Tourism ministry orders $50 million vehicles from India – WHY?

via Tourism ministry orders $50 million vehicles from India | The Source   April 3, 2014

Tourism minister, Walter Mzembi

The tourism ministry has ordered 670 vehicles worth around $50 million from Ashok Leyland of India to be delivered in the 2014/15 financial year, the company said in an announcement to the Bombay Stock Exchange (BSE).

Ashok Leyland Ltd has informed BSE that the Company has bagged a contract from the Ministry of Tourism and Hospitality Industry, Government of Zimbabwe for supply of 670 vehicles valued at approximately $50 million,” said the company in the announcement.

Leyland manufactures buses, trucks, light vehicles and defence vehicles.

Tourism minister Walter Mzembi declined to comment.

It could not be established what the vehicles were for, or how the ministry would pay for them and if the ministry had gone to tender.

The ministry was allocated $6, 1 million in the 2014 national budget with the 2015 projected at $6,4 million.

Its capex for 2014 was set at $340,000 and $410,000 in 2015.



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    John Thomas 9 years ago

    How much is the minister getting in his pocket for this deal? Don’t be shy Mzembi you can tell us.

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    Roving Ambassador 9 years ago

    If I was doing a good job as a minister, I would be rushing in to comment on each and every thing I do. The public has a right to know.
    ZANU never ceases to amaze me, buses ,for what,or is it cover for defence ministry?

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    Sinister. And I thought walter was half decent!

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    Gomogranny 9 years ago

    I rest my case….ZTA and the Ministry of Tourism = one and the same = PARASITES. Ditch the lot of them.