Mutasa, Mutsvangwa fall-out sucks in Politburo

via Mutasa, Mutsvangwa fall-out sucks in Politburo | The Zimbabwean.13 June 2014

The Politburo will be forced to resolve the fall-out between Manicaland Senator Monica Mutsvangwa and party secretary for administration Didymus Mutasa.

Party spokesperson Rugare Gumbo said the matter had not been tabled yet, but ultimately the Politburo would have to resolve the issue. The two crossed swords after Mutasa signed a letter to purge her from the central committee for contesting the provincial chairperson post last year.

Mutsvangwa, who has called on President Robert Mugabe to intervene, welcomed the move saying she had faith that the party would bring a just end to her “illegitimate” dismissal from the central committee.

Mutsvangwa’s purge comes as infighting within Zanu (PF) intensifies. Mutasa has publicly declared his allegiance to the Mujuru faction and has been accused of purging party members affiliated to the rival Mnangagwa camp.

An irate Mutsvangwa vehemently dismissed the validity of a letter from Mutasa dismissing her, while Mutasa argued that she had automatically removed herself from the central committee when she contested for a junior post.

“Remember, there is an element of factionalism here. So if the matter makes its way to the Politburo, members who are affiliated to a certain camp are likely to attempt to sway decisions in a certain manner. Hence, the issue is going to suck in the Politburo as rival camps will be biased towards their own in their decision-making,” said Taona Maungwa, a political analyst.



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    Please just kill each other soon. eish!

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      Tsuro 9 years ago

      Agree, they must do it fast, we are tired of staying in diaspora…we want to come back home, but can’t as these mafias, sorry, “our liberators” still roam our streets. They of course died for us.