Zimbabwean farmer in living hell

via Farmer in living hell | The Zimbabwean. 11 June 2014

William Jacobus Smit, 79, has farmed his land for 31 years. But he says his life has become a living hell because a senior Zanu (PF) official wants his farm.

“My life has ceased to have meaning,” the beleaguered farmer told The Zimbabwean last week. “Since 2002 Zanu (PF) sympathisers, with suspected backing from their bosses, have taken from me almost all that I have. Now each day they threaten to finish me off completely,” he said.

He was he was receiving continued threats from the local Zanu (PF) MP, Kizitho Chivamba, of eviction from his farm which he has lived at since 1983.

Investigations by this newspaper show that the farm was initially gazetted for compulsory acquisition during the chaotic land “reform” exercise spearheaded by Zanu (PF) in the build-up to the 2000 elections, but was subsequently struck off the list.

This was after Smit had proved that he was a Zimbabwean. He was born in the country in 1935 after his parents moved here from Germany. A letter in possession of The Zimbabwean dated 18 March 1998 reference number L/44, and signed by the then Minister of Lands and Agriculture Kumbirai Kangai, puts it on record that the acquisition decision was withdrawn.

Part of the letter addressed to Smit in reference to the farm Garryowen Estate P.O Box 343 in Chiundura, reads: “After considering your objection dated 19 December 1997, regarding the above farm which you submitted to the Minister in terms of section 5 (1) (iii) (A) of the Land Acquisition Act (Chapter 20:10), the Minister, in terms of section 5 (7) (a) of the Act, hereby withdraws the preliminary notice (of compulsory acquisition) in respect of that farm.”

The letter was accompanied by the whole schedule of farms that had been withdrawn from acquisition around the country. The document indicates that Smit’s farm was number 490 out of a total of 1,471 properties.

In a wide ranging interview at his farm, Smit said his credentials as a Zimbabwean are not contested. He is married to a Zimbabwean woman with whom he has four children. Despite that, he said that since 2000 he has lived through hell at the hands of Zanu (PF) supporters.

36 families invaded

“In 2001 39 families, themselves Zanu (PF) supporters, illegally invaded my farm and occupied the bigger chunk leaving me with only 285 hectares from a total of 3,338h. Soon after last year’s elections, MP Chivamba has been addressing meetings in the district telling his supporters that they were now going to take all of it.

“I know about that because my wife attended the meetings. Now each day we get strange people coming and saying we should move out completely as per the MP’s wish. Five families have actually settled themselves on the farm. Where do we go?” asked Smit.

Over the years production at the farm has dwindled to almost nothing as a result of the activites of the invaders. “In 2002 186 cattle from my farm were stolen after the invaders had moved in. At that time again, 22 died of poisoning after drinking water in the streams which had been poisoned. We know about that because the Veterinary Service officials took samples and made the conclusions.

“We reported the matter to Gweru Rural Police station at that time but up to now no arrests were made. Nothing was recovered. After going through that, the MP still feels more pain should be inflicted on us,” said Smit.

Election agent

His wife Janet Ncube revealed that the current threats all started when she was spotted by Chivamba acting as an election agent for the MDC-T at St Patrick’s polling station last year.

“Since that time he has been saying we are MDC-T and so we do not deserve to be in the constituency because we supported his rival last year. I personally went to plead with him at the Zanu (PF) offices recently but he said no, we are taking the farm. We are now desperate,” she said.

Earlier this year Lands Minister Douglas Mombeshora addressed lands officers from all the districts in the province and said the time to compulsorily acquire farms has passed. He also warned politicians from Zanu (PF) against violating his position and urged those who had illegally settled people in their constituencies in order to garner votes to “go back and remove their people.”

Contacted for comment, Chivamba was inconsistent. When this reporter first called him last week, he flatly refused he was making threats to evict Smit saying that was not the policy of his party and he would do anything to ensure that no one loses their land. However, three days later he called back on two occasions with conflicting information.


“Those people (Smit family) are now confused. They now want to tarnish my name. They should have come to me first. I do not want their farm, however if the lands officers have plans to take it, I cannot stop them,” said the MP on his first telephone call to this reporter.

When asked if he had not met Smit’s wife at the Zanu (PF) office over the matter, he confirmed that he had done so before hanging up. “Yes I met her, she came. I wanted to protect them,” he said.

About 48 minutes later Chivamba called this reporter again saying he had resolved to approach the lands committee so that he could protect the Smit family from the people wishing to invade the farm.

Since then, efforts to get hold of him have been unsuccessful as he can no longer be reached on his mobile phone.



  • comment-avatar
    Parangeta 9 years ago

    Why is Smit there at all, when similar farmers, Rhodesian (Zimbabwean) since 1930-40-50-60-70-80, have been robbed.
    Did this German sup with the Malawian Devil and his Party.
    Now he is inconvenienced, well I feel no sorrow.

    Let him go (35 years late) the same way as 4500 other farmers,
    that Mugarbage stole from, the way Mzilikatzi, Ngoma, Lobengula and Rhodes did!!!!

    “To the Victor, go the Spoils”. just ask dis-Grace,
    with her and Mugarbage’s 39 farms that produce F*#ck all!

    May his old carcass rot in Hell soon!

    • comment-avatar
      white african 9 years ago

      Sorry to hear that you have such a sick mind’thats way Zimbabwe’s in such a mess .the sooner you are able to forgive the better Zimbabwe will be,don’t worry will continue to pray for you. Hoping one day you,’ll be a better person. Remember the land is Gods gift to man of all colours thank you

  • comment-avatar
    Wilbert Mukori 9 years ago

    Zanu PF has now abandoned all the pretence of reforming its indigenisa-tion policy and to observe rule of law because it knows no one will believe the party. So it is now back to business as usual invade farms, Mugabe is set to sell his indigenisation policy to SADC heads when they meet in August.

    Of course the farm invasions has victims like Farmer Smit just as the economic meltdown has its own victims, the hundreds of workers who will lose their jobs every time a company closes and the millions suffering the worsening economic crisis.

    Was this not the same Kizito Chivamba who was convicted of shooting the late Patrick Kombayi in the 1990 elections? He never spent a day in jail as he was granted presidential pardon by Mugabe!

    • comment-avatar
      Shenanigans 9 years ago

      Yes,the very same one who once worked under Executive Mayor Kombayi at Gweru City Council and only became a rabid dog after joining Zany Youth League.

  • comment-avatar
    Bambazonke 9 years ago

    Well said wilbert. I am glad someone has mensioned a bussines and not a farm, what is a farming enterprise a business !! Really Mr.Smit I feel for you and unfortunately you have been and will be taken by these thieves . Farm/business take overs is indigination and it started in the 90’s . It won’t stop till there’s a new young Government that is economically minded not greedy f####g pf a*****holes

  • comment-avatar
    Mandevu 9 years ago

    Chivamba. When the time comes you will be on the receiving end

    • comment-avatar
      Nkiwane (M'kiwa) 9 years ago

      Indeed. At least we have one more name to add to the list.

      The surprising thing is that these criminals think we are not taking note and are going to “forgive and forget” when the time comes. We aren’t – we are just biding our time like a crocodile under the water.

  • comment-avatar
    chigudo 9 years ago

    most of these white farmers have been supping with the devil anyway

    all these whites still on the farms are paying zanu pf anyway. Little do they know zanu pf will take what they want

  • comment-avatar

    But Chivamba has confirmed the current Zanupf-white engagement trend now called “protection”. Whites are getting direct “protection” from Zanupf leaders after paying protection fees under the disguise of business partnerships. Even those arrested across boarders smuggling gold get it from the Zanupf leaders. Lets us see for how long the party for these whites will last. Smit tough one for now. May be your wife did not pay enough protection fee. If she is white like you may be Chivamba wants more than the figure you proposed! That is from your wife.

  • comment-avatar
    Gomogranny 9 years ago

    They will not stop. Every business not currently owned by a ZANU cardholder is up for grabs. And once those are all taken the greedy btds will look around for those with ZANU cards that don’t have a heavy weight behind them and take what is theirs. IT’s called dog eat dog and it started with the land invasions…it only ends with the death of ZANU. So it goes on. Be prepared to lose everything but go down fighting…..

    • comment-avatar
      munzwa 9 years ago

      Robbing peter to pay paul!!! what happens when there are no more peters???

  • comment-avatar
    Our GOD reigns 9 years ago

    Chigudo, please don’t generalise, we have been winning our case in the HIGH Court……we are still winning, not because we sup with the devil, but because we are protected by an almighty God….He created heaven and earth and He will restore our land, Zimbabwe, where there is freedom of choice and everyone lives in complete peace…..A farm is a business, wait until your livelihood is taken from you through theft, let us see your reaction….We serve a GOD of justice, He does not condone blatant theft, lies,murder and deceit!

  • comment-avatar
    Daniel 9 years ago

    There is nobody on a farm today who has/is not paying some form of bribe,unless the owner is a black Zimbabwean.Thats how it works!!

  • comment-avatar

    “William Jacobus Smit, 79, has farmed his land for 31 years.”
    Crazy man, what do they mean by HIS land? Its not his. Ngaabve

  • comment-avatar
    Petal 9 years ago

    Can someone like the CFU check on his and the family’s well being as he cannot be reached on the phone??