Tsvangirai faces eviction

via Tsvangirai faces eviction – DailyNews Live by Gift Phiri  3 OCTOBER 2013

A visit by a team from the Public Works ministry to Zimbabwean opposition leader Morgan Tsvangirai’s Highlands mansion (pictured) last week  has set in motion the protocol for his departure from the official residence after losing the July 31 poll.

Despite earlier statements by George Charamba, President Robert Mugabe’s spokesperson, that “no one will evict him from the house; there was an agreement that he could purchase the property and the agreement still stands,” official sources say hawks in Zanu PF are pushing an order directing that Tsvangirai vacates the   official residence.

The team touring the No. 49 Kew Drive mansion made it clear that if Tsvangirai failed to vacate the house, government would take action and could also enlist the help of the police in taking possession of the house.

Just before the end of the inclusive government, Tsvangirai and Mugabe negotiated a safe passage during one of their regular Monday tea meetings at State House and that both entered a gentleman’s agreement that whoever lost elections would be treated with respect.

Both Mugabe and Tsvangirai agreed on an assurance that the loser would be given enough time to vacate the official residence or buy the property in Tsvangirai’s case.

But there is apparently an attempt to go back on the agreement to give Tsvangirai the right of first refusal to buy the property.

The move to evict Tsvangirai also comes as the Criminal Investigation Department (CID) has opened a fraud docket against him and his close relative, Hebson Makuvise, Zimbabwe’s former ambassador to Germany, who are alleged to have received two payments from Treasury and the Reserve Bank in 2009 to purchase the house.

To add salt to injury, all officers, special assistants and advisers to the former prime minister, including those seconded to Charter House from other government departments, are facing dismissal from government ostensibly because of fears that they will “contaminate” the civil service.

“Reference is made to the ongoing restructuring and re-organisation in the civil service,” said a September 27, 2013 Civil Service Commission letter to one of the directors in the ex-PM’s office.

“Accordingly, the commission intends to retire you from the civil service in terms of Section 18(4)(e)(ii) of the Public Service Regulations, 2000.”

Tsvangirai’s five years in power are disastrously drawing to a close. His security details have been withdrawn and reinstated, and aides have witnessed their leader’s painful departure from his Charter House office.

Just before the July 31 blowout, Tsvangirai, a gritty former prime minister, was brimming with confidence.

Now he faces the spectre of losing the mansion that the Public Works ministry is reportedly valuing at over $4 million – a top line ripple for Tsvangirai – a move that could force him to return to his modest Strathaven home.

Tsvangirai and his wife Elizabeth moved into the Highlands pad in April last year ahead of their wedding.

The mansion was renovated by government after the former trade unionist failed to move into Zimbabwe House – Mugabe’s former residence when he served as PM soon after independence in 1980 until 1987.

The father of six, who shared executive powers with Mugabe during the subsistence of the GNU, has a right as a sitting tenant to buy the house and has indicated his intention to do so, raising questions on the push by the “hard-line faction” to evict him.

Tsvangirai’s Highlands house was valued at $790 000 before improvement and officials say its value is nowhere near the $4.5 million being peddled by the Public Works ministry.

Luke Tamborinyoka, Tsvangirai’s spokesperson, said the ongoing attempts to evict Tsvangirai were part of a “decimation and humiliation campaign despite the role he has played for the country.”

“His work as prime minister responsible for the government work programme which gave respite to the people of Zimbabwe are there for all to see,” Tamborinyoka said.

“His package cannot be decided by junior officers who seem determined to humiliate him. It can only be decided after a meeting between the former prime minister and the president.

“Surely, if there was a dignified exit for (racist supremacist Rhodesian leader Ian) Smith and Abel Muzorewa (the first black prime minister of the short-lived nation known as Zimbabwe-Rhodesia), why try to do it differently for Morgan Tsvangirai?

“Its a barbaric plot to humiliate him,” Tamborinyoka said.

“He remains concerned about the proper package not only for himself, but for the whole country. Zimbabweans demand the package of a legitimate election.”

Tambrinyoka said for Tsvangirai, “it has never been about material benefits for himself but for the whole country.”

Mugabe has ruled Zimbabwe with an iron fist since independence from Britain in 1980 but faced the biggest test of his rule of three-plus decades from Tsvangirai, the veteran trade unionist and founder of the opposition Movement for Democratic Change (MDC), who alleges fraud in the July vote.

Observers say Tsvangirai’s insistence that Mugabe stole the vote has angered a Zanu PF faction, which is hell-bent on ensuring that he is tossed out with nothing.



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    Guvnor 11 years ago

    One can not expect much from a stubborn and ungrateful lot.

  • comment-avatar
    Dairayi Slogan 11 years ago

    Baboons steal maize, it will be a shock if they behave otherwise.Vanhu veZANU havana chimiro kana nyadzi vanenge vana vamayi vamwechete.

  • comment-avatar
    Bunguse Tauyawo 11 years ago

    I may feel sorry for the man but he should have planned for this eventuality. To mourn for him “for his work as prime minister of government” is hardly appropriate. There are others who lost much more during the actual struggle whose survival is a pain to think let alone talk about. Let us be focussed on more serious issues please. From Highlands to Strathaven is hardly humiliation: there are worse cases ladies and gentlemen.

  • comment-avatar
    Bruce 11 years ago

    Since there was never respect the rule of law, former His Right Honour Tsvangirai, should not expect a different face this time since in their eyes he was a sheep amongst the hyenas of Zanu Pf. Insteady of worrying about a dinified exist, he must ensure he lives the mansion alife. Zanu Pf never forgives, they wanted him dead in 2000 and there after, they still do. He should try to eat the humble pie, get back to his offices strategies how to win next elections in peace and comfort of his house other wise the Zanu PF will drag the house battle and the fraud cases to waste his time energy and money so that come election he has not done much just like what they did in the past. They murder his wife, then start throwing ladies and various issue to draw his attention while Zanu Pf was busy rigging the election, place plugs in the electral system the ensure winning by hook and crook. So be ware.

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    todii zvazvo 11 years ago

    nhai tsvangson chingobuda ka mumba macho usati wanyadziswa. at least that will teach to be more clever next time. makarara nezamu mumukanwa president.
    Lets wait to fight another day, dont give them space to humiliate you further be proactive and abandon anything to do with zanu including your wife! kkkkkkkkkkk

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    Nkalakatha!!!! 11 years ago

    Gukurahundis at their best!!!!

    Yaah, some of you thought such treatment would end with Dr Joshua Nkomo – these are gukurahundis we are talking about.

    Get the test of your own medicine.

    You sang and danced in praise of gukurahundi Mugabe when he treated us like shiit – there you have it, ENJOY!!!!

    • comment-avatar
      Chitova weGona 11 years ago

      You are a tribalist! Let me assure u Nkalaidiot,u wl die a victim of your mentality. Move on with yo life bcoz no amount of howling wl change history.Its a pity u r the only moron in the region of Matebeleland who hates Tsvangirai. He was nowhere near the massacres that took place.He is fighting for street idiots like u to be respected as citizens of Zimbabwe Shonas and Ndebeles alike.Grow up and stop spewing yo tribal bile .

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    Sibangilizwe Lethube 11 years ago

    Next time it will be mugabe and his thugs from zanu pf who will be leaving all the mansions going to serve their sentences for committed crimes.If zanu pf does it this way its good for us at MDC because there wont be any forgiveness for those who have committed the crimes when we get into power.Tsvangirai has not done anything wrong after all he wants to buy the property not to steal like the thugs from zanu pf.

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    LoudSilence BlindingDarkness DzimbaDzemabgwe 11 years ago

    My dear leader Tsvangira. The Democratic Revolution is not worn yet neither is it over. You have become too comfortable and risk becoming a liabilty now. Chingobvai Save muimba iyo vavengi vanyare.

    Nkalakatha, uMgabe wathi that was a ‘period of madness’ refering to the gukukurahundi era. Im sure it is the closest to an apology and acknowledgement that the old man has ever done. Its not all Shona people that are tribalist neither is it all Ndebeles and Matebeleland people that are still angry and bitter as you are. we must all try and move on as a nation.

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    mshishi 10 years ago

    I wonder why People still believe and trust mugabe.why is tswangirai so comfortable in mugabe. Please wake up or dir