Mugabe, stop the rot!

via Stop the rot, Mugabe urged – DailyNews Live by Xolisani Ncube 30 SEPTEMBER 2013

With the diamonds bribery saga raging on, President Robert Mugabe has been urged to immediately stop the rot by setting up a commission to expose the massive looting of cash and diamonds in the country.

Mugabe touched off a storm last week when he said ex-Zimbabwe Mining Development Corporation (ZMDC) boss Godwills Masimirembwa had been given a $6 million bribe by Ghanaian investors to facilitate their mining ventures in Chiadzwa.

Analysts and businesspeople who spoke to the Daily News on Sunday said this was just the tip of the vast iceberg on corruption and top-level graft going unpunished in government.

With Masimirembwa denying the president’s charge, insisting the cash was a commitment investment for the Ghanaian diamond company operating in Zimbabwe, Gye Nyame Resources, the issue has revealed a massive pattern of corruption involving the top brass.

Mugabe’s disclosures could also expose bogus transactions designed to benefit top officials and untraceable cash donations also made to the 89-year-old’s inner circle.

Gye Nyame formed a joint venture with the State-owned ZMDC, as they were required to comply with the country’s indigenisation laws.

According to Mugabe, when Gye Nyame moved to import its diamond mining equipment into the country, Masimirembwa blocked the move and insisted on receiving a massive payment first.

Although Walter Chidhakwa, the Mines minister, told the Daily News on Sunday that his ministry was giving due attention to the case, he could not divulge what kind of investigations have been conducted so far.

“We have been talking to all those involved, including ZMDC and other stakeholders, we are still interrogating the issues,” Chidhakwa said.

Lovemore Kurotwi, director of collapsed  Canadile Miners, one of diamond firms that were among the first  to extract Chiadzwa diamonds, said the recent exposé by Mugabe vindicates him on his earlier statements that top officials were demanding bribes to facilitate mining ventures in Marange. He said more needs to be done to cleanse the diamond mining industry.

“When I said all was not well in the ministry of Mines, I was prosecuted,” Kurotwi told the Daily News on Sunday.

“Today, things have changed. This is just a small case which is an eye opener to those who never believed what I said in 2010. I told President Mugabe that minister Obert Mpofu (then Mines minister) had demanded a bribe from me. It was never taken seriously.”

Kurotwi claimed Mpofu demanded a $10 million bribe in exchange for a mining licence.

Kurotwi wrote a letter to Mugabe in September 2010 detailing Mpofu’s alleged demands.

Kurotwi was arrested on allegations of fraud and misrepresentation of facts that authorities claimed prejudiced government of potential investment worth $2 billion. He was arrested a day after telling Mugabe that Mpofu had demanded a bribe.

“The problem that we have in this country is corruption which is perpetuated at high levels,” Kurotwi said. “This Ghanaian saga, without passing a judgment, shows a lot of misrepresentation on the part of those involved.

“This whole diamond saga tells a sad story of what has been happening in the country, particularly at the ministry of Mines. Something has to be done as a matter of urgency and this should be done in a transparent manner.”

The statement by Mugabe on Masimirembwa opened a can of worms with revelations that one of the Ghanaian investors had been convicted for illegally trading in gold and is currently on a police wanted list for breaching bail conditions set by High Court judge Hlekani Mwayera when she freed him pending his appeal against the five-year prison sentence.

Farai Maguwu,  director of Zimbabwe’s Centre for Natural Resource Governance, said the recent developments in the mining sector expose how corrupt and poorly-regulated the sector was.

“Without saying Masimirembwa is wrong or not, I think it is time this country was taken seriously by those who are governing it,” Maguwu said.

“It is time we have political will to deal with corruption and get the country to benefit from our own resources. I believe the Masimirembwa case will push authorities to investigate the entire extractive sector and strengthen regulations governing the operations of our minerals.”

“The outburst by Mugabe, though is surprising since corruption has been endemic and systemic in Zimbabwe’s extractive sector in recent years, resonates well with the feelings of the general public who feel Zimbabwe’s mineral wealth is benefiting political elites and  corrupt foreign business entities while impoverishing communities and depriving government of  revenue.

“If you were to recall, this is not the first time that we have heard such statements, we once heard about allegations of corruption in the Canadile deal, but the whistle blower is the one who was prosecuted, this must come to an end.”

Maguwu continued: “It seems the president is more concerned about how the Ghanaians were short-changed and not about how the Zimbabwean people continue to be fleeced through opaque contract negotiations which neither benefit local communities nor the economy.”

According to a report by the parliamentary portfolio committee on Mines and Energy prepared by late chairperson Edward Chindori Chininga, Parliament was barred from visiting Chiadzwa on several occasions, with the executive countenancing the snub.

Early this year, the Zimbabwe Anti Corruption Commission obtained a search warrant to probe at least three ministers and ZMDC among others for alleged corruption in  awarding mining contracts, but were blocked.

Takunda Mugaga, an economic analyst, said until serious measures were taken to address corruption which goes beyond public addresses and statements, graft will remain dominant in the country.

“What the president said could be viewed in two ways, it can be viewed as a way of cleansing himself and setting a tone for his new administration that he wants a best legacy during his last days in power,” Mugaga said.

“It should also be viewed as a sign that he has been misinformed by his advisors in the past and now things have changed. But the truth is that this is just the tip of an iceberg. There is massive corruption in this country which cannot be solved overnight.”


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    ZimJim 11 years ago

    Talk about “Pots and Kettles”!!!..

  • comment-avatar
    Russell 11 years ago

    This is just a tip of the iceberg,Zunupf are rotten to the core with corruption and one way or the other it will be exposed, and when this rot is brought to the table you will find the president to be the main culprit. Zimbabwe will never prosper as long as Mugabe and Zunupf are at the head.

  • comment-avatar
    Zimguard80 11 years ago

    Why do Zimbabweans always go full throttle trying to pretend that Robert Mugabe is a saint in all this rubbish!!! Mugabe is very much part of this rot. Corruption has thrived under his watch because he gets his dues from all massive dealings. How many times has he alluded that his ministers are drowning in corruption? What has he done? Why is he not keen to show Zimbabweans who the Commander – In – Chief and President of Zimbabwe is? There’s only one answer known by even the dumb village idiot who can’t write his/her own name, that Mugabe is equally corrupt that’s the reason why he can’t touch those around him. It’s a spider’s web!!! Mugabe is feeding from the trough! Can he prove Zimbabweans wrong, act on this disease that has consumed the country. The problem with Mugabe is that he acts like a party political appointee, thus making him stiff scared to rock the boat,negating his duty as President of Zimbabwe to which he is accountable to, not ZANU pf. They’re partners in looting, blessed corruption from the highest office in the land, based on you deal give me 60% and retain 40% amongst all other players and I as President Robert Mugabe will protect you no matter how much people clamour for your head, case in point being the most corrupt minister Chombo and many others the likes of Obert Mpofu. Mugabe is no saint, please, please, please Zimbabwe let this man fool you!!!!

    • comment-avatar
      Rudadiso 11 years ago

      Spot on Zimguard80!Just one minor point – you are wrong to say Mugabe is equally corrupt. I would argue that Mugabe is the chief of corruption – the commander in chief of this rot, if you like.

      They say fish rots from the head. As the only ruler Zimbabwe has ever known, the seeds of corruption were sowed by none other than Mugabe. He lovingly and tenderly nursed them to fruition and now he looks at the corruption fruit with love because he is the main beneficiary.

      He protects the corrupt by punishing those who may want to rock the boat. On his desk lie report after report on the who is who of corruption and all he has done is reward them. Chenjerai Hunzvi,a man who never even touched a gun during the war of liberation, claimed to be a war vet. He defrauded the war victims compensation fund by claiming to be 117% disabled. This buffoon who stole, tortured and murdered was laid to rest at the national shrine courtesy of Mugabe.

      So, dream on, all those who think Mugabe could ever tackle corruption. He and this creature are inseparable; its entwined in his DNA.

  • comment-avatar
    Macon Pane 11 years ago

    Well, ok. But, if Mugabe thinks that addressing corruption at this stage will change his legacy, he has no sense of reality. Far too many have been harmed far too greatly.

    Secondly, he knows that any legitimate investigation into corruption would end right in his lap, because the tentacles are very long, and far too many know far too much.

    So, all this is phony window dressing designed by ZANUPF to win the next election without Bob. The old man will be busy serving his eternal sentence, and wishing he’d lived a different kind of life.

  • comment-avatar
    Kalusha 11 years ago

    Zimbabwe is corrupt to the core even in army,police and other government arms monies are deducted from our payslips and we don’t anywhere to report cause of victimisation

  • comment-avatar
    Hango Yapalala 11 years ago


  • comment-avatar
    Zeezee 11 years ago

    Blah blah blah….. Mugabe who are you kidding? You can continue fooling the rural people who don’t have access to international news and social media, but as for the rest of us we are onto you! Through social media and international media pressure your rotten ways will eventually all be revealed.

  • comment-avatar
    Bruce 11 years ago

    Is mugabe, Zanu Pf and government not corrupt and what difference between himself and government. its joke that he will deal with any corrupt leader. corruption has been with him since and during the war times. how did he became Zanla leader ahead of all those who went before him. how did Tongogara died just before indendpence. Willovale scandal, war veterants compensation fund, VIP housing scheme. How was the borrowdale mansion financed. where did mpofu got money for zabg deal and other acquisations made.

  • comment-avatar
    Antony dube 11 years ago

    Is this not what chindori-chininga was trying to do until his untimely and unexplained death.

  • comment-avatar
    gorongoza 11 years ago

    Mugabe is the most corrupt individual you can find in Zim. Him and Grace are the most corrupt couple on earth. They shld stop fooling us with this Masimiredog issue. They benefit from each and every corrupt mining deal in this country and many others incl the Airport construction (thru Leo and company). We are tired of them trying to fool us. we are not stupid!

  • comment-avatar
    munzwa 11 years ago

    are not all diamond, if not all mining, concessions dished out by the c-in-c? Ask that guy who donated all those vehicles to zanu hoping to get a diamond concession.

  • comment-avatar
    MikeH 11 years ago

    mugabe is simply the very tip of the corruption pyramid, gaining the greatest “rewards” for failing the country, so there’s no way he is going to stop the rot. In short, to stop the rot he has to be stopped one way or another. But who takes over ?

  • comment-avatar
    kevin 11 years ago

    And yet the dumb Zimbos continue to believe that sanctions are the cause of all that is wrong in Zimbabwe. Gold and diamond dealings are never questioned or some transparency required. If the Borrowdale Brooke, Glen Lorne etc crowd continues to amass and expose their wealth and yet, yet 99% or so’s conditions continue to worsen, why is this not a subject of debate? Man runs a ministry full of corruption, buys a bank, buys half of Byo & Vic Falls and you still think sanctions are the problem. Now Orbet wants to take the last few $$$$ people using toll gates and justifying it with a non-existant problem (congetion). Wake up people.

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    I hope MDC T is up to the task informing people and the world about what is going on

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    We should have a center just the Israelis have to hunt down Mugabe and his henchmen if they think running way to the stash of money will save them.

  • comment-avatar
    mujibha 11 years ago

    Sekuru you were/ r the first rotten potato can u pls tell us what happened to these people Tongo road accident, mahachi road accident, lovemore mutero road accident, nyagumbo poisoning, rashiwe working in office missing, chindori road accident, lookout masuku? And what action did u take to these corrupt ministers: kangai destroyed the grain, chombo, local government is gone, obert mpofu, did u as the president did u ever ask him where he got his wealth? Kasukuwere, x cio b4 being minister, gono, chihuri lastly youself how many farms have u got? Now we have got chipangano, what they do to other people is that legal, if not u as the leader of nation what action r u taking to protect your people from those thugs? I’m realy sure if u were not part and parcel of corruption u could have stopped them long ago.

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    Mugabe has fooled the people. Amazing how some still follow and believe him and his henchmen

  • comment-avatar
    adam jones 11 years ago

    Why do we need corrupt criminal ghanians to extract our diamonds that those in Chiadzwa picked up mumunda with no machinary? Mining should be regulated and rightly so but why not regulate locals and licence them to extract minerals? what technology do these guys from ghana have that zimbabweans could not invest in? Idzi wo masimirembwa hadzina kupa mdara chief definition of corruption his cut hence why dziri pa tight. obert was threatening kukunda mdara hupfumi after atenga vic falls n half of byo nemari yemadiamonds. zanu rigged elections using mari yemadiamonds through corruption. chihuri encourages police men/women to use their uniform to suppliment their miagre wages. and we expect him to arrest anybody for corruption? MDC suppoters have been arrested for turning up woonded at police stations to report attacks by zanu thugs and themselves ending up in prison for long enough to deny them medical attention. hapana nyaya apa, masimirembwa is as corrupt as vanamdara ava. only he tried to change the rules and they won’t let any body undermine the corrucption machine. sod all else.