Tsvangirai warns Zimbabwe on verge of collapse

via Tsvangirai warns Zim on verge of collapse – DailyNews Live by Godfrey Mtimba  14 APRIL 2014

Opposition leader Morgan Tsvangirai says Zimbabwe’s economy has deteriorated to such catastrophic levels that it is just a matter of time before President Robert Mugabe comes “running” to him for assistance.

Addressing a large gathering of villagers at the weekend who attended a memorial service for the late father of recent MDC returnee, Job Sikhala, a highly-charged Tsvangirai declared that he was the solution to the country’s crisis and that Mugabe would soon have no choice but to beg him for help.

“Mugabe knows very much that I am the solution to the crisis. I will not go to him to beg him to resolve the problems the country is facing. The country is now on its knees and Mugabe knows that he needs me to deal with this. He needs the MDC and Zanu PF is aware of that,” he said.

Tsvangirai said Zanu PF had fooled itself and the country when the party celebrated a “dubiously-won election” through its bhora mugedhi slogan as the country’s coffers were now “completely” dry.

“They were busy celebrating bhora mugedhi but there is now no dollar mubhegi (people have no money). People are struggling to survive because the economy is deteriorating. We need to solve this and Zanu PF cannot do that without me,” he added.

The MDC leader allayed fears among his supporters in the rural areas that his party was disintegrating following its recent leadership disharmony, which recently resulted in the summary expulsion of deputy treasurer-general Elton Mangoma, national executive member, Last Maengahama, as well as youth assembly secretary-general Promise Mkwananzi.

He described his party’s “cockpit” problems as “minor challenges” compared to the crises that were being faced by rivals Zanu PF.

“Our party might face some challenges but they are just minor and cannot be compared to what our rivals are facing. Zanu PF is far worse than us as we speak now and we will get out of this and bring change to the country,” Tsvangirai declared.

Tsvangirai also called on all MDC founders to “come back into the fold” to complete the change agenda that they had set when they formed the party in 1999.

“I am happy today we celebrate the life of the man who brought a vibrant young man to this earth to fight dictatorship and replace it with democracy. We had our differences with him but today we are here with Job Sikhala to complete what we started together in 1999, that is, to bring positive change to the suffering people of this country,” he said.

Economic analysts have observed that the country’s economy went into a steep nose-dive soon after Zanu PF’s disputed electoral victory last year.

To this end, the Zimbabwe Stock Exchange lost a whopping $1 billion in value just a mere week after the July 31 elections, with no end in sight to the grim bear market.

The analysts attribute this precipitous market decline to Zanu PF’s populist policies such as those on indigenisation, which they say should be either revised or scrapped altogether to bring back investor confidence in the country.

Hundreds of companies have closed shop since the beginning of this year alone, with thousands of desperate workers losing their means to a livelihood in the process.

This has led to current unemployment rates hovering above 80 percent, and worsening, after the government gazette recently announced the de-registration of 176 companies, while another 634 might be de de-registered in the next three months.

As a result of all this dire economic prognosis, a significant number of workers have gone for long periods without pay, while civil servants are up in arms with government over delayed pay increases.

Concomitant with all these difficulties, the delivery of essential social services is also almost on its knees as both national and local government fail to provide basic necessities like water, healthcare services and a functional education system.



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    Tozvirevakupiko 8 years ago

    ..and thats the problem with Tsvangirai – he thinks he is bigger than Zimbabwe!!!

  • comment-avatar
    hamatakatambura 8 years ago

    There we go again! The idiot is on the loose once more. Tsvangirai is seriously not right in the head.

    • comment-avatar

      Idiots are the ones busy insulting Tsvangirai ignoring the fact that:
      a ) Zimbabwe’s problems were started by Zanu long before the MDC was formed
      b) Only maputi and firewood were available at OK and the price of bread war rising while people were queuing and only when Biti and Tsvangirai brought in the dollar things went back to normal.
      Now the supermarkets are full and people’s stomachs are full and they forget.
      I say Tsvangirai let the whole thing collapse and the ungrateful peasants starve. When they start eating their babies from hunger then maybe they’ll start to think!

  • comment-avatar

    The only way to save our country is to rid it of ZANU.

    These people are evil and one does not make deals with the devil.
    The GNU experience should have, on its own, been enough to educate the MDC, never mind the ill judged participation in last year’s flowed elections.

    For the country’s sake Mr Tsvangson, please don’t give these maggots another opportunity to regroup.
    Lets drive them out with the help of our crumbling economy.

  • comment-avatar
    Jono Austin 8 years ago

    Zimbabwe will NEVER operate effectively with zanu in charge. They have destroyed it and have NOTHING to build on. Their whole ideology is bankrupt and lost in the past.

  • comment-avatar
    Mixed Race 8 years ago

    This man makes me laugh at his power of reasoning.He thinks ZANU-PF needs him for what after he bailed them out from their misery when they had no USA $,now that they all have huge personal bank accounts somewhere abroad-Why should they need him?
    Maybe MT lacks basic understanding on how the economy works,he really believes that the little recovery we saw during the GNU was due to him but he forgets that the economically positioned countries had total support for him which he stupidly abused and distanced himself from these countries,therefore it won’t be easy for them to trust him again.
    It is not true that the economy needs him to improve.The economy requires rule of law and improved indigenous policy which respects foreign companies,once this is done foreign investment would pour in with or without MT.When a leader starts personalizing issues then he has turned into a dictator.

    • comment-avatar
      reader 8 years ago

      So true Mixedrace, so true.
      No one man/person is greater than the other.

      Perhaps MT means that PF need the support of the MDC supporters to get the country back on track.
      Not just 1 man, even God needed Jesus and the deciples to carry the message.

  • comment-avatar
    Tjingababili 8 years ago


  • comment-avatar
    Mlimo 8 years ago

    The reality is that Zimbabwe needs a totally new management from top to bottom and no MDC or zanupf . Sadly only an African spring can produce that with real leaders not bankrupt ideas.

  • comment-avatar
    thembani 8 years ago

    It seems to me that Tsvangirai thrives on people’s suffering.The harder life gets for Zimbabwe the better for him.He is going to wait on the side lines, while we suffer.He has all the time in the world. He dreams of our suffering increasing, no matter how long.Good luck Tsvangirai our suffering will turn into anger which will flush you out as an irresponsible traitor.Someone is going to rise and rid Zimbabawe of you and Mugabe MDC is now a societal burden.

  • comment-avatar
    Littledorrit 8 years ago

    Time for Bennett, Kay and Cross to form a party – common sense and integrity – do, nor just say

  • comment-avatar
    KIBBS 8 years ago

    Don’t kid yourself mugabe and zpf couldn’t give a sh..t and will not engage MDC. zpf knows The West will feed the populace when it gets really tough. zpf will continue to pillage via backhanders for mining deals, Diamond revenue diversions etc. etc. Our day will come but it will be a while yet and it will be the people that bring about the change via mass action. May well not involve MDC at all. Unless MDC has smelt The Roses?

  • comment-avatar
    Jenandebvu 8 years ago

    Anaa mixed race ndivo vasingafungi. Vakafanana eZPF yacho. Dai vaifunga vakato aproacher MT kare manje pride. Ndaona vazoumburuka naya economy one day. As for MT, yes, its time to fire home. Tell them nezvisingazombofa zvakaitwa even naBarak Obama chaiye.

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    Now you know why MDC is a joke, why they lost the last election, why they have not got a clue on how to deal with ZPF. Tsvangirai has lost the plot. Zimbabwe desperately needs a strong opposition and leadership. The Mdc in it’s current form with it’s current leadership have failed and offer no solutions.

  • comment-avatar

    Well MDC. Show us what you are made of. We are waiting!

  • comment-avatar
    主席 8 years ago

    Zimbabwe will never collapse! It is only going through transitional post Independence hardships.Sooner or later, things will turn around despite who wins or loses elections.

    • comment-avatar
      DubboZimbo 8 years ago

      Transitional ……. for over 30 years, LOL how long will it take?

  • comment-avatar
    Mike Nyathi 8 years ago

    Ah, this is just Tsvangirai singing for his supper again. The fool legitimised ZANU in 2009 and then began eating. Now he wants his sadza again. He cares nothing for a new zimbabwe. He’s just crying for wine, women and song.

  • comment-avatar
    Africanson 8 years ago

    MDC helped ZANU to screw our lovely country. All zanu people are now rich and the general population is very very poor. Morgan is actually celebrating our people’s suffering. He actually wish us bad living. As for zanu, they forgot obout us long long back. I wonder if we will ever enjoy our country as long as zanu and mdc exist.

  • comment-avatar
    Mixed Raced 8 years ago

    If I got you right @Jenandebvu.Why waste my vital time approaching your failure MT when we tried to put sense in their thick skulls before they committed themselves into an election whereby all bright people knew they would lose?The signs were there and clear because none of the GNU agreements were implemented but your thick and misguided gang led by MT took a chance to be humiliated heavily, now they want to use people like you to help them come back.We say no to these inexperienced and misguided leaders. If I got you wrongly due to my limited understanding of Shona come back to me in English or Ndebele so that I can have a proper debate with you.

  • comment-avatar
    munzwa 8 years ago

    Do you really think MT could bring any legitimacy to this Govt?, It worked last time because there were people of integrity in his party but now he wants to purge the MDC party of all this integrity!! Me thinks he wants to get back onto the gravy train and he has bobs blessing….

  • comment-avatar

    The way I see it Mixed Raced, everybody participated in the elections, ’08 and ’13.
    Nobody abstained.
    By the way, the ’08 election would definitely have been won had certain parties not decided to break away at a crucial time in the campaign to turf ZANU out. History.
    All parties took posts in the GNU.
    Given, there were voices of dissent in many camps.

    What does that mean?
    That folly is not peculiar to Tsvangson alone.

    Much as I have reservations about the man’s capabilities, he leads the only movement that’s got a chance of taking the fight to ZANU at the moment.
    Breakaway factions will only serve to weaken that fight and prolong the suffering of our people under these inept morons.

  • comment-avatar
    Mixed Race 8 years ago

    @Ngoto Zimbwa-I agree with you on many aspects of your comments however the other parties were really not the main players to change the outcome of a well organised election if all the safeguards were implemented before the election.Who was supposed to ensure that all the agreed conditions were met before that election? The main parties that is the ruling party and the strongest opposition party which had the majority in parliament but they failed to use their clear mandate from the people to protect the same people who gave them that mandate.Whom should we then blame for the clear failure of duty?

  • comment-avatar

    Point taken.

    ZANU should not be given another chance to escape.
    Our leaders should not fail us again by going into any form of pact, or participating in any unsupervised elections.

    Whether the present brand has the gumption, remains to be seen.