Stakeholders Hold Meeting to Share Views on Zim Future

via Stakeholders Hold Meeting to Share Views on Zim Future Ntungamili Nkomo 25.11.2013 VOA Zimbabwe 

Civil society groups opened a three-day conference in Bulawayo on Monday to share viewpoints on Zimbabwe’s economic and political prospects following the disputed July 31st national elections.

The meeting, attended by civil society leaders, politicians and academics, will also make suggestions on how the Zanu-PF government can open up democratic space in the country.

It will also examine how non-governmental organizations can find common ground on a number of issues to improve the living standards of Zimbabweans.

The regional civil society group, Open Society for Southern Africa (OSISA) organized the discussions.



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    Takaota Joni 10 years ago

    They are running out of funds, these muggots who ferment chaos and widespread hooliganism so that they can be paid by those that reward conflicts in Africa. Right now they want to organise demonstrations, street battles and have a few buildings burnt so that they can say to their sponsors, “Look, we are doing the job-we are causing chaos so that you can find excuses to come in and loot” We talk of enemies of the state!!!! The so called civil society is the enemy. They are the ones we should direct our bullets, button sticks and water cannons at.