Stop this ‘insanity’ says expelled MDC-T youth leader

via Stop this ‘insanity’ says expelled MDC-T youth leader | SW Radio Africa  by Nomalanga Moyo on Monday, March 31, 2014 

MDC-T secretary-general Promise Mkwananzi has described as a ‘nullity’ his expulsion from the party by a faction said to be aligned to Morgan Tsvangirai.

Mkwananzi was responding to media reports that he and MDC-T Youth Assembly chairperson Solomon Madzore have been fired for being sympathetic to a group calling for party President Tsvangirai to step down, to facilitate leadership renewal.

The decision to censure the two was taken at a meeting held Sunday, according to a statement issued Monday afternoon by the MDC-T Youth Assembly National Council.

“People are allowed to dream, let them dream on. I think they are underestimating the seriousness with which we take these positions and the party’s constitution.

“I am a member of the national executive of the party, Solomon Madzore is a member of the national standing committee, and so we can only be suspended by a two-thirds majority of the party’s national council,” Mkwananzi said.

The MDC-T youth leader said the individuals who purportedly took the decision to suspend the two had no authority to do so.

He said the only person who can convene a formal meeting of the youth assembly is Solomon Madzore, as youth assembly president, in consultation with the assembly secretary-general – who is Mkwananzi.

“Any meeting that happens outside that orbit is unconstitutional and violates the party’s rules and regulations. Anyone who calls such a meeting is out of order.”

Mkwananzi said the suspensions and expulsions that have taken place since February 15th are unconstitutional and unprocedural, and called on all MDC-T members to respect the constitution.

“Whoever is undertaking those processes must be warned very strongly. We know that those behind this are nursing their own ambitions which have nothing to do with building the party.”

“However let the people be assured that on our part, we will defend the party’s principles, values, and constitution with our lives.”

The firebrand youth leader attributed the current crisis in his party to the leadership’s failure to abide by the party’s constitution.

“We continue to challenge the leadership and Tsvangirai himself to exercise his authority and ensure that the party is brought back to order.

Tsvangirai issued a directive that all these suspensions and expulsions should stop and one wonders why they continue to happen if he and the people that surround him, are genuine in stopping this insanity and idiocy,” Mkwananzi added.

MDC-T Youth Assembly spokesman Clifford Hlatshwayo, who issued the statement announcing the latest purge, said Mkwananzi had been fired for “promoting factionalism, misappropriation of party funds, serious security breaches, misrepresenting the Assembly’s resolutions and putting the name of the party into disrepute”, among other breaches.

Madzore was not fired but his case has been “forwarded to the top leadership for further deliberation” after those who attended the meeting “expressed serious displeasure in the manner in which he is discharging his duties, and his non attendance of party programs and meetings.”

A Monday report on online news source quoted Madzore as saying he will not lose sleep over the issue.

“What I can tell you is it was not the MDC-T youth assembly that met.  I will not comment on mickey-mouse issues that was not the MDC-T youth national council because we have not convened such a meeting.”

The MDC-T has already suspended deputy treasurer-general Elton Mangoma, the manicaland provincial leaders Pishai Muchauraya and Julius Magarangoma, in the ongoing leadership wrangle which has on occasions turned violent.

Last week, MDC-T Chitungwiza Provincial chairperson Alexio Musundire was expelled, joining other senior party officials who were expelled in Mat North. Reports suggest that the pro-Tsvangirai camp is now gunning for Gorden Moyo, one of the party’s most senior officials in Bulawayo.


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    roving ambassador. 10 years ago

    The time for real democrats is now. Its really sad that the MDC circus is still going on. This is an indication of Tsvangirai’s lack of leadership.
    He wants the MDC to go down with him just like Mugabe wants Zimbabwe to go down, .
    Like I have said before, The Coalition of the willing is needed now,. We need to call upon all social democrats ,Technocrats and civil organisations to put up a united front against these corrupt and undemocratic parties.

    Lets put Zimbabwe first.

    • comment-avatar
      Qiniso 10 years ago

      Democracy…That’s the word that means different things everywhere. One thing for certain it never means what the Greeks original meant by it

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    thembani 10 years ago


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    mukanya 10 years ago

    When did you last call for your meeting Mr Chairman and Mr Secretary? So you thought because the constitution allows only you and you alone to make things right they will wait until cows come home to correct the situation. Its like waiting for the accused person to arraign themselves before the courts. An opposition youth leader who cannot even lift a lip amid revelations of extreme corruption in gvt entities and followers much just watch. You are gone because the appointer can disappoint and those poeple elected you so they will remove you its a question of time.

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    Jenandebvu 10 years ago

    The youth has now grown up, you are not suspended willy nilly. Renewal is done after open discussion with appropriate people meeting at an appropriate venue, time with a required forum. Teach tsvangison the democracy yu guys wanted him to demostrate by accepting “the voice of the people”

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    Wake up MDC!

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    Mike Nyathi 10 years ago

    Mkwananzi, stop crying about being thrown out of a burning house. It is the best thing to have happened to you. Start something new.

  • comment-avatar
    laazuk 10 years ago

    Mkwanzi u a small boy in politics. u shld have utilised yo term of office to learn and grow. Why do pple in MDC learn from Chamisa. This is not student politics its party politics and national politics. Pauri unotoziva kuti this post was too big for u. Be calm, tinoziva vanhu vanokusapota. Its shortlived

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    The Mind Boggles 10 years ago

    MDC More Devils Coming