Moyo meets Mugabe over shock attack

via Moyo meets Mugabe over shock attack. 11 June 2014

INFORMATION Minister Jonathan Moyo, who was subjected to an angry tirade throughout last weekend by President Robert Mugabe, met the veteran leader in Harare on Monday.

Government sources told that Moyo and Mugabe “ironed out their differences” during the closed door meeting, enabling the minister to attend Tuesday’s cabinet meeting.

“The meeting was held behind closed doors on Monday evening. By the end of it the two men had found each other. On Tuesday the minister attended Cabinet and it’s now business as usual,” said the Zanu PF official who asked not to be named.

Moyo’s cabinet position was left in doubt Sunday after Mugabe used the funeral of Nathan Shamuyarara to launch a scathing attack against the information minister.

Mugabe accused Moyo of working to divide Zanu PF from within and using his intellect to set party leaders against each other.

The Zanu PF leader also claimed Moyo had employed opposition activists as editors at State-run newspapers and media organisations.

“What happened is that a half baked security report landed on Mugabe’s desk and the President hit the roof,” our source said.

“The minister requested the meeting where he was going to fill the gaps in the security report, which means backing his editors and putting across a compelling case against allegations that they are traitors.”

Allies of the minister said Moyo was victim to what was, effectively, a vicious hatchet job by the Zanu PF faction backing Vice President Joice Mujuru to take over from Mugabe.

The information minister is widely associated with the rival faction rallying behind justice minister Emmerson Mnangagwa.

Mugabe won another five year term as President last year and has indicated he will serve the full term to 2018.

However, the veteran leader turned 90 this year and is reportedly battling failing health along with other challenges associated with old age.
Both Mnangagwa and Mujuru publicly demur at any suggestions they are interested in the top job but fierce turf wars continue behind the scenes, fueled by the expectation “vacant” signs will be posted at State House sooner rather than later.

Significantly, Mugabe metaphorically called Moyo a “weevil”, a charge remarkably similar to Mujuru’s claim in February that the minister’s drive against corruption in government and State-run enterprises was part of a campaign to destroy Zanu PF from within.

Delighted allies of Mujuru such as Didymus Mutasa would later demand that the party use gamatox (a local pesticide that is lethal to humans) to clean the party of the weevil infestation.

However, South Africa based political analyst, Dinizulu Macaphulana, said Mugabe may not have been speaking for Mujuru’s faction, suggesting there was another group in Zanu PF rallying behind the President’s increasingly influential wife, Grace.

“Absent in the Zimbabwean table of political debate is the observation that in actuality one of the most influential of these many parties in Zanu PF is the one led by Grace Mugabe,” Macaphulana wrote Tuesday in an article available in our opinion section.

“So much dust has been raised about the Joice Mujuru faction and the Emmerson Munangagwa faction to the total ignorance of how Grace Mugabe is grouping people around herself and her own political project to seize power in the party and the country if not to ensure that those who will protect her vast business empire succeed Mugabe and secure her golden pickings for posterity.

“The tirade that Mugabe threw up at Heroes Acre was not in defence of the Mujuru faction or an attack on any other, but it was a launch of a new offensive by one of the parties in Zanu PF, and one closest to his old ear. The prevailing fight in Zanu PF these days is who gets Mugabe’s ear!

The party within Zanu PF that is led by Grace Mugabe is peopled by business tycoons, pastors, prophets, briefcase academics and other “men of God.”

“These are people thrown into politics by the need to protect financial interests and gains that run the danger of being lost if an individual not sympathetic to Grace succeeds Mugabe.

“What they have gained silently through political patronage they publicly and loudly thank God for it and preach gospels of prosperity and wealth. This is the party of “God” that directly eats from under the table of Robert Mugabe.”




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    Roving Ambassador 9 years ago

    Mugabe is incapable of firing anyone.

    • comment-avatar
      Wilbert Mukori 9 years ago

      We are talking of a ruthless murderer here who has shed the blood of over 30 000 innocent Zimbabweans and proud of it. “I have degrees in violence,” he has often boasted. Firing a Minister whom he says is a “weevil,” a “devil incarnate” who has been “destroying the party from within”. should therefore be nothing. Well nothing if that Minister was anyone else other than Professor Jonathan Moyo!

      Professor Moyo knows a lot of dirty Mugabe has done, he should know because he was the brains behind many of them. He knows, for example, the details of how Mugabe rigged the 2013 elections. Fire or kill Moyo and the dirty details of the rigged elections will be out within hours! Moyo has the tyrant by the balls in a vice grip!

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    Chaka 9 years ago

    Why would an individual in power want to seize Grace’s businesses? Are they part of the loot? If they are then she must remember what happened to the Seseseko family when president Mobutu Seseseko died. They from stinking rich to stinking poor. Such are results of looting whether u try to form a party or bribe judges.

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    harper 9 years ago

    Talking of dirty deeds, when is Enos Nkala’s biography to be published? He has been dead quite a while.

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    What a powerful observation!The party within Zanu PF that is led by Grace Mugabe is peopled by business tycoons, pastors, prophets, briefcase academics and other “men of God.” The chicken has layed its eggs. It will do anything to protect them.

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    “The meeting was held behind closed doors on Monday evening. By the end of it the two men had found each other.”

    If you believe that then you are as moronic as these guys think the whole population is. They are and always have been on the same page. IF Robert berrated Moyo that brutally and if there was any substance to the accusations any intelligent person would expect nothing short of a “dear John, you are fired letter” on Jonso’s desk the following morning.

    How stupid can one be to lambast in public then make up behind closed doors? Who does he think he is fooling? If RGM chose the public arena to spew vitriol at Jonathan WHY OH WHY did he just go behind closed doors for the making up” Just carry on in public-we all want to know . The whole act was well staged. But for whose benefit?

    Was there something to hide? Something which only the two of them knew and laughed about in the privacy of RGM’S office? What games are these two playing? Who do they want to fool? Have the likes of Mutasa been had? There is no way Mugabe would have waited for someone to die if Moyo was really messing up with the opposition. Im sure he would have been called to the office a long time ago..maybe well before Bona’s wedding and at the height of the corruption exposures.

    Very fishy. And for RGM to use someone’s funeral and draw attention away from the departed (not that its my business) but that was very uncouth and disrespectful.

    • comment-avatar
      George Sebedebe 9 years ago

      Oh yes, RGM keeps you guessing doesn’t he? Hah, he also keeps the entire West guessing!!!!!!!!! This, stupid, is why you enermies of the man have always chased shadows when it comes to dealing with President Mugabe. President Mugabe is MASTER OF THE UNEXPECTED. Whilst fools the likes of Mutasa and yourself were celebrating the imminant sacking of Moyo, you came out empty handed as RGM has done the unexpected and left everyone guessing – from Holand to Bark Obama to the modern – day Hitler, David Cameron of Gay Britain. The truth of the matter is that we are dealing here with the world’s greatest POLITICAL GRANDMASTER OF ALL TIME. Second guess Mugabe and you are exposed for what you are – ‘a fool’

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        Grandmaster of this n that, Supreme stealthy ninja of whatever, these childish accolades are not real. What is real is that Mugabe will be remembered as just another dictator who destroyed his country for selfish reasons.

      • comment-avatar
        Nkiwane (M'kiwa) 9 years ago

        Not particularly good at basic economics though, is he?

        • comment-avatar
          Nkiwane (M'kiwa) 9 years ago

          In fact, I think he might be retarded in that discipline.

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    It’s all a play in Mugabe’s private fiefdom. I would not be surprised if he does not put up Grace for his position as he believes he is the king and kingmaker.

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    I am sure Moyo got into Bob s office crawling and then started leaking his shoes

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    In this day and age they know they cannot just arrest him and kill him. The world is gone too small for that. I would watch my back prepare my own food and rotate my cars if I was Moyo.

  • comment-avatar
    Zimbali 9 years ago

    Shouldn’t the headline read “Shark Attack” not “Shock Attack”?

  • comment-avatar
    Brian 9 years ago

    So, George just what has your RGM, your “MASTER OF THE UNEXPECTED”, achieved in Zim in furthering the good of the people? He has destroyed the food bowl of southern Africa and turned it into a corrupt, ZANU-PF fiefdom and desert. Remove RGM’s hated western aid and guess what happens next? ZANU + China! Kiss Zim Situation online goodbye. RGM becomes “Dear Leader”! etc etc.

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    maita 9 years ago

    Ko zveparufu zvinongofa zvakadaro sezvo vakafa vasina chavanoziva.

  • comment-avatar
    Straight Shooter 9 years ago

    In Zimbabwe, everything revolves around one man – a 90-yearl old Gukurahundi!!