We need dialogue, technocrats says ex-mayor

via We need dialogue, technocrats says ex-mayor | The Zimbabwean. 19 June 2014

Former Mutare Mayor and MDC-T Manicaland treasurer Brian James believes that Zimbabwe needs a technocrat as president to break the economic collapse that is destroying the country.

In a wide ranging interview James said Zimbabwe no longer needed a political leader but a technocrat, as the country was on the economic edge. He also called urgently for all-encompassing dialogue.

“The only way for us to move forward is to have dialogue among all sectors – the business community, church leaders, civil society, trade unions, NGOs and the international community. The politicians only think of themselves. They only want to fill their pockets through corruption. Politicians need to be guided by technocrats,” he said.

A technocratic government is one in which the ministers are not career politicians but are chosen on the basis of their technical experience, knowledge and skills for the offices they hold. In some cases they may not even be members of political parties at all.

“I know that we have the technocrats necessary to take Zimbabwe out of its misery,” said James. “There is no way any country can be led by politicians only.”

He urged the MDC-T and MDC Renewal group to reconcile and go back to the party’s founding principles. He is confident that if they do this they have a good chance of successfully challenging Zanu (PF) in 2018.

“It is time to move away from traditional politics. The two parties should reconcile and value the founding principles of the party during its formative stages. There is great need to respect the democratic processes,” he said.

James said he was not aligned to the MDC-T or the Renewal Team but would support a party that would bring together all stakeholders and map the way forward in bringing in a new leader to take the country forward.

James last week resigned from the MDC-T in protest against the conduct of party members in Manicaland, with support from the National Standing Committee, that he said was contrary to the founding principles.

“It has become increasingly difficult for me to defend the party at private and public forums while witnessing violence, corruption and criminal activity – coupled with the inaction of the national leadership in making any effort to contain this activity,” he said.

“These concerns date back to my suspension as mayor of Mutare, the party’s primary elections and the distribution of party regalia and the general conduct of the election campaign in 2013,” he explained.

“I have given 10 years of my time to further the founding principles of the Movement for Democratic Change and have witnessed the sacrifices of many loyal supporters over these years – only to see their efforts being betrayed by the careless and unnecessary actions of some members,” he added.



  • comment-avatar
    Washumba 8 years ago

    Day dreamer, wishful thinker what are you smoking.

  • comment-avatar
    saundy 8 years ago

    Mr James your comments would make sense to sensible people of which there are very few around these days.

  • comment-avatar
    Justice 8 years ago

    Don’t think you can call Brian James a day-dreamer or wishful thinker, he has put his hand up for hard work to try and make a difference for the community but had his efforts destroyed by those less capable, less honest and most unfortunately, racist.

  • comment-avatar
    munzwa 8 years ago

    something to work towards..