The responsibility lies in our hands – Vince Musewe

via The responsibility lies in our hands | The Zimbabwean by Vince Musewe 12.03.14

Zimbabwe is a young democracy that still has to go through growing pains as it finds its rightful place in Africa. Those who are going to determine its path are the current generation – who have found themselves imprisoned by their liberators.

Nothing last forever and Zimbabwe, like any society, will grow and change for the better once it comes out of this phase of history. We must therefore never give up on the ideals of freedom and our right to live to our full potential in our lifetime. We must conquer our fears.Besides the apathy and hopelessness I have seen, I know that among us are a few good men and women who have grasped the challenge and the necessity for us to go on a totally new trajectory in our politics and how we relate to the new global reality.

I am convinced that, despite the seeming lack of tangible and visible progress, the minds of those that will lead us out of this quagmire are working on a new vision and a totally new political, economic and social reality – which must be accelerated.

Wrong people

I for one definitely know that our current leadership is not good enough and will really never grasp our vision for a new Zimbabwe. Somehow our potential has been lost or delayed simply because we have expected too much from the wrong people.

I contend here that very few of our leaders have been able to capture the fundamental need to transform our country into a modern state. This has been demonstrated by their priorities and the political discourse that we have seen. Leadership should never be an entitlement of past conquests, but rather a privilege based on who you are and your commitment to something larger that the title and anticipated benefits therefrom.

The leadership we require in the future can never be limited to a man or a woman who believes in control and personal power. Rather, we shall need a diverse team to grasp the challenges and opportunities we face. We shall need deep thinkers who understand the interrelationships of complex social systems and are there to facilitate their unconstrained growth. We shall need openness of mind and the ability to recognise that the talents and skills needed to manage a modern state in the power of our diversity.

We shall need value-driven and purpose-driven leadership that acknowledges that the continuous transfer and sharing of new knowledge must be central to our future agenda. The politics of slogans or the struggle must die their natural death as we shape a new narrative for Zimbabwe. That narrative must come from us and must be enriched by the experiences and opinions of the millions of Zimbabweans who have left the country. It must be informed and based on well researched and argued possibilities and not on rhetoric and populism.

Our responsibility is to force this new narrative into reality. It is now a war of ideas and new knowledge. A war that requires that we are all empowered first through information and then through each and every one of us taking the necessary action to make that narrative a reality. We cannot leave the responsibility for our future in the hands of the West or the East. We cannot afford to leave it in the hands of Zanu (PF) or MDC.

Millions of jobs

Last week I touched on how we can revive agriculture by doing nothing but accepting that land owners need title in order to develop land assets. This applies to all farmers. Our simple task is to put the value back into our land and an agricultural revolution will happen. This must be underpinned by better land administration and planning on all rural properties.

Our second task must be to rehabilitate both urban and rural infrastructure to improve not only commerce but the quality of life of all. This will create millions of jobs. Our third priority is to expedite the development of our society by embracing new technologies and investing heavily in education, health, new skills and access to new information for the majority of our population. The information age must assist us to restore the years that Zanu (PF) has stolen from us.

You see there is nothing stopping us except ourselves. We must totally rehabilitate our institutional capacity to manage and to deliver on projects. Corruption must be stopped in its tracks because all it does is to postpone our development.

We certainly have what it takes and this should be our attitude as a nation. We are not victims of the past but champions of a new future. If all this is to come to pass, it means we must ensure that in 2018 we have a platform that includes talented, competent, principled and passionate Zimbabweans in leadership positions to take the country forward. –Vince Musewe is an economist and author based in Harare. You may contact him on


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    Vince how on earth can you call this a democracy?

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      More like an old military dictatorship. There is not ounce of democracy when Nikuv is used to tamper with a voters roll and the democratic fronts are so stupid that they don’t bother inspecting that rigged voters roll and their leader is so stupid thst he thinks he can win a rigged election.


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    Vince, freehold title is essential in creating food security. But you are missing other key ingredients. You need real farmers who know what they are doing in practical terms. You also need what I term economic units that an average efficient farmer can sustainably farm year in, year out. What zanu have done is allocate small holder uneconomic units which are unsustainable. The deliberate ploy here is to make the population dependent on the state (handouts of seed & fert and food) for their survival. A very useful too come voting time

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    Gandanga 8 years ago

    Election 2015!!! Surely 2018 is too far.

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    The Truth. 8 years ago

    “…………If all this is to come to pass, it means we must ensure that in 2018 we have a platform that includes talented, competent, principled and passionate Zimbabweans in leadership positions to take the country forward.”


    Vince, I agree in toto. The new leadership you are talking about that we all seek will only come about if we start with the man in the mirror; we look into our selves first and be honest and hard-nosed about our past and admit the mistakes we made in the past; seek to change and open a new leaf.

    We should stop burying issues under the carpet simply because they are very uncomfortable for us to confront; simply because they make us feel guilty of the role we played in the past in propping up the gukurahundi monster that is ZANU PF and Robert Mugabe.

    We should not ignore the past because it is the past which will show us where we went wrong; from which we then learn in order to correct the mistakes of the past in our efforts to seek a better and brighter future for our nation. Zimbabwe will not get good leadership as long as the majority of the electorate, mainly the Shona electorate continue vote on narrow tribal and regional considerations. Merit should be the only criteria.

    There are many people who continue to side with gukurahundi Mugabe because they feel he has to be rewarded for fighting for the independence of the country.

    There are many people who continue to side with Morgan Tsvangirayi, and turn a blind eye to his poor leadership qualities, and dictatorship simply because they feel he is the only one with the grass-roots support to remove Robert Mugabe and he has to be rewarded for his suffering in his efforts to remove Mugabe. That there are removing Mugabe and replacing him with an individual who is equally power-hungry and has similar dictatorial tendencies as Mugabe is totally irrelevant to his supporters.

    Without changing and upgrading our value systems, talking of good leadership is an exercise in futility. Lets start with ourselves (the party supporters, the voters, the electorate); the man in the mirror!!

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      Parangeta 8 years ago

      Truth – (the party supporters, the voters, the electorate); – is where you went horribly wrong, these do not exist!

      Also comment is too loooong!

      One thing Mugarbage will never enjoy, is the re-emergence of Our Beloved Country, to it’s former “Breadbasket and Jewel of Africa”, around 2025.

      The decomposing memory of a tyrant, thief and despot will never enjoy the ‘Real Great Zimbabwe’, he doesn’t deserve to!

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    Our new but really very ancient leadership rigged their way back into power. And we are letting them get away with it again! They have all become dead weights to Zimbabwe. I really enjoy Vince’s articles and his vision: we just need to find a way to put them all into practice and the only way I know of is with God’s help. But first we have to come to where God wants us and repent!

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    masvukupete 8 years ago

    And they said the economy during the GNU was under-performing due to the presence of the MDC in government. They said once they remove the MDC it will be huchi ne mukaka. Its a big shame that there are still people who believe in Zanu (of course the Muchecheteres and Cashberts will always believe)

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    When Vince is on a simple trajectory it never speaks about mass unhysteria, starvation and no employment.Lets just listen to Sudan, CAR, Nigeria and even a couple of people, who may be gay in Uganda, let alone the free gays in South africa, who may be happy, yet watching the knowing corruption.African countries need to progress in this universe.

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    Nyoni 8 years ago

    Great comment Vince . The crux of the matter lies with the corrupt Zanu. They must vacate premises when the time comes. Hopefully this transition will be peaceful.

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      Nyoni, the time is past, They must do the decent thing and get out en masse. where are all those wild promises-lies actually- they gave whilst electioneering. What a bunch of dumbos us Zimbo’s are

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      Parangeta 8 years ago

      ZANU-PF vacate Office! – that will never happen, peacefully. There will be a Military ‘Coup de dis-Grace’.

      Mnangagwa, Mujuru, Gone, Mpofu, Kasakwere and all that m’Garbage will not and cannot give up their opulent lifestyles,skulduggery and plunder! Never poeacefully, the CIO and JOC will make sure of that.

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    Jono Austin 8 years ago

    I’m afraid that even if Zanupf ends up in the dustbin the following lot will be as corrupt though probably not as murderous, racist or thuggish. The whole national psyche has been poisoned by 34 years of corruption and misgovernance. Until the ‘leaders’ realise that they are servants of the people and talk about ‘when we are elected to serve’ rather than ‘when we are elected to power’ and sincerely follow on that mindset, nothing will change. I guarantee that the next Government elected, if not Zanupf, will ensure they enjoy the trappings of ‘power’-that is if there is anything left to trap.

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    Johno 8 years ago

    Vince, I enjoy your articles. Your analyses, as always, are right on the mark. However, there is one glaringly missing thing in your articles- the critical “WHAT ACTION ORDINARY ZIMBABEEANS MUST TAKE”.

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      Yep! because none of us know what to do. We are all full of good ideas. Let the church repent and God will bring the whole house of cards down!

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    Gondo ARISHAYI 8 years ago

    As long as the Zimbabwe nation lives in fear and does not think in the minds of change for the better. “ZANU PF OUT” the nation is doomed. God helps those that help themselves and we can not rely on god alone to help the nation. Each person needs to make a point. 14 million voices of fearless people can not go un-heard.

    Zimbabwe stand for your right

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    former farmer ( White ) 8 years ago

    Vince, restore the land rights and the rest will follow. Zimbabwe must start by admitting the land issue was political and for the partisan few. Those that have benefited are a fraction of those displaced. My farm provided an income for 64 families, today it has 10 families scratching a living.

    Farming is not a life style but a business and business is what Zimbabwe needs to generate the employment, incomes, expenditure and taxes. The world needs to see peace prevail, rights respected, racial and ethnic abuse disappear and a customer base before they will invest in big factories, buy our goods, etc. You, as an economist, know that.

    I do notice your articles have good idea’s but skirt around the real issues which need to be resolved first. We really need to get back to basics and start by admitting the mistakes, rectify them and then move forward at a pace that will take Africa by storm and put us back to where we were pre 1980, the second biggest economy in Africa, The envy of Africa.

    I support your view that it is todays generation who will make the difference and suggest VINCE FOR PRESIDENT.

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      Yep! Not a bad idea. There is definitely a place in Zimbabwe for Vince!

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        @Jono Austin “I’m afraid that even if Zanupf ends up in the dustbin the following lot will be as corrupt though probably not as murderous, racist or thuggish. The whole national psyche has been poisoned by 34 years of corruption and misgovernance” I will hasten to say that your fellow Zimbabweans might just surprise you. They are just as tired of this situation as you and I are. With all due respect to you (and I do respect your opinions) that attitude would be similar with the time one of the crucified criminals was saying to Jesus “If you are who you say you are rescue yourself and us from this” Might not sound similar but as a believer I believe our prayers will be answered. You have to believe that we will succeed. If you still think when these guys leave we will have the same situation then you play into the hands of criminals. This is because you help to discourage those that fight for our emancipation. You have to believe.

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      Chief Chipadzi (White) 8 years ago

      Our white – farm, in the family from ‘virgin land’ in 1904 to huge production until 2001, was 8 miles north of Bindura, employed 350 adults. The extended families numbered over 500!

      A picture of land husbandry, fiscal management, fairness, environmental sensibility and racial calm, it was a ‘breadbasket’ contributor.

      Land reform was overdue, I agree, yet it could have been structured on a ‘partnership – training – equity sharing model’, instead of rape, pillage, murder and racial hatred.

      Mugarbage created reverse racism, ethic cleansing, fear and extremism. His strengths!

      Fortunately, we will be rid of his decomposing carcass soon!

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    Nkiwane (M'kiwa) 8 years ago

    What we want to happen and what WILL happen are different things.

    Mugabe will be in power until he dies. ZANU will probably rule for another 20 – 30 years. All the mechanisms are in place for a very, VERY long stay in power. Nothing short of armed intervention will dislodge them, and that will not happen, because let’s face it, most people in the free world don’t even know where Zimbabwe is! And those who do couldn’t care less! Those of you in the diaspora all know this!!!!

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    Canuck 8 years ago

    “former farmer” (white) has it DEAD RIGHT !!!!!
    But, of course, any attempt to make moves in these directions would be classed as “western colonisation” “attempt to take over our country” etc etc……
    No security of land, no security of other assets, grabbing of business under the ridiculous Indig. Laws, all go to completely discoursge the investment that Zim MUST get from the ROW since they do not have the internal capital to get things moving….
    Yes, Vince should get into politics, and I have told him this before, directly, but I am afraid that as usual, this thread contains a lot of talk but bugger all ACTION !!!!!!!……
    Vince, if you know there are people planning to get change moving then you’d better get them off their arses, and quickly, cos the country is completely dead in the water right now and a complete collapse looms, as Eddie Cross intimated yesterday

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    @Nkiwane (M’kiwa) I don’t believe that brother. Look at Tunisia. Something is about to break. The signs are there to see. It will get so bad that those that rule will want to let go as is apparent with George Charamba. Some will flee. Some will try to justify their actions. Some will disappear into the woodwork. That 20 to 30 years will not happen. Why some of us are speaking on this website is because we try to maintain unity amongst each other. I have been on this site long enough to see people exchange views and respect each other. This Monsters reign is near to an end.

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      Nkiwane (M'kiwa) 8 years ago

      @Doc. I hope you are right and I am wrong! I hope, I hope…

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    Parangeta 8 years ago

    Imagine anyone fighting injustice and helping liberate a people, only then to turn his injustices on those very same people!

    There are no words to strong enough to denigrate this person’s wasted life. He is surrounded by a same-minded cadre. He whose name I prefer not to mention, is disgusting.