MDC-T dismisses mediation talks with ‘rebels’

via Bulawayo24 NEWS | MDC-Tsvangirai dismiss mediation talks with ‘rebels’. 10 June 2014

 The MDC-T has denied that there is mediation taking place between Morgan Tsvangirai and the Tendai Biti led MDC-Renewal Team.

n a press release, the MDC-T said, “The MDC wishes to categorically state that there is no mediation taking place whatsoever between the party and the rebels who have now been expelled by the National Council.

“We note with concern the false narrative to the effect that Mrs Sekai Holland is leading mediation efforts between the MDC and the rebels led by the former secretary-general, Hon. Tendai Biti.

“In the party, Mrs Holland is the chairperson of the Guardians Council and has not been mandated to play any other role. In any case, the National Council of the party has not sanctioned any mediation efforts between the party and the rebels.

“The MDC is a voluntary organization and after their illegal Mandel meeting, the rebels said they had exercised their constitutional right to dissociate from the party led by President Morgan Tsvangirai. Any mediation would obviously seek to associate them with people they would rather not associate with.

“The MDC reiterates that there is no individual or party organ involved in any mediation process with the party rebels who recently announced that they are forming their own party.

“The recent announcement by the rebels that they have formally charged the party President and will soon bring him before a disciplinary hearing is not consistent with any form of mediation either taking place or about to take place.

“We see no reason to re-engage with people who have openly confessed to be working Zanu PF and state security agents.”



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    kutongwa nonjazi 8 years ago

    Donzvo rd MDC-REBELS TEAM, nderekuita zvarakatumwa nemusangano wehuori, kudya musangano wevanhu zviri pakati pemusangano wevanhu MDC-T. Asi zviri pachena kuti hazvisi kubudirira….try other methods izvi zvaramba.

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    Yep that’s right. Every man for himself in Zimbabwe. Every leader is selfish and has a selfish agenda. may God help us.

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    TZ president Jacob Ngarivhume has been arrested by state security agents and is currently detained at Chimanimani police station

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    mugabeishasha 8 years ago

    Mugabe is a strategist he has managed to dismantle MDC-T through Tendai Biti and his friends. Biti’s political future is doomed. He should start getting his law firm intact.