Tsvangirai’s MDC-T creates dossier on Zimbabwe poll rigging

via Tsvangirai’s MDC-T creates dossier on Zimbabwe poll rigging October 27, 2013 The Standard

Morgan Tsvangirai’s MDC-T has produced a new “dossier”, which the party says finally provides concrete evidence on how the July 31 elections were allegedly rigged by Zanu PF.

But Zanu PF immediately dismissed the dossier as full of lies, saying the opposition MDC-T should come to terms with its massive defeat to the ruling party in a “free and fair election”.

The MDC-T said it now had details of how the manipulation of the elections was planned and executed, after obtaining the details from confidential links who were involved in the alleged “rigging mission.”

Tsvangirai’s spokesperson, Luke Tamborinyoka said the 54- page document entitled The Zimbabwe 2013 Election: Rigging Report will soon be presented to other African leaders for their consideration.

“We will pursue diplomatic channels and furnish African leaders and regional organisations, such as the African Union with the report on how Zanu PF stole the elections,” he said.

It makes a sensational claim that a total of US$100 million was used to manipulate the elections through a “monolith” system and structure, comprising largely secretive and shadow organisations, as well as individuals.

The document alleges that local organisations, individuals, and structures within the state’s security sector were at the epicentre of the “rigging machinery,” with vast technical expertise and support provided by foreign individuals and groups.

It says the Zimbabwe Electoral Commission (ZEC) led by Justice Rita Makarau was reduced to a bystander in the electoral “fiasco”, playing a rubber stamping role as a secret structure of military and intelligence officials directed and controlled everything.

“The official structure, was virtually rendered useless and forced to follow behind the planted agents,” the report reads.

It claims three ZEC commissioners who provided information in confidence stated that the electoral body totally ceded authority and control of the election planning and conduct to other players.

“In addition to virtually being barred from playing its role of monitoring and controlling the voter registration exercise, ZEC’s official structure was also kept in the dark about the process of preparing the voter’s roll, which was being done secretly,” the document says.

“The ZEC official structure cannot up to now account for the number of ballot papers that were printed, how they were distributed and used. The commissioners were merely given figures to issue out but without being allowed to observe, monitor or even take stock of this vital aspect of an election.”

The MDC-T “dossier” claims that President Robert Mugabe met and hosted Israel’s Nikuv Projects chief executive officer, Emmanuel Antebion on June 20 2012, and on July 30 this year for briefings and payments arrangements for the secret services that the company was carrying out.

It alleges a High Command, comprising nine senior government ministers (names withheld) was delegated to supervise the mission to manipulate the electoral process and undertook secret missions to Israel, China, Angola, Central Africa Republic and the DRC for the purpose of obtaining advice and funding.

The document claimed that below the High Command was the management and implementing committee, which was controlled and led by the military and intelligence officials.

“The military and intelligence structure was charged with ensuring close and tight monitoring, as well as supervision of all individuals and organisations variously involved in the rigging mission and keep them within the confines of the plans, objectives and targets,” it reads.

“It is through the involvement of military and intelligence at the very top levels that it was effectively ensured that virtually all the electoral management organisations being infiltrated and brought under the control and influence of the secret structure and machinery.”

The report alleges that the hard copy version of the voters roll, which the Registrar-General handed to ZEC less than 48 hours before voting, was not a consolidated national register of voters as required by the law. It says it was made of various and different versions that were dominated by deliberate repetition of hundreds of thousands of ghost voters, used to justify the strategies of multiple voting and ballot stuffing.

The MDC-T alleged that Nikuv was given a US$13 million contract to manipulate the electoral process, which was paid in staggered instalments and batches starting in November 2012 and without the consent and knowledge of the Ministry of Finance.

“Nikuv experts formulated strategies that would avoid defeat and rig the election for a Zanu PF victory, through disenfranchising voters, diluting MDC strongholds, creating ghost voters and facilitating for multiple voting, as well as ballot stuffing,” the dossier reads.

It claims that three Nikuv experts arrived in November 2012 and were assigned to start preparing for the mission with initial strategies that included issuance of fake IDs, identifying names of dead people and those in the diaspora for inclusion in the voters roll.

The report also said Chinese experts contributed in the formation and implementation of strategies, and brought special materials used in the electoral fraud including a special water marked ballot paper.

It claimed Zanu PF received funding of up to US$100m from diamond companies, a listed company and external sources such as Equatorial Guinea, DRC, Angola, Israel and China.

The report also details the bussing of supporters, alleged creation of 1,7 million ghost voters and deleting of voters in constituencies such as Mt Pleasant.
However, the minister of Presidential Affairs and Zanu PF secretary for administration, Didymus Mutasa said the document was full of falsehoods as the elections were never rigged.

“I don’t understand why they want to lie. If we rigged all across, how come the MDC-T won all the seats in Bulawayo?” he asked.


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    Jackson Magaya 9 years ago

    Didymus Mutasa: Why is the electronic voter’s roll still not availale. Why did it take a month to anounce the 2008 election results. These questions and many more, plus Mugabe’s outright refusal and anger on the issue of security sector reform smell of a dead rat. The absence of celebrations by zanu pf supporters is indeed intriguing Didymus.

  • comment-avatar
    Fallenz 9 years ago

    Would be nice if the majority of the leaders of neighboring nations gave a rat’s behind…

  • comment-avatar
    holy moyo 9 years ago


    • comment-avatar
      nesbert majoni 9 years ago

      Don’t 4get that this election had more than 5 political parties fighting each other. I always hear people say MDC T should not have participated in the elections. If they had boycotted ZANU of and other parties would go ahead with the election process with the same out come and Zanu pf even getting more sits than they have now.

  • comment-avatar
    doctor 9 years ago

    Too late. Trying to bolt the stable when the horses have fled.

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    wakutinyaudza manje tsvangirai. pliz giv us a break.

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    Bruce 9 years ago

    Rigging started when Zanu PF refused to impliment the GNP provisions fully. The actual implimentation was because the ground was already in place with the military and the CIO bootleakers in place. MDC mistake acknowledged, however no one could really tell what would have been the case had they refused to vote and ZANU PF with such hunger of holding on by hook or crook. We could have gone the same way as the case with the force election on 31 July 2013, ZANU PF could have brought in sponsored opposition and went in to an election. However hostility could have been worse may be since ZANU PF was desperate to win.

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    Uku mbuu uku mbuu 9 years ago

    2008 election rigging was exposed by a prison officer. Well done Shepherd Yuda, you were brave enough. 2013 election , no one had guts and balls to show us. High time to honour Yuda and award him a bravery award.

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    Danisa Tshawe lama Tshawe 9 years ago

    What a stupid dossier. Probably created by the fictious Baba Jukwa.

    It sounds like a poor written manuscript from a James Hardly Chase novel.

    The weakness of MDC is on intelligence gathering and rely on intelligence brought to them by clandestine Zanu agents.

    Its unfortunate that due to their early stance in policies they couldn’t attract veteran nationalist and other intelligence supremoes to their ranks whose experience could have came in handy.

    Morgan must take the dossier to the toilet and work out strategies of overpowering Zanu.

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    Mashinga P 9 years ago

    The voter will continue to rig and they are the majority by the way

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    Fallenz 9 years ago

    No, the dossier is an important collection of evidence that the denyers of rigging must answer. If you are robbed by a man, and he escapes and is not discovered for a year, is he not still a criminal who must be pursued and brought to book to pay for his crime, and kept from robbing you again? Just because the polling is complete is not reason to not expose Mugabe and ZANUPF for the low-life crooks they are. ZANUPF supporters were not duped… they want ZANUPF to be in power at any cost and justified by any means… but the honest people deserve to be exhonerated for the votes they cast wanting a legitimate government that would rescue Zim from the rubbish heap that Mugabe and ZANUPF have made it.

    If ZANUPF did nothing illegal, and the election was won in fairness, why are you so afraid of having the contents of the dossier exposed? Obviously, ZANUPF wants to marginalize such evidence, and demand the records be tossed into the toilet. Those who say such are either criminals, or supporters of criminals… just like the robber would want his victims silenced, witnesses ignored, and evidence destroyed so he would be free to continue his crimes without retribution.

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    nesbert majoni 9 years ago

    In a democracy there is nothing wrong in expressing one’s opinion but some of you guys on this forum are just stupid. How can you support a system which is oppressing the majority of the country and which has brought the country to its knees, morally and economically. Do you know that life was even better during Smith era than in the Mugabe era. Can’t you see that people have suffered enough under ZANU of.

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    Holy Moyo ua spot on. Nesbert Majoni remember Tsvangirai had e “veto” power. If he had refused to participate e elections would have been meaningless irrespective of who wld have contested agst zpf. In 1978 the PF refused to participate in e elections that ushered in Muzorewa as e Zim-Rhodesia PM and as a result e gvt lacked legitimacy. The prblm is Tsvangirai was easily and always fooled by mugabe during e gnu. Remember its him who announced and defended e appointment of well known zpf activists Makarau and mudenda to chair zec and zhrc respectively. He also gave a clean bill of health to e zec secretariat. His only argument of not contesting was simple, e provisions of e gpa are not fully implemented, period. Why was e gpa signed and e gnu formed in e 1st place? The reasons for that are e reasons y he shd have boycotted e elections bt Tsvangson became arrogant and started unnecessary fights w his traditional allies. Look how he treated Ncube even tho Ncube played a critical role in e re election of Lovemore Moyo as speaker of parly beating SK moyo of zpf bt look e thank u he got during e principals meeting. I actually blame e entire mdc leadership for letting Tsvangson down by not giving sound advise esp on dealing w mugabe and how to relate w other political leaders. To them victory was certain, c how Khupe was reported to have vowed never to give up on 1st vice presidency to Ncube if they’d won.

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    Kubota Binga 9 years ago

    MDC being clever, would keep queit and try to catch the zanu rig machine with pants down at next election. Why shout about stuff that dont matter now?????
    Please find something relevant to talk about to the millions that voted for you.

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    maisokwazo 9 years ago

    In as much is so much is amiss and that thieves and murderers have positioned themselves it is a futile effort to say anything about what happened in Zimbabwe and to Zimbabweans .Even a grade one child knows the elections were rigged and the thieves know they stole and the world knows elections in Zimbabwe were a farce so why waste time talking about it. Its useless. The only useful thing to do is to put the shadow government into gear, Go out Go out to the people and identify what they need Do something different from ZANU forget ZANU they are a rotten lot You see I applaud Tsvangirai going around the country talking to the people Don’t tell them about stolen elections they know it Education stimulus health debates practical things that change people lives ZNU shall discredit you impede and try to stop u but reach for the people There is a vacuum that needs o be filled ZANU is out of touch teach people what democracy is what MDC stands for and above all detoxify people from fear. Fear, tell them is a weapon used by the enemy its a psychological warfare. I know real mishaps happened in Matebeleland Gukurahundi MDC 2008 but see blood is already lost and should that blood go in vain. People should know that evil will never triumph and cowards die a thousand times. No army is greater than its people- Russian revolution Libyans said no to Kaddaffi the well equipped army and Mugabe is no different.DONT waste your time calling a thief a thief that does not change his thievery. Time now is to show what we can do as the people’s party not these goons in ZANU.Wear MDC regalia and start cleaning Mbare and hold education seminars health and developmental projects seminars. People will listen and no amount of rigging will change the good you will have implanted in them and they like that.

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    Michael 9 years ago

    It has taken Idiot Tsvangirai nearly 3 months to write (written by some intelligent scribe no doubt) a dossier about how the elections were rigged. Yet David Cultart wrote a report laying out the dubious voting anomalies in his constituency barely two weeks after the elections. Eddie Cross, in an article “What We Got Wrong” achieved on this site, acknowledged that the MDC was aware, before the election, of much of the intelligence now covered by Idiot Tsvangirai’s dossier. My question is if one knows that the other side has rigged the football match beforehand why would one bother playing the game in the first place, it only serves to grant legitimacy to the match outcome?

    The Answer:- IDIOT TSVANGIRAI, let’s face up to the truth the man’s a fool, a likable fool but a fool all the same.