Seeing is believing

via Seeing is believing | The Zimbabwean by Special Correspondent 16.09.13

Yesterday (September 15) was the United Nation’s International Day for Democracy. It seems a good time to start a crescendo-call to see all the rolls and records pertaining to the 31 July election.

As Zimbabweans, we need to stand together behind a simple call: we want to see all the voters rolls that were used for the election in their proper, searchable, analysable, electronic form, and we want to see all the sealed records of who voted, where they voted, who helped whom, and who got turned away. We deserve this – at the very least.

In addition we want to see the 2012 census and citizenship records for comparison.

For as long as the Zimbabwe Electoral Commission refuses to make this information available, we are forced to believe that they have something to hide. If they have nothing to hide, why do they consistently refuse to be transparent about this?

Even anyone who believes, or wants to believe, in President Robert Mugabe’s incredible victory must agree:

All the records about the 2013 election must be unsealed and seen – NOW.

No more waiting years like before.

As for ZEC’s unending pretence for not providing analysable e-rolls on demand as the law requires – its claims that while it can print and search them, it can make no electronic copy of its own records! This is patently ridiculous and it’s time for us all to stand up and say “poppycock, My Lady” to ZEC’s Chairperson, Judge Rita Makarau.

You can email her to say that [or What a whopper, my lady!! or another preferred alternative] on and/or her deputy Joyce Kazembe at

Please send a copy to The Zimbabwean: or alert our Facebook friends on, or SMS +263 (0) 77 124 6400 or twitter @TheZimbabwean #myzim – so that we can track not only how many days she still delays in doing what the law demands, but also how many protests she ignores.

Then send a copy to all your friends, so they can email her too.



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    Mashinga P 11 years ago

    When you say we, who are you referring to. Some of us are happy with the election results as it reflect how we voted. As such we dont even need to look at the records because the result speech more loudly. In any case the record is likely to disappoint you.