Revise indigenisation — Mliswa

via Revise indigenisation — Mliswa | The Financial Gazette by Clemence Manyukwe 24 Oct 2013

ZANU-PF Hurungwe West Member of Parliament Temba Mliswa has implored government to revise the indigenisation and empowerment programme so that more people, instead of only a few connected individuals, would benefit from it.

He also called on government to “walk the talk” on indigenisation and stop hiding behind sanctions.

Making his maiden speech in Parliament last week, Mliswa pointed out that the current indigenisation and empowerment model  made it difficult for people to associate themselves with the programme and this, he said, was a compelling reason to revise and perfect its implementation.

The MP, who is also the chairperson of the Parliamentary Portfolio Committee on Education, Sport and Culture, said politicians should not blame everything on sanctions but instead should identify those actions that could be implemented to effectively address challenges facing the country.

While the manufacturing sector is collapsing, government is importing goods from western countries to the benefit of industries in those countries, instead of coming up with policies to revive troubled companies, Mliswa said.

He cited the importation of expensive cars from Germany when it could have made more sense to resuscitate Willowvale Mazda Motor Industries, which would in turn create employment for locals.

“On manufacturing and empowerment, I think it is important that we walk the talk. Here, we are seated and I hasten to say that surely it cannot all be sanctions. Buying Ford which is a British car has nothing to do with sanctions. Buying Range Rover which is a British car has nothing to do with sanctions. Buying Mercedes Benz which is a German car has nothing to do with sanctions,” Mliswa said.

“Madam Speaker Ma’am, we have to grow our industry. Willowvale (Mazda) Motor Industries is not producing cars. There is unemployment at the highest level. The very same Ford cars which I am even driving must be manufactured at Willowvale (Mazda) Motor Industries.”

He added that most goods in local shops were from foreign countries which means that Zimbabwe is using scarce cash to strengthen foreign economies.

In the meantime, local industries are going down with no rescue plan in place.

Mliswa said President Robert Mugabe has provided the vision for the nation, but those tasked with implementating it were found wanting.

He added that timeframes must be set to ensure that those holding public positions deliver within stipulated periods than leaving it open ended.

Mliswa also said that some market opportunities were being missed because there was no investment made in the beneficiation of local products.

“In 1995, two tomato processing plants were set up, one in Norton and another in Bulawayo. The one in Norton was Zagrinda. Zagrinda would do 240 tonnes of tomatoes per day which is eight truck loads. There was already a 65 percent up-take of those tomatoes being bought by an Italian company,” said Mliswa.

“What I mean is that there was a market and that 60 percent of those tomatoes processed would end up in a country which needed them. We have failed to get our own tomatoes processed so that the farmers are able to generate income and some foreign currency from the 65 percent up-take which would go to these countries.”

But it is on the empowerment front where Mliswa has amplified the idea that he espoused long before he came to Parliament.

While on paper empowerment appears to be a progressive initiative, many still feel that the current model is not broad-based and does not give communities direct ownership of resources.

Reserve Bank of Zimbabwe governor, Gideon Gono, has proposed a more progressive empowerment policy whereby small scale firms could be given preference during the procurement of goods and services  by established corporates.



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    Austin Vuma 9 years ago

    Why belong to Zanu pf Mliswa when you talk sense like this?
    They will say you are sell out soon.

  • comment-avatar

    Now that is some straight, clear thinking talk. I bet he will not find much traction, from his colleagues in parliament. Would they want to drive a car assembled in Willowvale? I don’t think so.

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    gorongoza 9 years ago

    Mliswa you are a sellout! chii chawashaya? nyarara udye nevamwe. The feeding trough is big enough for anyone who shows total alligence to the revolutionary party..not those who want to question our endless blames on sanctions! Cant we see we will be nothing without sanctions to blame?

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    Africanson 9 years ago

    This guy is just repeating what Joice Mujuru said in the only new thing he said (his original idea) is that Ford is from UK not USA.

  • comment-avatar
    Nkala 9 years ago

    At least some one in Zanu Pf has come to his senses. Well said Hon Mliswa.

  • comment-avatar
    francis 9 years ago

    you are maturing in politics but you wont last if you continue to tell it like it is . zpf does not like it. mark my word very soon you will be labelled a selout

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    Tanga wadzorera mafarmawakatora,opiwa vanhu vane need.Then toziva kuti you walk the talk.

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    I have always known that ZANU PF managers know exactly that they are the enemies of the country. They destroy the slightest chance of investiments, yet they talk of failing industries. To be honest there are no sactions in Zimbabwe, but say they were there. The former brutal Smith regime turned sanctions to its favour, started manufacturing its own guns to murder our people. The Apatheid Regime in SA developed the same in AMRSCOR, developed its power plants, modenised its industries and Rhodesia became one of its biggest trading partner. SA is still our trading partner, they have a very strong Trade Union movements which makes their wages very high compared to ours. Apart from the top line Managers which is otherway round propetionally to value. We need banks to provide loans afordable loans to business, yet we are busy bashing these Banks. We have failed to revive our power plans. hence business suffer. Rwanda is connected on every corner of its tiny country with no resources apart from the looting from DRC. Somalia with no government, they have internet in every vilage, have a local bank in every corner. These have no resources and probably heavy sanctions. Yet Zimbabwe with so much resources, we cannot match Rwanda or Somali??? Excuse me.

    Let us go to basics. Lets invest in power producion by reiving our own not increasing impots from Mozambique
    Let us get internet on par with other african countries.
    Let us use our lower wage base to be more competetive and export goods to our neiboring countries which in turn will lead to better wages once industries operate in full capacity.
    Let us use our farms to fullest by making inputs available.
    I like the example the minister used with Willowvale.

    Please dear Zim polical Managers let us move.

    Let us fight corruption. We failed to reach targets on revenue to a certain extaint also due to corruption in our customs. Look at how larger the customs officials live. Look at how large our police live.

    If one imports a Vehicle and is prepared to pay a bribe, they import at at fraction and the oficials take a larger potion. Those who refuse to pay corruption they pay Hefty or even risk Vehicles being pounded and sold at auction to the friends of the officials. POOR ZIM WE ARE PAYING SO DEARLY ITS……..ITS SANTIONS

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    Johnny k 9 years ago

    Mliswa destroyed Rugby and Hockey in Zimbabwe and has stolen a filling station and a beautiful resturant and also farms. and has destroyed Rydings Private school and stolen the cattle herd belonging to the trustees. He will also destroy Urungwe constituency for personal gain. The man is a beast trying to become a voice of reason.

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    mbava yakaita sa Mliswa ingatonzi yataura chii corruption yoga yoga yoga.Tibvirepo wavakuda kufa sa Border Gezi akafira mafufu segonzo.Kana uri muZANU PF chayiye usataridza vavengi ve ZANU PF zvavanoita unofambira mudenga hokoyo unotsvira mumba manje manje. wakadya iroro rakakwana kwete ne zanu.

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    Matsuvane 9 years ago

    You would think the morons that run this country don’t know these truths. Well, they do. What they have is lack is of spine, and a predilection for ass licking of a clueless boss – the only one who is clueless.