Toddler and mother endure two nights in detention

via Toddler and mother endure two nights in detention | The Zimbabwean by ZLHR 01.10.13

Zimbabwean police have arrested a woman and her toddler in connection with the alleged bombing of some Zanu PF sub-offices in Harare’s high density suburb of Highfield.

Spiwe Pambayi aged 32, together with her one year-old baby, Clifford Mbewe, endured two nights in police custody, first at Machipisa Police Station and later on at the notorious Harare Central Police Station, after she was arrested on Saturday 28 September 2013.

Police alleged that an informant purportedly overheard the 32 year-old Pambayi, who is self-employed as a vendor, boasting that “fire-fire operation yatakaita nezuro yakabudirira,” which the police translated to mean “the fire-fire operation that we conducted yesterday (Friday night) was a success”.

Pambayi, who denied the allegation when police detectives recorded a warned a cautioned statement from her in the company of her lawyer Charles Kwaramba of Mbidzo, Muchadehama and Makoni Legal Practitioners was released on Monday 30 September 2013 after the detectives indicated that they would carry out further investigations.

According to media reports, the Zanu PF offices were allegedly petrol-bombed during an attack which reduced the offices together with an adjacent supermarket, Grocery World Supermarket to ashes.



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    Ko kana aireva imwewo operation yaanga aita…a person is only arrested if there is tangible evidence, if not a person is brought in for question and not being detained for 2 days…I don’t understand these maggots that call themselves the police…I can barely imagine the ordeal that this woman faced, worse is that she is just one of those many people who are mis treated by the police and the police go away with such injustice. Yet someone was sayong let’s vote for a new constitution, someone is busy sanctions are hurting us, someone is saying our problems are because of the MDC, are the police these sanctions, are they the MDC, is this what our fathers fought for so that another black can torment another black woman and her kid…and you see grown women toy toying for this party that ill treats in broad daylight, police causing accidents in the city center, a party that celebrates violence…you tell me that these people care for us…when they have hurt us for the past 33 years…we want better lives please…

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    Haruna 9 years ago

    The Zimbabwean police are maggots indeed. You have nailed it.

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    gorongoza 9 years ago

    thats the problem with a police force which double plays as party security agents!

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      Chitova weGona 9 years ago

      Zanu police! Asi mukadzi we dyed hair Charamba haapo mazuvano?

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    masvukupete 9 years ago

    What a shame. And people like prof Muzvina find this to be in order and keep fighting to keeping this kind of system in place. Munhu anosungwa from hearsay and detained for 2 days yet people have witnessed murders taking place and not a single person is questioned.