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via So Manheru is back: Who cares? – The Zimbabwe Independent January 24, 2014 MuckRaker

So the Herald columnist Nathaniel Manheru is back, he pronounced with heavy authority last weekend. He had been AWOL he said and made no apology.

“So who wants to know?” is the obvious response? Did anybody notice him missing?

He still needs an editor. What sort of columnist is it who is allowed to wander all over the place without any direction?

Racist rants

John Robertson is subject of racist abuse for daring to express his reservations about the Zimbabwe Agenda for Sustainable Socio-Economic Transformation (ZimAsset) which he quite rightly referred to as “acres and acres of inane editorial grey”.

Wouldn’t that be a better description of Manheru? But his target, while ostensibly Patrick Chinamasa, turned out to be the captains of Zimbabwe’s industry who showed insufficient zealotry. Robertson was dismissed as a little Rhodesian white man.

And he promised the WHO’s little white lady that he would turn to deal with her at some later date.

Again: So who wants to know?
Hard times for who?

There was certainly no suggestion of this lot falling on hard times. MPs had got the deputy Clerk of Parliament to write of their predicament.
And their children? They are at boarding school, we are told. Such hardship is indescribable!

Submitting Mutasa

We did, however, like Monday’s front page Herald picture of Didymus Mutasa kneeling before the throne while the young whippersnapper Phillip Chiyangwa was comfortably ensconced in a State House chair.
So this is what the Minister of State for Presidential Affairs is all about?

Prioritising own pay

Meanwhile parastatatal heads are making a killing. If their organisations had been run properly, they would now be able to pay their staff decent salaries. But it seems their own salaries take priority. And we are hearing little lectures from precisely the people who allowed the present situation to develop?

Can you imagine a well-run airline with competitive fares? Or a railway network with clean compartments and cheap fares? And what about a professional broadcasting system that the public respects and which they listen to for their news instead of the ignorant and at times farcical views foisted on the public?

We get a desert
Is there anything in this country that actually works? There was Zanu PF boasting of its achievements on ZTV ahead of the election. But it has given us a desert where it should be productive and self-sufficient.

We are taxed to listen to Tafataona Mahoso’s drivel. He holds the nation captive while he presides over a pernicious propaganda regime.
Now we discover the state’s apparatus costs us tens of thousands of dollars a month so its executives can live off the fat of the land.
Chinamasa was talking of the new economy ahead of his budget. It is proving bankrupt already.


With the news this week of police transfers, it may be worth recalling remarks by Zimbabwe Republic Police (ZRP) Senior Assistant Commissioner Charity Charamba who told us the following:

“The organisation has no policy of over-killing, a matter of pandering to the whims of the hard-hearted who would want to see a mountain falling and burying (senior police officer Oliver) Chibage.”
It is extraordinary that it needs to be explained to her that this is not a matter of hard hearts and falling mountains. It is about upholding the law. We need to make this clear every time a police officer boasts of how the ZRP is selected for duty abroad.

Tight-lipped Shamu

Undoubtedly the most interesting story this week was Webster Shamu remaining “tight-lipped” over the “damning report” on the state of affairs at ZBC written by George Charamba in November 2012.
The report, says the Herald, brought to Shamu’s attention the state of affairs at the national broadcaster and recommended a shake-up in the management.

The memo was found among Happison Muchechetere’s files at Pockets Hill and leaked to the Herald by ZBC staffers.

Interesting, isn’t it that this was leaked in time for Monday’s edition? But the public who read the paper weren’t allowed to share the contents of the letter. George was keeping that firmly under wraps.

Perhaps Shamu felt it was unethical to threaten to disclose confidential information obtained by dubious means? His question: “In all fairness, does this make sense to you?” seems to tell us all we need to know.


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    Yes! Who cares. I never read him anyway! No life in his writing only destruction! That’s why it is better to read your bible.

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    Well done john Robertson. High ethical empirical standards of jimmy girdlestone. These pseudo banksters bogus captains of industry briefcase self styled tycoon businessmen are mostly zanupf stooges a shameful disgrace self enriching inept incapable zombies puppets of a master criminal class. These laughable pretenders have ruined the private sector. Look at a fifth rate zse failed stock exchange. It’s treasonable

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      Cde Mzvinavhu(Prof) 8 years ago

      @REVENGER-avenger:::::? Unfortunately that wont bring back Rhodesia nor Zimbabwe -Rhodesia !Yes our economy is sick ! But we have faith it will recover , despite your satanic sanctions! You will not get our farms back and you will live to see agric recovery , you brazen racists!

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    Nimrod Mupanesengende 8 years ago

    Of course we do care and it was a relief that Manheru is back with his brilliant analysis of everything. Those whose racist and scornful self assigned duty it is to paint a picture of gloom will of course be worried that Manheru is back. MackRaker and others can go on and on trying to make Zimbabweans dislike themselves or their lovely country but all will come to nothing, nothing at all, just like their spirited fight before the elections in the hope that that fool, Tsvangirai, through whom they hoped to rule Zimbabwe via the back door came to nothing. These racist foreigners and sons of murderers and thieves can write all they want but we Zimbabweans know the truth.