpened daggers and are moving towards his back? The late Professor John Makumbe must be turning in his grave because he once said, on a visit to London, “—on this journey travelling on coach we are travelling from Harare to Mutare, others will drop off along the way but a good number will actually forget where we were coming from”. How prophetic. The cry for Tsvangirai to go is coming from some surprising quarters. I have my reasons for why Morgan Tsvangirai should stay on.

    The main reason and important reason is very simple and many supporters, and enemies for that matter, will not find difficult to agree with. The fact is, since its formation the MDC has never lost an election in Zimbabwe. The process and results of each election have always been cooked and spiced. We all know it but it seems our memories have been numbed by the events of July 2013. Are we now ready to jump ship without looking in the mirror first because Tsvangirai became our creation? This is a tragedy of our own making and at least we should allow enough time to reflect. Maybe my assumption that we are all democrats who seek fair play and justice is misplaced. Tsvangirai has never been given a fair open crack of the whip.

    Over Rhodesia and Zimbabwe’s recent history the likes of Ndabaningi Sthole, Joshua Nkomo, Edgar Tekere and even Mnangagwa with the help of the Jonathan Moyos’ and Dabengwas’ have tried to outwit the wily fox but Mugabe has left them licking their wounds. He is an evil genius and the man who has nearly pulled it off against all odds is none other than Morgan Tsvangirai. Not very bright, they said, no military credentials, a puppet but Zimbabweans have always believed him time and time again. Zanu has always set the rules of engagement at elections and he has always kicked their arses! That is a very good second reason to keep his job. Keep in mind that he has yet to lose an election and this leads me to my third point. Excuse the French.

    Tsvangirai and his lot, the MDC, won outright the parliamentary and presidential elections of 2008. We are all agreed? I say ‘his lot’ because I now notice a certain detachment from the former prime minister from his supporters in less than three months. How can teachers’ groups start singing Mugabe praises within hours of the dear leader declaring his victory in the elections? For more than ten years they have borne the brunt of Mugabe’s thugs in the rural areas because they are perceived to know too much. There are other very sad murmurings from other organisations who now imagine the disasters of the last 30 years under Zanu never happened. Even those who were close to the MDC at its formation are forming a new political party. Have I forgotten to take my tablets? Man we got a problem! Violence is within Mugabe and Zanu’s’ DNA. Having won the elections and having been arm twisted into a coalition by our ‘friends’ MDC ended up with less than twenty per cent of powers any government needs to perform properly. Besides all the constraints the prime minister and his team managed to bring some form of sanity to a country which was going down the tube and the only expanding industry was the funeral services. Zanu, as ‘true patriots’ are considering bringing the Zimbabwe dollar back and that is the definition of taking 10 steps back!

    Have a guess at who would consider it a job well done if Tsvangirai was to hang his boots now? He has been a thorn on Mugabe’s side for the past 14 years and Mugabe would love to see the back of him. We cannot allow Mugabe to score another pyirah victory over Zimbabweans and their ligetimately elected representatives. It would surely bring joy and satisfaction to many people to watch Mugabe, one day, as he salutes Tsvangirai at last as he sits on the crown he has been denied for over a decade. Some rightly, will say he should salute him from behind bars where he and his gang should have been a long time ago. After their ‘victory’ Zanu did not celebrate and the country was subdued but if Morgan goes I am sure a few bottles of champagne will be popped by Zanu. And some of us wouldn’t stomach that besides Tsvangirai’s weaknesses. I mentioned that the late professor must turning in his grave but I hope one day I can imagine that Mugabe is spinning in his unmarked grave when Tsvangirai becomes president. And how is it that Zanu supporters and their ‘unbiased’ media are at the forefront of a campaign to make sure Tsvangirai departs? Am I missing something? Zanu are but sympathetic to MDC. One Zanu blogger actually wrote, ‘—–every country needs a strong opposition and with Tsvangirai leading MDC Zimbabwe is weak.’ Yeah right! What do they take us for? Truly remarkable!

    He is got to be the unluckiest man on the planet. Staunch Zanu supporters cannot pin point one thing Tsvangirai is supposed to have committed against the state of Zimbabwe. On the other hand any death of any politician in the country is somehow linked to the President and Zanu and they get away with it. Some say there is no smoke without fire but that is a topic for another day. Now the failure of the nation as a whole is laid squarely at the foot of Tsvangirai. The war had a terrible psyche on the people of Zimbabwe and we have become very timid. We have become victims of our own liberation and liberators. Yes change must come by nonviolent means but surely this must mean strikes and demonstrations and other forms of passive resistance yet this has become a tall order for us. Except for those brave women of WOZA and Tsvangirai himself because they have scars to show for it. So does he. All the ‘springs’ which occurred in the Arab world should have started in our part of the world first yet we always come up with excuse after excuse for why it can never happen in Southern Africa. At the time of his beatings one would have thought that, that was the time to come out in numbers in support.

    The man might be a “dim wit” according to his enemies but has not set a foot wrong although Zanu has tried to pin everything they can master on him. They have miserably failed even with their own biased media and judges. All along we have stood and watched like wildebeests as one of them is ensnared by ferocious predators. The fact is, whoever takes over from Tsvangirai will still work within the same frame work being set by Zanu and nothing will change unless we are prepared to go on the streets. The result might be, having moved 3 steps forward we will move 10 back because, love him or hate him, Tsvangirai is still popular in the country at large. And we know it, don’t we? Indeed a few weeks ago someone accused me of, ‘vent vent vent’, forgetting that he was part of, like me, the talking brigade. We as Zimbabweans have forgotten that we are our own liberators. Let us walk the talk instead of relying on one man or imaginary outsiders to do the dirty work for us. But it becomes fascinating and sad when the debate turns personal.
    Whoever takes over the MDC leadership has a lot of grovelling to the supporters and the nation. An apology first wouldn’t go amiss because there were too many flashing red lights before we got here. They should admit they got it terribly wrong or should I say collectively we got it wrong. Africa being Africa, winner takes all. Since independence we have lived in a delusional sense of thinking we live in a functional democracy hence the thought that we could change things using the ballot box. Africa’s ‘democracy’ is all about a personality cult and that is why all over Zimbabwe Tsvangirai is now as visible as Mugabe himself. It is as much sad as it is painful to swallow.

    Tomorrow’s new leader whether MDC or Zanu will have to start afresh and this takes a long time to build that base. I am not advocating that the status quo should remain but we should at least give it a good thought before rushing to the next step. If democracy had been given room to operate and Tsvangirai had taken over the reins of power a few years after the turn of the century it would have been now easier to nudge him out. Democracy’s roots would now have set in. Yet some are even questioning the concept of democracy itself in Africa. And as for Tsvangirai, if he survives the lynch mob, we hope he has learnt a vital lesson, and us. Power is not given on a plate. He sadly, has become the tree or lamp post and we are the dogs. We have decided not to shoot him but just to knee cap him. Like the allies who appeased Hitler just before the second world war, we have carried our own appeasement towards Zanu during the last ten years. All they needed to be shown was two fingers. Tragedy.
    Simon M Tozvireva.

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      Mudhakisi 8 years ago


      Your article is well written. It certainly gives a serious alternative view. The bottom line is that the average Zimbabwean is tired, and wants economic freedom. Whilst there may be a possibility that election results were manipulated over the last 14 years, that is no excuse. Winners come up with winning ideas, somehow. Creativity chaiyo!

      I would think that MDC needs to regroup, and the leadership should change, for image purposes. Once that is done, the guys come back with serious fired up strategy centred on economic development, particularly Agriculture, which is Zimbabwe’s only hope.

      Morgan and his exec will sit on some Council of Elders, and he can even be made Ceremonial President with a gvt run by a prime minister. Politics is a game where you need to hide your weaknesses and sell an image to your supporter.

      MT has one that stinks, but a great man all the same!

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    Madhuku 8 years ago

    What’s the difference now between Lovemore & Morgan?

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    Ndebvu Mukomichi 8 years ago

    View from the Political Terraces:

    Who is Elton: Mangoma is definitely MDC and cannot be labelled as ZPF by any strectch of the imagination. I believe this is the discussion of leadership renewal which was encouraged by MDC leaders themselves.

    Other MDC Voices: Similar words have been written/spoken by Bennett, Kay and others- are they all ZPF emissaries. If so then the MDC is full of ZPF members – in influential positions – pahigh table chaipo.

    Biti’s Warning: Biti at the weekend spoke about coups but I did not know that he was refering to MDC rather than the state. The truth is coming out and Mangoma could possibly be an emissary of Biti himself.

    What MDC Could Do: Try and discuss these issues in private so as not to erode support and supporters’ morale. ZPF needs a strong MDC to keep ZPF on their toes as they rule for many years to come.

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    tafirenyika itai 8 years ago

    Never underestimate zanupf, they want to make sure that mdc is weakened come 2018. listen carefully this whole things sounds zanupf. time will tell.

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    ZANU are behind all this mess , people must be vigilant . United we stand divided we fall . Vakauraya mudzimai wake , to discredit him and today they are rejoicing because it worked. We are dealing with an evil man Mugabe who is determined to destroy anything that comes along his way a “tsunami “.

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    Chirutanga 8 years ago

    Mangoma should leave if he is not focused.Tsvangirai will only retire after being officially appointed as The President Of Zimbabwe.Thats when we can start talking about his exit not now my dear Mangoma.The struggle continues with President Tsvangirai as our leader until the final victory.

  • comment-avatar 8 years ago

    Reminds me of Caius Cassius in “Julius Ceasar” or David Copperfield’s Uriah Heep. Manipulation and opportunism and designs to create disaffection, being paid by the ruling monarchy to compromise the vanguard party. Mudzuri reminds me of Makwavarara. The calibre from town house has corrupt tendencies. Mangoma is just like Moise Tshome…a sell-out! He must be fired from the party together with Mudzuri or go to join the ambitious Madhuku! MDC must not have schisms as Mangoma wants. Does he think we support him? Tsvangirai did not rule Zimbabwe for two terms. How can a leader with the vision of the revolution resign or chicken out. that’s preposterous even to imagine. Let’s be serious..We have a crisis in Zimbabwe which Mangoma cannot sort out. How can a true leader wash the party’s dirty linen in the public or try to create disaffection or an insurrection in the party. Lets be serious guys…no vacancies at the Apex…right and period! Mangona shape up or ship the hell OUT!!

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    Mike Nyathi 8 years ago

    Another article inspired by MT’s running dog, Nelson Chamisa. The party is sounding more and more like Zanu pf. Tsvangirai has been there for FIFTEEN YEARS and still wants to hang on. He will never be president and all those stupid enough to defend him to the hilt will also remain in the gutter. Wake up.

  • comment-avatar 8 years ago

    Did Mandela, Nujoma, Mugabe, Dos Santos, Machel, Garang, or any revolutionary chicken out before achieving their goal. Tsvangirai should not set a precedent. These leaders first achieved what they stood for. We do not count terms of office of political parties as those of the state presidency! Capisce? Those who started the revolution have the vision…and must finish it. Throw away the bad eggs guys!

  • comment-avatar 8 years ago

    Mr Nyathi. In a democracy we defend what we believe in. Actually we are already in the gutter! So we wanna get out. Capisce! Did Josh Nkomo resign as ZAPU leader. Don’t behave like a sell-out. Be objective. Megalomania and greed for power only creates chasms no one can bridge. Tsvangirai came fro labour and his diagnosis and prognosis of our gutter issue as you say are more clear to him my brother….than to you or Mangoma “DRUMS Asina Order” Time for him to go to hell too….to thu gutter where he belongs!

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    Tarasika 8 years ago

    Your wisdom or lack of it puts you in the same position as Zanu PF. The West is afraid of Mugabe, so let him continue to reign till he dies. Foolish activist!!!!

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    weston chamusa 8 years ago

    We now want to join Tsvangirai full time.He is a brand and has to complete the struggle he started.We will support him untill to the end.Mugabe is now 90 yrs and has 40 yrs of politics.Mangoma please stop it now, the MDC – T is not of that opinion,please.

    If you do not want to shape in , ship out now.Leave us continuing with the struggle.

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    Madluphuthu 8 years ago

    @Johnson. You are right. Even Mandela was not deposed as an ANC/Umkhonto weSizwe leader. Instead, the movement stood steadfastly behind him for decades during his incaceration and voted him President and Commander-In-Chief of the country upon his release. He only left power after having assumed the highest office in the land. So it shall be with Tsvangirai in spite of his sexual scandals (Mandela, Clinton, John Kennedy,Berlusconi etc were all great statesman who had sexual scandals).

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    Let me set the record straight.Mangoma, Biti and others were virtually unknown before the joined the MDC.lawyers as they are, they must understand that Africa hasn’t reached a stage of clean politics.You need to be trusted by the general populace, who are not academics.If they remove Tsvangirai, all urban areas will go to ZANU PF.Reason-there will be voter aparthy by disgruntled MDC supporters who are now not sure of the direction of the struggle.As a fact ZANU PF supporters vote in excess of 140% .When the ZANU PF supports finish voting, they are put in buses to another constituency to vote.ZANU is serious when it comes to vote, in rural areas, Sabhuku vanomira nevnhu vavo.So if people like Mangoma think Tsvanirai was a big letdown, fine, remove him.ZANU PF will not call NIKUV, they will just sweep Harare clean, because no one will vote for MDC again, as previous records have shown that those who advocate for change are used by ZANU PF.As a senior researcher in MDC, research has shown that in Gokwe, Mudzi, Mberengwa people are saying kana Mugabe abva Tsvangirai opinda.We will vote him.So the clever crew, be very very careful.After 2018, most of you might start going to America, running away from embarrassment.True MDC cadres will demand Tsvangirai to stand till 2018, and if he wins, he will lead for only one term and handover.Period.
    To the disgruntled MDC supporters who have since stopped voting, I appeal to you, sorry for the disappointment.Again sorry for having misguided elements who think the country is going to be taken on intellectual basis.God sees our struggle,we will rise and shine.

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    Ndirendire 8 years ago

    Hey guys tell me “Is the dictionary meaning of Leadership means Tsvangirai” Mangoma states that the party is in dire need of “Leadership Renewal”then asks Tsvangirai to step down as if Tsvangirai’s new name is ‘Leadership’If the meaning of the word Leadership is anything to go by then what it means the part needs all those in positions to step down Mangoma included. Mangoma please be specific if want Tsvangirai to step down just say “The Party wants a New President”if thats the case. When did Mangoma became MDC spokesperson. Tsvangirai was elected by the people’s congress not party leadership forcing or coersing him by whatever mean will be tantamount to subverting the will of the people who voted for him at the congress, which is ZANUPF’s DNA. Is this not manifestation of Zanupf DNA in the top echelons of MDC “Food for thought “

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    Zimbabweans should get rid of the ‘fear of the unknown’ syndrome. There are lot of good and courageous leaders in MDC such that when given the space they can do wonders and re-shape the party. Tsvangirai is good but its high time he resigns and pass the stick to others. ndokuzopedzesera mofunga kuti Tsvangirai ndiye MDC yacho nekuti zvikuita kunge asina a better replacement. no no no no, if he is political mature ngaabatsirane ne leadership iripo ku groomer a better replacement and I tell you it will work. Selfshness pasi nayo. Saka tozobvunza kuti masiyanei nemamwe maParty ane life leadership?

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      sigasiga 8 years ago

      @abel -this is not for comparative purposes but to maintain the momentum and dislodge the ruling party. It’s no time to put some novices who have no charisma to lure the masses out there. Given the time before us and with the current crop of political figures in MDC who has the tenacity to take Mugabe and ZANU head-on? Yes with time we will get them, but I feel it’s premature to do it now. You wont go anyway near in fighting ZANU. I guess we are also being misguided by emotions and personal dislike of an individual based on the scandals that he has been involved in; some of which are very questionable or because as a leader has not met the values that we expect him. True, things got messy but we need political authenticity, we need continuity as this team must have learned a lot from the past experiences and to loose that momemtum now may be misleading and would be a grave mistake. I have no doubt if at all this project is gonna be a success he has to lead with genuine support of all from within.

      The MDC Team need to regroup and help Tsvangirai to rebuild into his former-self (the Susan) and genuinely appeal to the people to regain the lost ground. That should work.

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    bigie 8 years ago

    It is very sad as a Z

  • comment-avatar
    papa zulu 8 years ago

    Mangwende’s analysis is intelligent and totally correct.Let us not forget that divisionists will also contribute in this forum to confuse people.Talking about expiry of terms shows lack of foresight. The author is interested in positions only.Fight, win then the position issue can be looked into later.

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    chokwadi chinorwadza 8 years ago

    Well I will have to say MDC faces a real predicament here…truth is Tsvangison has been leader for 15YEARS and still hasn’t found a way to unseat BOB the party in my view needs a new direction and strategy..but on the other hand if Tsvangs was to leave it wud definitely erode support for the party and weaken it

  • comment-avatar
    sigasiga 8 years ago

    These guys are missing the plot. I’m personally sick and tired of power hungry individuals who think because of their academic prowess they can win the support of the masses at grass-roots.

    Vana Mangoma and your team, musamhanyire kumedza kutsenga kuchada. It’s premature and ill-timed to think new leadership will unseat the ZANU chiwororo as we know it unless you have teamed-up with the enemy to see demise of the democratic project. Who is a saint among all of you who want to judge Tsavangirai. Morgan has not done himself nor the party good ie on his personal life but lets not be short-sighted and dream of unseating ZANU with the leadership material of the Mangoma’ stature.
    We don’t dispute leadership renewal but is it the right time to do that? Are we not getting ourselves carried away by what the winds are blowing in our ears and loose focus. You failed as a team guys and it’s time to pick yourselves as a team, re-organise, re-strategise and rebuild your character as formidable political force and fight the corrupt regime. Varume, itai mawonera pamwe chuma chemuzukuru, garai dare, gadzirisai musha work collectively as a united entity and re-brand with minimum damage to the insitutions already in place for continuity and for a important goal, to dislodge the corrupt regime and the rest will follow.

    Mopengera mumba vanaMangoma, zvekuwawata twusina basa kupunza musasa nendyo, muchazofamba makabata mabhurukwa vakakuseikai more that what they have done with Morgan.

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    @Sigasiga: point taken. I hear you man and I like your thoughts but still if you got me right my opinion is for them to work as a team, be focused not myopic hence they should plan to groom and support another charismatic leader like Tsvangi. Tsvangirai ne leadership yake vaka endorser candidate iyoyo ka1 hapana zvinonetsa. but problem ndoimwechete yekuti our leaders havadi kusiya/resign nguva ichiripo,kwavari ku resigner its a sign of weakness and that’s wrong. MDC ine a lot of potential leaders like tsvangirai, platform chete and of coz timing is important.

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    Zombi 8 years ago

    MDC need to sort this leadership issue out through a democratic process.

    Mangoma, it’s bad to bad mouth your leader in public life this. We like the fact that unlike Zanu PF, such a discussion can even take place, but keep the detail amongst yourselves and we’ll be happy with anecdotes. Your approach erodes grass roots confidence in the party.

    The MDCs must unite and form a single formidable front. Rally behind one leader… The people’s choice. Personal feelings aside. Greed and power are cancerous. Do not be lured astray by Zanu PF honey, they celebrate chaos within MDC ranks