Tsvangirai should have just gone to Tokwe-Mukosi

via Tsvangirai should have just gone to Tokwe-Mukosi | SW Radio Africa  by Nomalanga Moyo on Tuesday, April 8, 2014

MDC-T leader Morgan Tsvangirai’s belated efforts to visit the Tokwe-Mukosi flood victims show how strategically exposed he is, a political analyst has said.

On Friday Tsvangirai’s spin doctor Luke Tamborinyoka said the ex-Prime Minister had wanted to travel to Chingwizi, where the displaced villagers are camped, to donate clothing and foodstuffs.

However Provincial Affairs Minister Kudakwashe Bhasikiti reportedly foiled Tsvangirai’s trip, and told him to leave his gifts at government offices in Masvingo.

Tsvangirai subsequently abandoned the trip, which would have come three months after floods at the Tokwe-Mukosi river basin left thousands of families homeless.

Prominent political analyst Rejoice Ngwenya said the MDC-T leader should have been one of the first people to visit the flood victims and this would have given Tsvangirai a chance to expose the government’s slow response to the disaster.

Ngwenya said while it is to be expected that ZANU PF will seek to gain political mileage, even from disasters, Tsvangirai also failed to rise to the occasion when he had the opportunity.

The outspoken political analyst said Tsvangirai should not have treated his alleged refusal to visit Chingwizi camp as the be-all and end-all of assisting the needy.

“Tsvangirai knows that in Tsholotsho in Mat South, where his party won, there are other flood victims who are also in need. Why not go there if barred in Masvingo?”

Ngwenya said if the trips are about political mileage, either way Tsvangirai’s profile would have benefited from a confrontation with ZANU PF.

“From the start both Tsvangirai and his team failed to play any role as the disaster unfolded and this again shows how strategically exposed the man is as a leader,” he added.

Some critics questioned Tsvangirai’s wisdom in seeking permission from a ZANU PF functionary in the first place.

UK-based Ndaba Nhuku said by seeking a nod from Bhasikiti, Tsvangirai had  deferred and subordinated himself to ZANU PF.

“Suffering MDC-T supporters at Chingwizi will be wondering why their leader hasn’t visited in three months and for them to hear him say he is waiting for Bhasikiti’s permission will not be very reassuring,” Nhuku said.

Commenting on the ZimEye website, Suitable Kajau asked why an aspiring national leader would only acknowledge the existence of a national calamity three months down the line.

“He realizes criticality of issues too late. This militates against his efficiency and effectiveness in dealing with matters,” Kajau.

Political analyst Ngwenya however said it is important for well-wishers to keep donating to the disaster victims because “help is help even if it is delayed.”

But from a moral perspective, visiting the victims now might also mean that he is trying to gain political capital out of it. This puts him exactly in the same category of hypocrisy as ZANU PF,” Ngwenya added.

Bonfirst Dzikira said the MDC-T leader placed himself in an awkward position by seeking Bhasikiti’s permission.

“He should have gone there directly with a couple of journalists and made the donations,” Dzikiti wrote in response to the NewsDay story.

MDC-T spokesman Douglas Mwonzora told this station last week that there is no legal requirement for Tsvangirai to inform the State of his plans but that they had done so out of courtesy.

On Monday, Bhasikiti refuted the MDC-T’s version of events and “dared”  Tsvangirai to deliver his gift to Chingwizi on Tuesday.

The MDC-T however turned down the offer, and said they are in no rush to tour the camp, and will go when they are ready, the NewsDay reported Tuesday.

Harare-based reporter Simon Muchemwa said any national leader would want to speak through actions rather than statements, and urged Tsvangirai to stop being a “cry baby”.

“He should be telling us that he was blocked upon arrival in Masvingo instead of issuing a statement from an office in Harare. So far he hasn’t made any real effort to visit the affected area.

“In any case as Mwonzora said, he did not need to seek clearance and by doing it anyway it’s as if he wanted the government to bar him.

“This was a shortsighted decision and a blunder. If ZANU PF had followed him and barred him when he was already in Masvingo, he would have earned his stripes as a leader and if it is political mileage they want, that would have got it,” Muchemwa added.



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    Roving Ambassador 10 years ago

    Is this the leadership we want?

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    Sonofngwazi 10 years ago


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    Jenandebvu 10 years ago

    Rejoicing in the foolishness therein! How dare yoou can’t reason! He would be dead by now. He is under microscopic eye of Zanu Pf

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    Waal it easy easy to blame Tsvangson that he should have just gone…did the write of this article contribute something towards the plight of these people? It is easy for human beings to critices were we have not given our own positive contribution. This is a case of seeing the speck in Tsvangson’s eye when you have a logs in your own eyes.

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      Lack of higher level education is Tsvangirai’s Achilles heal. Its all good to be courageous and stand up to a violent leader like Mugabe but that alone is not adequate to oust Mugabe who also employs very cleaver and calculated ways. In stead of attending rallies in Harare to save himself from Mangoma’s challenge, he should have been seen mixing with the people affected by the floods even if he didn’t have any goods to help them with. For him to ask for permission to visit these areas in Zimbabwe is a joke. This may sound sarcastic but with his level of reasoning and wisdom or the lack of it,Tsvangirai may never be allowed to lead Zimbabwe even if he were to win an election. There are too many people in influential positions who wont allow a fool to lead a country with such a high literacy rate, without any credible higher educational exposure.

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    Mazita ari pano andinakidza…

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    Ruramai 10 years ago

    Time and time again Tsvangirai demonstrates he is not cut out to lead. The man is a cry baby and it is unimpressive to only now be waking up to a disaster that happened over 3 months ago.

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    Murimi Wanhasi 10 years ago

    I guess he was too busy trying to fight the fire in his own house.
    Does this man not have “deep thinkers’ as advisors,where were they,unless ofcourse,they thought to do a bhora musango.Elton hasnt done any better either.
    So….The MDC circus continues

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      Ruramai 10 years ago

      Murimi, Tsvangirai was indeed fighting fires within his party. Whilst he has been a disappointment in this regard, what has the man who swore an oath to look after the welfare of Zimbabweans been doing ever since the tragedy struck more than 3 months ago? He was of course busy celebrating a 90th birthday which cost over $1 million and 90 head of cattle were slaughtered. He said he felt like a 9 year old. To date he has not uttered a word about Chigwizi and all we have heard is him sulking about Europe denying Grace a visa.

      But of course there was the issue of Bona’s lavish wedding. So, nothing else matters to our nonagenarian president.

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    Reader 10 years ago

    I went and so did a lot of my friends, we did not seek permission from anyone, we went through compassion and our meagre donations were accepted by the people there, with gratitude and good blessings.

    Maybe TM decided Protocol was the order of the day, rubbish, if you see someone injured you dont ask for permission from the police before you help, you just try to save lives.

    TM should have been running there the minute things started going wrong, so should Mugarbage but then perhaps they dont really want to soil there hands on us lowly people.

    Painful to watch everyone sitting back destroying themselves, the people and Zimbabwe, soon we will all die, then Europe will once again invade Africa and start all over again.

    Our loss due to greed, lies and thieving B*******ds

    No compassion nothing just Me, Me, Me.

    Oh God give us a leader so we can enjoy whats left of our lives and our country.

    the legacy will live forever of these reckless people, but think of the legacy that will come of a compassionate leader that includes all people in his deliberations and better still will live amongst us not in glass houses.

    Look at ZUMA he is going the same way, Mr. Showerman, stealing R246million for his house, when he loses the election this year will the new President take it over, I doubt it. More theft in AFRICA, I am the chief. Make you think of Mzilikazi, Tsaka Zulu.

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      yep! As I have said before; the truth hurts. but the truth also sets free. may someone with a bit of conviction in ZPF see the truth.

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    Qiniso 10 years ago

    Not sure whether you sanctioned my comment reporter Nomalanga, but I will post again…

    Dudes like baTamborinyoka na baMwonzora should take a leaf out of Rejoice’s script. Her analysis in this piece if brilliant.