Suspended ZBC finance manager among country’s highest earners

via Suspended ZBC finance manager among country’s highest earners March 10, 2014 NewsDay

SUSPENDED Zimbabwe Broadcasting Corporation (ZBC) finance manager Elliot Kasu was earning a basic salary of $11 000 in 2011, but enjoyed several unlimited freebies which could catapult him to the league of some of the country’s top earners, NewsDay has learnt.

According to Kasu’s letter of reappointment dated November 17, 2011 and signed by suspended ZBC chief executive officer Happison Muchechetere on June 8, 2012, Kasu’s benefits were spread over seven A4 sheets. Kasu and Muchechetere were suspended last year as government launched its ongoing crackdown on executives of public institutions earning “obscene salaries”.

At the time of their suspension, junior ZBC staffers had gone unpaid for seven months.

Among other benefits, Kasu was entitled to a Toyota V8 Land Cruiser vehicle, which he would retain on leaving the broadcaster.

“The company would pay 50% of the mortgage value of the existing property under the company’s housing scheme as gratuity for the expired contract, and you will also be entitled to an up-market executive housing allowance at prevailing market rates,” the letter read. “The company will pay home utility bills for water, rates, electricity, and so on, upon production of invoices from service providers.”

Other perks were a 100% school fees invoice for not more than three children or direct family dependents for local academic education, 100% local university and college fees for the Sadc region for two children or direct family dependents, as well as 100% fees to cover personal studies related to his line of work.

Kasu was also entitled to a pension scheme borne by the employer, a medical aid package for self, spouse, own children and not more than two direct family dependents and an executive funeral policy package for self, spouse and own children (all non-contributory).

“You will be entitled to two domestic workers, one gardener and maid, and the company will pay subscriptions for gym, club and professional membership. You will be entitled to two cellphones and two contract lines, home landline telephone, internet facilities to be installed at home and monthly bills to be paid by the corporation, laptop for business and personal use and the above gadgets are to be retained at the expiry or termination of contract,” the letter said.

Other benefits included one international business class return ticket once every year, accommodation and food for spouse and biological children for seven days at a five star hotel, as well as business class return tickets for the family to a local or regional destination twice every year.

At his home, Kasu was entitled to DStv annual subscriptions, one personal radio, one personal home HD TV set, a generator, 24 hour security as well as unlimited fuel at reasonable usage per month.


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    And the board approved this? It boggles the mind!

  • comment-avatar
    Nyoni 8 years ago

    No wonder their broke. Broken by the Bossman.

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    Sekuru Mapenga 8 years ago

    Why the free DSTV subscription? Didn’t he want to watch ZTV?

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    Mlimo 8 years ago

    Well done did they also include his two mistresses, his gay lover , an overseas bank account in Singapore and unlimited uncut diamonds as shared out by zanupf ?

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    Joker 8 years ago

    I agree with you Sekuru.shuning your own TV station is that being patriotic.So these guys know that they subject us to loads and loads of boring re-screens day in day out.zakaoma hama

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    Charles Chamunorwa 8 years ago

    This is madness

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    What can I say? Greed and then there is greed!

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    just saying 8 years ago

    And Tomana doesn’t think this sort of package is a problem. Families who lost fathers,mothers, brothers,sisters etc fighting for a free Zimbabweans must really be hurting to think their loved ones sacrificed their lives for this kind of a Zimbabwe People like Elliot Kasu have no sense of decency or shame

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    kutongwa nonjazi 8 years ago


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    dennis chikuve 8 years ago

    Only ignorant stupid people approve this kind of package. Even in the rich countries this is unheard of that is why they are called the first world or developed countries. They put their money where their mouth is-the electorate or citizens that give them a mandate to run the country’s affairs in an accountable and transparent manner. ZBC Board Members and management must have been watching too many fiction movies on satellite TV but could not distinguish reality from fiction. Shame on you for dishing out resources that you do not have. Whatever happened to rewards commensurate with production and profit margins? There will be no more money to dip into after all the perpetual thievery from so called political leaders.