Shadow cabinet welcomed

via Shadow cabinet welcomed | The Zimbabwean by Farai Mabeza 19.09.13

Analysts have welcomed the appointment of a shadow cabinet by MDC-T leader, Morgan Tsvangirai, but say the team must work hard on research in order to challenge the Zanu (PF) government on key economic policies.

Tsvangirai on Wednesday announced his list of 21 shadow ministers. He said the shadow cabinet would periodically review the performance of the government using various methods in and outside parliament.

Political analyst, Rejoice Ngwenya, said the new cabinet was a welcome development.

“It is standard practice for all stable opposition parties and it plays a big role in offering advice to the government. Of course we know that Zanu (PF) will pour scorn on this development but it is a welcome move,” Ngwenya said.

He said the members of the shadow cabinet must undertake quantitative research on issues affecting people so that their input is not just mere rhetoric.

“We will have to see how it will operate on the ground but each member of the shadow cabinet should have a research team. The government may or may not listen but the issues must be well researched,” Ngwenya said.

Economist John Robertson said: “It’s a good idea and if they do their arithmetic well, they can challenge Zanu (PF) on policy issues,” he said, adding that even Zanu (PF) would benefit from the shadow cabinet input.

Economist Eric Bloch however said Tsvangirai’s team would not be effective because they would be outnumbered.

“It will unify their stance on policies but they don’t have a chance to change policies because they are such a minority in parliament. It won’t be of any effect because Zanu (PF) can still do whatever it wishes,” he said.

The shadow cabinet is as follows:

Tendai Biti: Finance and Economic Development Sesel Zvidzai: Local Government Elias Mudzuri: Trnasport Nelson Chamisa: ICT Abednico Ncube: Mines Morgan Komichi: Energy Jessie Majome: Justice Lillian Timveos: Home Affairs Tapiwa Mashakada: Industry and Commerce Godern Moyo: International Relations ThamsangaMahlangu: Tourism Gift Chimanikire: Defence Ruth Labode: Health and Child Welfare

Concillia Chinanzvavana: Basic Education Peter Matarutse: Higher Education Samuel Sipepa Nkomo: Agriculture Paurina Mpariwa: Labour Lucia Mativenga: Gender Solomon Madzore: Youth, Sport, Arts and Culture Joel Gabbuza: Public Works



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    Tjingababili 11 years ago

    Mat South has 2 women MPS. At least one of them could been appointed. They may not have university degrees but know what Mat South needs. R Ngwenya raises a pertinent issue of research teams which could strenghen the appointees who lack academic credentials. How about the composition of the Planning Commission! Matabeles dont qualify, eh! We are sick and tired of being excluded from parastal boards by the ZANUPF government. Et tu Brute!

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    Themba Mlangeni 11 years ago

    The shadow minister for Basic Education is called Chinanzvavana. Just waiting to see kuti achatanga kunanzva vana ve grade ani. LOL!

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    NANSI LENDODA 11 years ago

    MDC-Tea ma-one (1). Does this mean these guys have now conceded defeat and now agree that H.E. RG Mugabe is President of the country.

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    fungai 11 years ago


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    Herbert Phiri 11 years ago

    The issue of conducting in depth research so as to uncover the weaknesses, gaps, ommisions and incorrections in both policy formulations and implementations may in my opinion require inclusion of diasporans.This will add weight, dynamism and stature to the shadow ministries and will take the ZanuPf old guard all the way to the cleaners. Remember the Diasporans will have an essential part to play if Mugabe is dethroned so why not start inviting them in the day today activities and exploit their advice new thinking or ideas. Iam sure these guys have something to offer to the new look, rejuvenated, forward thinking MDC-T Shadow Ministry and can add both taste and flavour to it.You should be proud and be boasting that all the academic (wizzards) diasporans belong to you ((MDC-T) and its a winning ticket which would be sellable at any time and which is a time bomb to the recyclates, ZanuPf.
    Many Thanks

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    i welcome the idea of a shadow cabinet, its a good move on the part of MDC-T.
    On the issue of research, i think at this point MDC should go further and incorporate/ employ academic graduates from various professions such as economics, finance, agriculture, international relations,Health, I.T, Media etc who will be attached within each ministry (not as politicians, but as professional employees) who will assist in research and development for the purpose crafting an economic blue print. i believe this will be an opportunity for MDC to prove that they can create employment and a functional civil service.