Save Valley Conservancy to be indigenised

via Save Valley Conservancy to be indigenised – The Zimbabwe Independent January 17, 2014 by Herbert Moyo

THE long-running saga in Zimbabwe’s Save Conservancy, widely regarded as the richest and largest private wildlife sanctuary in the world which was invaded in 2012 by top Zanu PF officials, is set to end after government decided to indigenise it and establish a national park in the conservancy.

In a telephone interview with the Zimbabwe Independent, Wilfried Pabst, a German investor who is also vice-chairperson of the conservancy, said the conservancy operators had signed a memorandum of understanding with the National Parks Authority to establish the national park.

He said they were also close to concluding negotiations with Environment, Water and Climate minister Saviour Kasukuwere to finalise details.

Kasukuwere disclosed government’s plans last Sunday claiming among other things that the development is going to result in the establishment of “a significant national park”.

“We are moving ahead to indigenise Save Valley Conservancy and this is going to lead to the creation of a significant national park. I will provide specifics later but you can rest assured that it will be indigenised,” said Kasukuwere.

While confirming Kasukuwere’s comments, Pabst however emphasised that the indigenisation would not affect foreign-owned properties in the conservancy, nor would it be a “freebie” where government or locals just grab properties for free.

“About 35% of the conservancy is foreign-owned and this will not be affected by the indigenisation,” he explained adding that “another 34% will not be affected because it is already in indigenous hands. However the 51% to be indigenised will come from the remainder which is currently in the hands of white Zimbabweans.”

“Another criterion for these investors is that all those who already own a farm will not be considered,” said Pabst.

He said Germany and the European Union will also assist in capacitating the national parks so that it can engage in conservation efforts.

Tourism and Hospitality Industry minister Walter Mzembi who strongly spoke out against the invasion of Save Conservancy by Zanu PF officials in 2012 declined to comment, referring all questions to Kasukuwere.

Zanu PF loyalists, particularly from Masvingo province, parcelled out the conservancy among themselves before embarking on an orgy of wildlife hunting, sparking local and international outrage.

Pabst alluded to the invasions when he singled out former deputy minister Shuvai Mahofa, describing her as “notorious” after she “grabbed Savuli ranch within the conservancy and has poached many animals. She has tried to poach rhinos too,” he said.



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    This is probably a very serious article but that was lost to me. I was caught in giggles by the last paragraph. I thought in my little head ‘how does a rhino poach another rhino?’
    but thats just me, I just needed to laugh.

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    You see! Anything that works gets grabbed! And then it doesn’t work anymore. sad but true! Why can’t we build up new initiatives instead of grabbing what someone else has worked for. Amazing!

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    Daniel 7 years ago

    NBS you have got it spot on.From the land issue,mining,hunting concessions etc etc the gov just keeps destroying all profitable initiatives.Everytime this happens more elite smart black and white people leave this country,probably never to return.

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    Dave Wood 7 years ago

    Regardless of the outburst expected from all you liberals…all I can say is that Africa is still ruled by a bunch of unruly, corrupt, thieving savages hellbent on destroying anything and everything that the white folk have built! Zimbabwe is a classic example of what was considered a thriving economy, the breadbasket of Southern Africa…then along comes the black character, from the so called educated judges, lawyers and politicians down to the uneducated scum that were born post Independence….and they destroy it all within 5 years, leading to an impoverished society that has become totally reliant on food aid, 98% of which is grown by the white man, the ex white commercial farmers…what a joke these spineless thieving savages have become. No wonder the West treats the African Continent with disdain…what a despicable lot these savages are.

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    Anthony 7 years ago

    Something not right with the figures here. 35% is foreign owned. 34% already in indigenous hands. ‘51% to be indigenised will come from the remainder’So in effect they are ‘indeginising’ 51% of 31% who do not own a majority in the overall setup. In as much as Zimbabweans own a right to their resources, with the abundance of land in this country why not leave this setup as is and create another conservancy? It seems any business ventures started by our black kinsmen somehow end up in dismal failure (with the exception of Econet).

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    It makes it now easier for the zanupf poachers like muroyi whore mhofa

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    American 7 years ago

    Impose sovereign control over your entire conservancy. The Zimbabwean people are the rightful owners of their land and resources and none else.