Tsvangirai wins MDC battle

via Tsvangirai wins MDC battle – DailyNews Live by Fungi Kwaramba  21 NOVEMBER 2013

Opposition leader Morgan Tsvangirai, who has been shrugging off calls by his top lieutenants to step down, is receiving overwhelming support from the rank-and-file of the MDC during his ongoing meet-the-people meetings.

With an escalating push for leadership renewal  under way, the  opposition leader had found himself in a tough spot. Still licking his wounds from the July 31 presidential loss, the MDC leader has quickly got off the mat to prove his credibility not only to a weary electorate but also to his own fractious members.

In the wake of the presidential blowout, the MDC leader is doing everything he can to reassure the millions of citizens who cast their ballots for the opposition challenger of the MDC’s prospects in the next elections.

Tsvangirai has embarked on a nationwide tour of theMDC’s structures as he seeks to reinvigorate the party.

Amid reports  top officials including treasurer-general Roy Bennett and former organising secretary Elias Mudzuri were leading rival factions reportedly seeking to replace the veteran trade unionist, Tsvangirai is winning endorsement from virtually all organs of the party. Secretary General Tendai Biti’s name has also been thrown into the fray.

So far, the Women’s Assembly, the Youth Assembly, diaspora branches and at least three provinces out of 12 MDC provinces have solidly backed Tsvangirai, rejecting calls for his ouster.

While officials such as Mudzuri have publicly stated their intention to challenge Tsvangirai in the next party congress to be held in 2016, the MDC party is coalescing around the 61-year-old leader like never before.

Bennett on the other hand says Tsvangirai should go and has won backing from former Marondera legislator Ian Kay. But Mashonaland East province has roundly condemned Kay, dismissing him from the party in a display of loyalty to Tsvangirai.

Luke Tamborinyoka, Tsvangirai’s spokesperson, described the atmosphere characterising the meetings as “electric”.

On Tuesday night, Tsvangirai visited Harare South, Epworth and Hatfield and yesterday he visited Mabvuku and Harare East.

Tsvangirai is on a mission to consolidate his support base  ahead of the party’s congress.

“The atmosphere is electric and people are happy to speak to him directly,” Tamborinyoka said.

“Imagine people in the grassroots no longer speak to him through the provinces because he is meeting them directly. In all the meetings we have had so far, from Chivi, in Masvingo to Harare, there is consensus that the past elections were stolen.

“Everywhere we have been, people say they are behind MDC and will stand behind the leadership of Tsvangirai.”

The Daily News is reliably informed that Tsvangirai supporters are demanding an extraordinary congress in order to deal with the succession issue and “show the rebels their place.”

“Supporters want the blood of Bennet and Mudzuri; they want to deal with these people who have been publicly challenging Tsvangirai,” said a party insider. “In some meetings the likes of Biti have been protected by the president as some supporters demanded explanations from them.”

At one meeting in Chitungwiza, an MDC stalwart Felix Chihoro, a former Zengeza East chairperson, told Tsvangirai that they were solidly behind him.

“President we are much behind you,” he said.

“We are united behind you and we are not going to let you down.”

Structures are telling Tsvangirai that candidates were imposed from the national executive hence the party’s poor showing in elections. There is also a sense that the vote was stolen.

On Monday at a meeting in Warren Park, angry party supporters bayed for Mudzuri’s blood.

He was protected by Tsvangirai who told them that a person has a democratic right to express his views.

“All in all, the president is going to visit 210 districts where he will have a no holds barred meeting with the people. This is a listening tour where people’s voices will count,” Tamborinyoka said.



  • comment-avatar
    Dzenyika 8 years ago

    Should have done that BEFORE the election.

  • comment-avatar
    Diego Zhaba 8 years ago

    The seemingly rift developing in MDC is a blessing in disguise, the unit for purpose is much more than before.

  • comment-avatar
    Takaota Joni 8 years ago

    I bet you one million dollars Tsvangirai will be meeting the people seeking forgiveness again after losing the 2018 elections. We in Zanu Pf are very happy to see Tsvangirai’s ‘featus-leadership” of the MDC continue, that way we will continue to win elections. What is surprising though is the defening silence of the private media on the matter. I remember the chorusses of Mugabe must go which filled columns and columns of privately owned newspapers. When it comes to Tsvangirai, not even one inch or a drop-mention of it!!!! Tsvangirai has no clue whatsoever, on how to go about winning elections in the country. Even with massive hand-handling by imperialists, Tsvangirai sucks, period!!

    • comment-avatar
      nesbert majoni 8 years ago

      Be reminded that you never won the elections sir but you rigged. People see Tsvangirayi as the only hope to save them from this circus in our country. We have suffered enough and ZANU pf don’t even care. We are behind Save and with him we are in the rite track to get back our country.

    • comment-avatar
      Mzwazwakankoviyo 8 years ago

      You seem to forget that President Tsvangirai beat Mugabe in 2008. Short memory seems to be a problem. So what do you mean when you say he doesn’t know how to win elections? Since you are a Zanu supporter that he doesn’t win elections should not bother you.

  • comment-avatar
    Hwese 8 years ago

    Save is the way to go. You in Zanu think that you are the alpha and omega. Let me remind you stupid people your time is coming. Look at our economy, you dont even have a clue on what to do. Shame on you you re a disgrace to our beutiful country.

  • comment-avatar

    ok,you have rigged the Takaota Joni,may you kindly call nikuv to rig the economy and save people from poverty,cash shortage,look your guyz waste a lot of money on foreign trips to go and sleep in unneccessary meeting (ref thurday zimbabwesituation.com)comeon man dont just support for the sack of it, tell your leaders stop wasting tax payers money

  • comment-avatar
    Rocks tone 8 years ago

    Im wondering how best can Tsvangirai claim victory of electorates ,because elections in Zimbabwe is unlike 1,it’s not like large gatherings on the rallies ,it’s about watchfulness ,alertness ,diligence and intricate intelligence ,I would keep on asking why did they preached about roadmap as a way of getting into free and fair elections and after election they expressed the outcome as a farce ,not free and fair?

  • comment-avatar
    Chitova weGona 8 years ago

    Save munhu wevanhu. Mugabe needs round the clock care now. Ask Grace. Tinemi Save kusvika Canaan! Dzi!

  • comment-avatar
    Sibangilizwe Lethube 8 years ago

    Guys what you have to understand is that if you replace TSVANGIRAI , The whole support in Matebeleland will be lost.Anyone who doesn’t support Tsvangirai as a leader of MDC T I don’t waste time to label them as power hungry elements who were planted by zanu pf or those misguided elements who don’t have ZIMBABWE at heart but their pockets at heart.
    I warn these elements that they should leave MDC T and rejoin their zanu pf party or form their own parties or else they risk being isolated from the ZIM population, they wont be popular again.

  • comment-avatar
    Rocks tone 8 years ago

    So mr Morgan must tell us how best can they tackle rigging and the act of partisanship by police and army

  • comment-avatar
    Shady 8 years ago

    Tsvangirayi haana dhiri ma Zimbos

  • comment-avatar

    Tsvangirayi muzhanje weZanu

  • comment-avatar

    It is not about winning the battle wirhin the party,but organising the supporters in winning the country.

    This is a blnd support similar to that of Mugabe.

    Let us forget vote rigging ,let us plan new strategies

  • comment-avatar
    Chikomba 8 years ago

    Tsvangirai all the way, like it or not.

  • comment-avatar
    mokone 8 years ago

    This the sign of the demise of MDC

    Instead of concentrating on changing of political escarpment in Zim,Morgan and Welshman has chosen to fight for leadership in their respective parties.

  • comment-avatar
    ziso repasi 8 years ago

    Takaota Joni dikasanga newe ndokumamisa MaZANU-PF are dead log like your Devil father Robert who is surviving because of RED Sea water (Satanist Evil guy)