Salarygate,Corruption​: Zim Civil Society Groups Demand Concrete Govt Action

via RadioVop Zimbabwe – Salarygate,Corruption​: Zim Civil Society Groups Demand Concrete Govt Action By Amos Maseko February 13, 2014

Zimbabwe’s civic groups have demanded a more robust response to the massive looting of public entities by their top managers and influential politicians as President Robert Mugabe’s government continues to paper over the rot.

Speaking as “heads of coalitions and networks”, a loose convergence of civic organisations, among them Crisis in Zimbabwe, Zimbabwe Human Rights Association Zimbabwe Congress of Trade Unions (ZCTU) and Zimbabwe Civic Education Trust, whose mandate is to speak collectively on public issues, the groups also demanded more clarity on the status of named public officials who were consequently dismissed from their jobs but  still report for work.

The groups expressed alarm and  deep concern towards the reckless behaviours, uncaring attitude, corruption and bad governance that is being exhibited and taking place in our local government, parastatals and quasi-government bodies.

They deplored levels of corruption which they felt were a manifestation of lack of  good corporate governance and a disservice to the public. “We would like to register our sternest disapproval of the breakdown of public accountability, widespread corruption in public institutions and death of conscience in public officials who have become shockingly parasitic on the State by siphoning large millions of public funds through obscene salaries and shadowy transactions.” said  Peter Mutasa  co-vice president of ZCTU who read a prepared statement on behalf of the group.

The civic groups demanded to know what  concrete action was being taken against company executives who were reportedly earning huge salaries such as Cuthbert Dube “retired” as CEO the Premier Service Medical Aid Society  which owed creditors about $38million and Happison Muchechetere, the ZBC boss  whose workers’ salaries went unpaid for half a year.

Meanwhile, police in Harare banned of a planned march against corruption by the civic groups which they had planned for this weekend.

Crisis in Zimbabwe Coalition chairperson Dewa Mavhinga slammed the police action which he said ran against the national mood which is crying for the prosecution of looters of public entities.



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    Nyoni 8 years ago

    And we thought Ian Smith and co were bad.

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    nesbert majoni 8 years ago

    Mugabe and company killed a good Zimbabwe/ Rhodesia of Ian Smith. Izvi zvinotosemesa. I wish I was a Tsvana or Moscan or Zambian. We are even ashamed to be Zimbabweans yet it was a credit to be one 30 year ago.

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    I come to the uneasy realisation that George Orwell wrote Animal Farm based specifically on Zimbabwe. Now the pigs are in power and they rule with the same or worse impunity than Farmer Jones. The animals must wake up break the chains and free themselves!

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      Twinn 8 years ago

      Animal Farm: Benjamin – The long-lived donkey who refuses to feel inspired by the Rebellion. Benjamin firmly believes that life will remain unpleasant no matter who is in charge. Of all of the animals on the farm, he alone comprehends the changes that take place, but he seems either unwilling or unable to oppose the pigs.

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    mindo 8 years ago

    Thank u Lucy, u said it all