The House that Zimbabweans Build

via The House that Zimbabweans Build May 27, 2014 at 9:42pm By Nkululeko Tapuwa Zvenyika

If the carrion that is ZANU PF, exemplified by its leader, continues to decompose in public without anyone taking urgent steps to quarantine the rot, the contagion will continue to spread and ossify, and will almost be impossible to eradicate. We, Zimbabweans, have for a very long time deluded ourselves into thinking that because corruption is as politically ubiquitous as national governments, we should therefore accept and sometimes ignore it as an integral part of politics. It is not.  We, the People, have continued with our naïve trust and hope that politicians will come with a solution to the problems that they, themselves, created and are benefitting from.  They won’t and can’t.

The fumes of the war and the resultant “liberation” from the Smith regime intoxicated us. The hangover manifested itself in a generation of euphoric national delusion and selective blindness. A hands-off approach to apparent poor governance infected our national psyche. Our timid response if not paralysis to what has been glaringly open to us watered the fecundity of corruption and corruption thrived.

We have always known that Mugabe and gang are extremely corrupt but we have accommodated them and in many circles even condoned the corruption. “Who would not do the same if given the chance?” was the most common rhetorical response to the scandals of the 80s and early 90s. But as incredible as the response sounds today, it betrays the general attitude that pervaded Zimbabwe then. We fooled ourselves and failed to realize that corruption starts as a very tiny seed, but quickly geminates. Like the Japanese kudzu it spreads, takes over, and kills all other life in its path, because like any other plant, it also needs sunlight. So, Obert Mpofu, Ignatius Chombo, Cuthbert Dube, Happison Muchechetere, Tazzen Mandizvidza, Phillip Chiyangwa and every and obvious unmentionables within ZANU PF’s who is who need money to survive and outshine each other. Resultantly, they manufacture avenues of power and open corridors of political and social influence to corruptly feed their insatiable greed.  Thus, from the post office to the birth and death registry, and from the town halls and city halls to ministers and cabinet members the beast must be fed. Unfortunately, We, the People quietly witness the feeding frenzy with continued timid response. Meanwhile the plunder continues.

The fact that the tip of the iceberg was exposed, courtesy of Cuthbert Dube, will not in any way stop the wheels of corruption from spinning.  The exposure was a mockery. A dare to test us, assess and see what we can do. They found scapegoats and blamed everything and everyone other than the real culprits. Jonathan Moyo and his leader started the ball rolling. Now SILENCE about the corruption that they “unearthed” dominates the political air waves. In fact they will continue to feed with gusto, because they know they are untouchable and not a single Zimbabwean will bring them to account. But it is We, the People, who give them that mindset and the power and the opportunity to do as they please and run the country as their family business.  We even celebrate our dear leader’s academic exploits.

Outside, the very old man, Moyo and Chombo are good examples of how We ought not allow the wool of academic charade pulled over us. Academic pursuit must be encouraged, but should never be used to blind us. Corruption is powerful. Both these “accomplished academics” were ordinary lecturers- perhaps on reflection CIO plants- but the two University of Zimbabwe emeriti manage to perfect the definition of hypocrisy, and prostituted themselves to the demands of political tyranny for personal glory, never mind the dictates and expectations of their former professional life, and yet we still listen to them and allow Chombo to dictate to our corrupt local governments to run the rural, town and city councils as he pleases. It’s on us whether we like to think it as such or not.

Legitimately one may ask, “Who among us is capable and responsible for taking the suggested ‘urgent steps to quarantine the [ZANU PF] rot?’”. The answer is very simple. It is We the People. We are all responsible and very capable of taking those urgent steps.  Let us reflect a little and see how and why.

After 34 years in power, we are now all or we should all be aware, of how ZANU PF can unashamedly take credit for good weather. But of great significance is how they have hijacked and appropriated all the credit for “liberating us from the British.” To begin with they did not liberate us from the British, but the war of liberation was fought against Ian Smith. Most importantly, in the history of the world, no guerilla warfare has ever been won or can be won, without the support and/or participation of the masses, and no dictatorship can survive if people refuse to be used. ZANU PF knows that. That is why for the past 34 years it has firmly planted its fortunes on the pedestal of misinformation, propaganda, intimidation, division and disinvests us of our potential. Fortunately, we are no longer politically or intellectually bankrupt. Three decades of poor governance, corrupt practices, brutality and policies devoid of any positive returns is enough.

Listen to the deafening silence coming from the recently exposed Cuthbert, Mandiwanzira and other scandals. Nothing is going to change unless We, the People, reclaim our power back.

Our power lies in the critical need and willingness to unite and refuse to be used by these vultures. Refuse to do their dirty work. Without collaboration from some of us, Mugabe and his cronies or any politician for that matter, can never be powerful enough to abuse us, to lie to us, to enrich himself/herself at our expense and to take us as his/her subjects. All of us must refuse to be used, refuse to violate the rights of our fellow citizens and respect self by taking the golden rule, “do unto others that you wish to be done unto you”, seriously and see how easy it is to take the necessary steps to rid ourselves of this rot.

It’s not wishful thinking. It’s the only avenue to liberty, prosperity and justice for all. WE CAN DO IT. WE SHOULD DO IT. AND WE WILL DO IT, only the time is now.



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    John Thomas 8 years ago

    Good sentiments. Refusal to co-operate is key.

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    Zimbabweans do not have the guts for this! Too many think Mugabe and the rest are clever how they steal. Zimbabweans are lazy in Zimbabwe, they run away and work hard but at home they sit and cry and still vote for the great Mapara!

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    elliot 8 years ago

    Sometimes you wonder how Zimbos liberated themselves from Ian Smith when we are so timid. If we think that SADAC the OAU or the UN will come and solve our problems then we need to rethink. We need to pull off the wool over our eyes and say no to oppression by black on black, no to corruption etc etc. wake up Zimbabweans

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    Jono Austin 8 years ago

    zanu view Zimbabwe as their private company. The taxes are their profit apart from what they can steal. Zimbabwe ‘belongs’ to Mugabe and his Ministers. They view themselves as Chiefs from 1800’s and prior-like Lobengula. The citizens are their subjects to be used and abused as they wish.

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    zanupf fear me 8 years ago

    As long as diasporans remit money to lazy cowardly relatives begging for fired zanupf is safe with this lifeline godsend forex

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    Tjingababili 8 years ago


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    tafadzwazim 8 years ago

    No truer words said! Who is going to gather this timid flock and lead them to topple the king in this game? Morgan? Not likely.

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    mandevu 8 years ago

    Excellent article. This is exactly what we need. Civil society at large needs to stand up and say “NO MORE”. We want our freedom and our rights back

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    Parangeta 8 years ago

    Remember Ghandi, People?

    (A great article but lacking in remedies).

    Peaceful Revolution is the answer –

    Opposition refuse to sit in Parliament,
    People withhold all deposits from the Banks,
    Workers refuse to go to work and strike,
    Kombie operators refuse to drive passengers.
    People help one another get through the ’emergency’,
    We, the People, act as a Groups, as a Family
    and create a ‘Central Fund’ to help those affected.

    Have the Diaspora send remittances to this Central Fund, to topple ZANU-PF.

    All, but Emergency Service, workers lay down their pitch
    The Diaspora stop all remittances,
    Importers, large and small, stop all trade,
    Peaceful marches on State House and Parliament.

    Silent vigils and sit-ins throughout Zimbabwe,
    this will spread the ‘Law Inforcers’ too thin.
    Appeals to the UN for Peace-keeping forces,
    Appeals to the International Community for intervention….

    That will do it, and yes, there will be loss of life, there
    will be hardship, there will be reprisals, but what else will stop this insanity!

    “Cry, Cry my Beloved Country”, who will lead this Revolt?

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      Roving Ambassador 8 years ago

      Parangeta with you 100%.
      Let’s get away from anything ZANU. Do not give them audience, wean your selves off the Mafia. They are all attention seekers, do not give it to them. Help your parents and you neighborhood during these difficult times, on conditions they do not do anything ZANU. Take all you money out of banks and pillow it.
      If I had my way I would encourage all to go back to the villages. Leave these thieves with no room to steal from you. Give these idiots Garage and Bulawayo without water and electricity. Do not bother contributing to the pension and medical societies because they are all being looted by these Zanoids. My mother was pensioned off and she is getting nothing,I am paying for her upkeep . And I know we all in the same boat.
      Let’s get rid of this cancer called ZANU.
      ZANU must go with it MDC surrogates.

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