Teach more maths and science in schools

via Teach more maths and science in schools rural areas urged – Southern Eye by Nduduzo Tshuma 4 December 2013

RURAL Libraries and Resources Development Programme (RLRDP) secretary-general Obadiah Moyo has called on rural communities to support the teaching of mathematics and science within their schools to enhance enrolment into science and technology tertiary institutions.

Speaking at a prize giving day at Sikhobokhobo Primary School in Nkayi where he was the guest of honour last Friday, Moyo said the intake of rural students at science and technology tertiary institutions was insignificant because there was no emphasis on the subjects.

He urged parents to encourage their children to study mathematics, technical and science subjects at an early age so that they gain confidence to read these subjects at secondary school level.

He said the social and economic development of rural areas lay in the advancement of relevant human resources, capable of turning the fortunes of rural economies for the benefit of their citizens.

“Rural communities are home to massive natural resources whose benefit is yet to be realised by own citizens,” Moyo said.

“The study of relevant subjects such as sciences, mathematics and appropriate technical subjects is one way of addressing the lack of human resource base in the rural areas.”

RLRDP supports Sikhobokhobo and three other primary schools Mdengelele, Somlomo and Makhwatheni as well as Mdengelele Secondary School with library services.

The four schools share a donkey-drawn mobile library service that circulates books within their cluster.

Speaking at the same event, Chief Sikhobokhobo encouraged villagers to take education seriously as it was the only weapon that could remove ignorance and advance development in his area.

He challenged parents to invest in education and ensure that school fees and other school requirements were provided for every child as a matter of right.

Sikhobokhobo Primary headmaster Gwaza Ncube said his school had 106 orphans and needy children who needed assistance from government and other well-wishers.

He paid tribute to RLRDP for introducing library services at his school as this had contributed to improvements in reading and numeracy levels among pupils.

Ncube said that the library service was also open to other community members, especially school leavers.



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    Kwekwe MP heyo kurudziro from your primary school head. Study mathematics and science or other technical subject. Mari inodawo even kaform 4 kakafoirwa kwete grade 2!!!!

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    Jenandebvu 8 years ago

    Kuzoita library inodhonzwa nema donkey makes it a mockery.

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    Aaron T. Moyana 8 years ago

    It is of serious concern that after 30+ years of independence we are shot over 1000 science and math teachers in our schools. There are a lot of people with degrees in those areas who can be trained to teach. We have had similar problems here but we worked with universities to have science and math majors to take teaching professional classes and be able to teach at the same time. Give them two to three years to teach and take classes to be qualified teachers. I can assist in this regards. I can be reached also at amoyana@uab.edu. Special sessions can be created to work with this situation. I just left Zimbabwe and am willing to assist in this regard.