Ring of truth in #mugabe’s verbal attack on the UK

via Ring of truth in Mugabe’s verbal attack on the UK | Derby Telegraph April 29, 2014 by Ken Moreton

DESPOTIC dictator Robert Mugabe claims Britain has gone to the dogs because of its loss of values.

Coming from a vile and corrupt leader, this country is likely to dismiss what he says as the rantings of a mad man. But is there a small ring of truth in his words?

The morals and values once claimed by this country came from people of high standing, some now seen as sex abusers and liars, greedy and corrupt.

We valued highly a national press, but can we still, now it is tainted by a phone-hacking scandal?

Can we value what we read is the truth? Can we ever again value and trust a police force, once seen to be the best in the world, when some officers are found to be racist, corrupt and liars?

Can we value a justice system that treats hardened criminals with kid gloves, paying more heed to their human right more than those of their victims?

One yob, aged 15, was sentenced to 12 years for supplying a gun that killed an 11-year-old boy and has now been released after five years on licence. There’s no valued justice there.

British people will say we’ll take no lessons from Mugabe – but what morals and values can they say this country still holds?




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    The jury is out on the Morality issue through out the world. Coming from Mugabe who managed the killing of so many and the stripping of human rights of so many is very queer. Before you tell someone his underarms are smelling make sure yours are not.

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    moyokumusha 9 years ago

    Like the saying goes, “if you point a finger at someone, remember, there are three pointing back at you”.

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    Oh and so bob is so moral??? It is okay to murder, plunder, speak hatred, destroy an entire nation, grab what is not yours, torture, have degrees in violence, steal elections, mutilate, oppress and suppress and a whole lot more and then point fingers at the UK as immoral. I agree the UK is going to the dogs but Zimbabwe has already gone to the dogs. And guess who will be held responsible. The man at the top. it is simply despicable.

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    Britain might be going to the dogs but our Zimbabwe is already dog meat thanks to the oldest man in Zimbabwe ROBATI. One consolation though history will be told to our youngsters about thise vile man, his clueless wife with a strange sense of fashion and his goons who are not capable of choosing a new leader because they believe they are daft to lead.

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    Zimbali 9 years ago

    Take the log out of your eye before attending to the speck in your opponent’s eye!!

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    Saddened 9 years ago

    So well said by all these commentators, I agree entirely with their sentiments. What exactly was Mugabe hoping to accomplish by criticising Britain moral decline? He is still more than happy to accept their aid assistance despite his low opinion of them!

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    Yes the UK may have gone to the dogs and this comment by Ken Moreton may be correct, however that he should attribute this to Mugabe is the Pot calling the Kettle Black? Mugabe rants at the UK out of fear alone. It lways has been the immature and ignorant who seem to think “If I shout louder then I am correct”

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      I am not the one! 9 years ago

      …“If I shout louder then I am correct”, I always thought this was the modus operandi of a british tourist or, for that matter, a white man in Africa?

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    Brian 9 years ago

    RGM is a bed-hopping opportunist/criminal/genocidal tyrant. She wants $$$. It’s pretty much de riguer in Africa, the continent of tin-pot dictators who bleed their people and call it liberation. All African leaders have “form”. Let’s have a discussion on the quality/ethics/morality of African leaders. Give me the name of a leader in Africa dedicated to the ideals of democracy with full human rights.

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    Don Cox 9 years ago

    When Britain is getting aid from Zimbabwe, then Mugabe can criticise.