Tsvangirai reveals Mugabe’s fears

via Tsvangirai reveals Mugabe’s fears – DailyNews Live by Fungi Kwaramba  28 NOVEMBER 2013

Opposition leader Morgan Tsvangirai says President Robert Mugabe confided in him that he wanted to retire but fears his party would disintegrate.

Tsvangirai, who shared power with Mugabe for almost five years in a fractious coalition government, told mourners during the burial of his chief of security Benson Muchineuta that the succession dilemma was one of the major reasons why Mugabe was sticking to his job.

“Shamwari yangu inoti netseyi. Ndakaibvunza mumwe musi ndikati muchasiira ani chigaro? Zvikanzi ndogosiira ani, ivo varume vaunoona? Uchazviona kuparty kwako, maroverano avanoita ndikapamumwe. Zvino ndingaite munhu anomedza musangano? (My friend is in trouble, I once asked him (Mugabe) whom he was going to anoint as successor and he said there will be ugly fights if he ever appoints a successor.

He said I would witness the same crisis in my party. He does not want to destroy the party when he leaves office),” Tsvangirai said.

Tsvangirai was responding to his organising secretary Nelson Chamisa who had asked why some people reached an advanced age in power.

Chamisa said sometimes God keeps such leaders in power to demonstrate the folly of their ways.

At the funeral of his security chief, Tsvangirai, who has been the butt of Zanu PF jokes because of his lack of a university education, said he was “a far much better leader than those who boast of numerous degrees.”

Over the past few months since the elections, Tsvangirai and Mugabe have been witnessing public fights erupt in their own backyards as their close lieutenants look beyond them.

While Tsvangirai appears to have survived the latest threat to his throne, Mugabe, who is not facing any apparent challenger, is witnessing his party disintegrate into ugly fights as rival camps seek to influence the outcome of provincial elections due this weekend.

Didymus Mutasa, the Zanu PF secretary for administration, said the succession issue was never closed.

“It was never closed and President never said he does not want the issue to be discussed. How (Tsvangirai) does he speak to the president on Zanu PF matters?” Mutasa said.

Provincial chairpersons hold the keys in Zanu PF ahead of a crucial congress next year.

And there have been behind-the-scenes-battles to ensure that loyalists are elected as provincial chairpersons by rival camps.

Both vice President Joice Mujuru and Justice minister Emmerson Mnangagwa have denied harbouring ambitions to succeed Mugabe, while Media, Information and Broadcasting Services minister Jonathan Moyo has dismissed any link between the provincial elections and the succession issue.

Just before the July 31 elections which Tsvangirai lost, the opposition leader told thousands of his supporters that there was a faction of hardliners in Zanu PF hell-bent on preventing a rule by either him or vice president Mujuru.

On Saturday last week, Mujuru, widely regarded as a moderate, emerged from the party’s extraordinary politburo meeting the biggest winner after the party’s highest decision making body outside congress endorsed the controversial polls in Mashonaland Central, Midlands and Manicaland that saw her cronies romp to victory.

The other faction had been pushing for a rerun of polls and also a postponement to next year of elections in the remaining seven provinces.

Zanu PF is plunging into elections in the seven remaining provinces with no voters’ roll availed, raising fears that the elections could be as disorderly as the first three polls.

Several provincial chairpersons told the State media yesterday that they are going to the vital polls without the voters’ roll, raising alarm that the polls could be rigged.

Last week, Mugabe and his politburo resolved that polls in the remaining seven provinces would be held this Saturday.

The ruling party claimed that it had ironed out sticking points and would ensure smooth elections.



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    Zimbabwe must be locked and throw the keys in the ocean

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    Ephrain Gumbo 8 years ago

    Tsvangirai cannot stand on any high moral ground and criticize anyone because he just is not a leader that anyone in their right mind would trust or respect. Abandoning the values and principles upon which our liberation struggle was founded would be fatal. What is so urgently needed are fresh faces and new leaders within our party, individuals who are genuine and committed to the welfare and welbeing of the masses. Only then will we realize our true potential as a nation, a nation loaded with so much talent and people who are desperate for opportunities.

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      Delford Magaya 8 years ago

      I am shocked to see and hear that, after 33 years of independence they are people who are still talking about the libaration. Your reasoning capacity is very law. Would you talk of leberation these days. Shame on you.

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    Melisa 8 years ago

    Zanu PF is a shame, with nothing to offer the people. Regai vaurayane so that people may have a rest.

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    thembani 8 years ago

    Tsvangison if you have nothing to say do not open that failed mouth.talk of mugabe’s successor when you are not willing to let go of your own position.You like Mugabe have overstayed your welcome in Zimbabwean politics.Tsvangirai go to hell.

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    Is this breaking news?????????????????????????????????????

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    not worth breaking news at all. rubbish. mashaya zvekutaura manje.

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    easily fooled 8 years ago

    Yes, it is breaking news, some of us now respect President Mugabe because Mr Tsvangirai answered one of the most important question. I believe, being honest as he always is, this is based on a true discussion with HE. When we see HE cutting short his trip to put off fires in his backyard, then it gives proof to what the MDC President said. Because leaders do come from God, we ll pray that God gives us suitable leadership at an appropriate time. Leaders who are more wiser than President Mugabe. Leaders with the zeal to change the economy’s misfortunes like Mr. Tsvangirai

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    Bruce 8 years ago

    Some articles appear to repeat welknown facts and saying them over and over but under different headings does not really excite readers. Rather make some articles short and brief bringing only the new information. Since there is facility of retrieving past documents if one missed something related to the current matter, reader can refer back. To a person who follow each article its borin. Almost everyone knows about the GNU and the elections and that Mugabe fears disintergration of his party. This was spoke long time ago. However people try to read it again thinking its new disclosure. News is what we do not know thus why its new(s)

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    Gandavaroi Machichiri 8 years ago

    Ephraim are you saying Mugabe has a moral standing to criticize anyone? If you think he has- research.

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    wasu wemanyika 8 years ago

    Guys we do not eat debates neither do we get jobs via what is happening in Zanu pf nor MDC T .We need solution like now .People are starving as we speak .Whats the way forward ? Are we waiting for 2018 ? Come on guys .

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    Boss MyAss 8 years ago

    In 2012, Transparency International ranked Zimbabwe the 13th most corrupt country in the world, a slip from its 2008 rank as 24th. According to the group, “When corruption leads to contaminated drinking water and destroyed ecosystems, the detrimental consequences are often irreversible.”