Soldiers assault MDC-T youths in Harare

via Soldiers assault MDC-T youths in Harare | SW Radio Africa   by Mthulisi Mathuthu on Thursday, April 3, 2014

On Wednesday morning 10 MDC-T youths were assaulted by a group of armed soldiers as they were putting up rally posters in the Harare suburb of Highfield, the party has announced.

A statement said Shepherd Mbewe, Sean Chindori and Sharodd Matamba, were also detained for over an hour at Zororo Centre where over 30 soldiers are holding training courses. The three were ‘badly assaulted’ and they have since reported the incident at Machipisa Police Station. The other seven youths managed to escape.

The rally, which is penciled in for this Saturday, has been cleared by the police and the party was granted permission to put up their posters.

The MDC-T councilor for Ward 26, Special Zuze, castigated the soldiers for their action. Zuze said the soldiers are ‘needlessly assaulting the public’ at a time when people must unite and confront the country’s economic problems. He added: ‘What the soldiers have done does not reflect a defence force with integrity or a force that wants to protect the people at all. It shows a defence force that lacks discipline and this has to end now’

Zuze has also approached the Harare City Council’s department of housing seeking clarification on why the center, which also houses a pre-school, has been turned into a military training camp.

Robert Mugabe has always used the military to maintain his hold on power and numerous incidents have been reported about army units terrorizing defenceless people on behalf of the party. Senior army officers openly support the ruling party and routinely issue inflammatory statements and hate speech against the opposition.



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    Peter tosh 9 years ago

    I don’t think it is our professional army who did that,really! These are a political party trained soldiers Whose mandate is to terrorise defenceless civilians. Disgusting!

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    mujibha 9 years ago

    Veduwe munogara muchingochema kuti masoja arikurova defenceless people, ndosaka ndirikuti the best thing to do is to b armed also. Nguva yehondo havasi vese vakaenda kuhondo nenyaya yekuda kusungura nyika, vakaenda kuhondo nenyaya yekugara vachizvakatsva nemasoja, saka zvaina nani kufa uchidzorera wakabata rako gidi. Zanu pf inoita zvainoda neruzhinji reZimbabwe nekuti inoziva kuti hapana chinoiwana pasina gidi. Imboonai zvirikuitwa naPutin kuRussia, anoita zvaanoda asi America ikangoti yakutumira masoja anobvaati huyai titaurirane anoziva kuti akarega kudaro mutambo unenge watotsvuka ropa neAmerica. Munofunga kuti dai pasina GWASERA nguva yegukurahundi dai zanu yakabatana nezapu. Nguva yamatsanga mamwe emauto eZimbabwe akasiya chiuto nekutya kuenda kumoza, bcause vaiziva kuti rwava rufu. Vakaenda kuDRC vakarikitwa vakatiza nhasi kuDRC hondo ichitikutsva

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    Bob’s army is an army of cowards trained to beat up the docile Zimboz.
    Noone will fight back. They are too educated or civilized to fight.

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    Sokomukanya 9 years ago

    The MDC is a toothless party they should be taking Amy General to court for this. All they think of is factionalism

  • comment-avatar
    Mixed Race 9 years ago

    They should be deployed in South Sudan,CAR and Somali to meet real men in the field and they will be paid high salaries by AU or UN.They are completely bored so they need real action.