Tomana speaks on Masimirembwa

via Tomana speaks on Masimirembwa | The Financial Gazette by Clemence Manyukwe 26 Sep 2013

THE Attorney General (AG) Johannes Tomana has said his office is treating the US$6 million diamond scandal seriously and is waiting for law enforcement agents to conclude their work before due process can take its course, depending on the findings.

The AG’s reaction comes at a time when the Law Society of Zimbabwe (LSZ) has said former Zimbabwe Mining Development Corporation (ZMDC) chairperson, Goodwills Masimirembwa was never rehabilitated following his de-registration after squandering clients’ money.

Masimirembwa was fingered last week by President Robert Mugabe as having received a US$6 million bribe from a Ghanaian investor, but the former ZMDC chairperson has since said he is innocent.

President Mugabe said former mines and mining development minister Obert Mpofu, who now heads the Transport Ministry and Tomana, met the Ghanaian investor in the United States where Masimirembwa failed to give a convincing answer.

Mpofu declined to comment when contacted this week, referring all questions to Mines Minister Walter Chidhakwa who could not be reached immediately.

In an interview this week, Tomana said he could not give details on the matter as it was before the police adding that he conducts his job in a non-partisan manner.

“We are taking the matter seriously and we are waiting for other stakeholders to do their work,” he said.

He warned those sensationalising the matter in their reportage or seeking to influence the outcome saying they would be committing an offence.

This is not the first time that Masimirembwa, a lawyer by profession, has found himself in trouble over other people’s funds as he was previously deregistered by the LSZ on grounds that he had swindled clients.

On Monday, LSZ president Lloyd Mhishi told The Financial Gazette that Masimirembwa’s previous bid to be re-admitted into the practice hit a snag as the society was of the view that he had not been rehabilitated.

“Upon receipt of his request for re-admission, the council of the LSZ directed the executive secretary to seek the views of the profession as is standard procedure. It is important to note that objections were then received even from members of the public,” said Mhishi.

“A number of objections were made and on various grounds. Eventually, when the council of the LSZ sat to determine the issue, council felt that Mr Masimirembwa had not demonstrated sufficiently that he had been rehabilitated.”

Mhishi said the LSZ filed court papers opposing the Mabvuku/Tafara ZANU-PF losing candidate’s re-admission into practice.

Despite the LSZ’s position, government went on to appoint Masimirembwa to positions of influence at the National Incomes and Pricing Commission, the Minerals Marketing Corporation of Zimbabwe and ZMDC

This week, the LSZ said their position was that Masimirembwa was appointed to these  public bodies after the appointing authority took into account considerations within their discretion.

It said what the LSZ considers for re-admission and what that appointing authority takes into account were different issues.

Masimirembwa has denied any wrongdoing.

“I deny the allegations and I have stated that I am innocent. There have been many allegations, false allegations. Let the police do their work without being impeded by what I say,” said Masimirembwa



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    Charles Chamunorwa 9 years ago

    Guys remember zanu pf officials are above the law. You see, the police had to wait for Mugabe to investigate this guy and even though, the wheels of justice are in slow motion. In the end, there will be nothing and he will be rewarded with another high profile position. It depends on how loud is your slogan comrades.

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    Not this time, once you’re fingered by Mugabe you’re gone. Sorry Masi, your days are numbered. Get prepared now! Take my heed seriously guys.

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    What about the bigger fish, the now filthy rich who can hardly walk. the real looters come on.Lets hear and see those too who have vandalised the national parks………

    • comment-avatar
      gorongoza 9 years ago

      show us one guy who was fingured by Mugabe and went behind bars? The big chef/s is/are also involved. what can only happen is that when Masimi is about to let all the cats out of the bags, he will be involved in an accident (Chininga way) because def Chiadzwa has many big fish with very very dirty hands!

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    Deny Deny Deny!! If you tell them you will not go down in flames alone you will have an accident on a dark night

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    Torai hupfumi 9 years ago

    1) Why was given that job by whoever appoints
    2) Why was he geregistered, for the same nyaya yemari.
    3) Kana mutemo uchinge wamurega he should not get close to money
    4) Why is he not speaking now achiri kunze coz he will be missing this oppotunity to talk to press.
    5) He is saying he can explain kuti zvakafamba sei, who was involved.
    6) Ghana,Zimbabwean partiners and ZMDC boss. Apa tiri kuona Ghana and Masimirebwa where are others.

    Horaiti saka munhu one anogona kuita facilitate the meeting and all transcation ari oga muorganistion yakaita seiyi. Ndizvo here izvi. Chokwadi haasi ega inguva chete plus iye igwara kana achitya nganyore apehamadzake coz kana aenda kudzoka kunonetsa hamayangu,.

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    joseph 9 years ago

    Masi is not wrong. If you put a lion in your cattle kraal, the lion will feast. You can’t then turn around and blame the lion-its nature. Board members don’t apply they are appointed. So whoever appointed him is to blame…….PERIOD.

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    haa zvakaoma. pane nyama zvapo apa and in as much we want more details, we will all be dissapointed nekuti masi achangofa asina kutaura anything. Those who loot will continue to do so kusvika vafawo.

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    Bob stepdown 9 years ago

    kurindisa gudo munda wenyimo ?Rikadya haro tingati rakashata here.I think Robert must keep his 89 year old mouth shut.He groomed these looters,he’s corrupt too but today he want us to think he does not condone corruption.His zpf is corrupt to the core.

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    How do police investigate him while their company is just as involved in all this? What a joke. Mr Pres pls kindly see this to the end. After all they swindled your brother in-law, at least in that way I have some hope this will proceed.