Uneasy lies the head that stole the crown – Vince Musewe

via Uneasy lies the head that stole the crown December 19, 2013 NewsDay by Vince Musewe

Any genuine effort to revive the Zimbabwean economy in an inclusive and participative manner must put the people first.

I have never seen a bunch of sorry old men,so obsessed with political power and yet so devoid of any conscience and honour.In fact,I have never seen a country that continually expects new habits from old dogs.Zanu PF cannot be the creators of a better future or a modern society in Zimbabwe.They have dismally failed to build an inclusive and just society since 1980.Nothing is about to change.

We have seen in the recent past that, despite them having no concrete and credible ideas to lift Zimbabweans out of the poverty which they manufactured, they still insist to be captains of our destiny and yet we progressive Zimbabweans know that, because of who they are and what they stand for, no solid foundation can be crafted through their hands, no goodwill exists in their being to truly transform our society and eradicate the suffering, pain and hopelessness which they have fashioned in their pursuit of personal benefit and political power.

I have read the 129-page Zimbabwe Agenda for Sustainable Socio-economic Transfomation (ZimAsset) document and the one thing that strikes me are the reasons given for our economic decline. When you have a problem and you fail to define the problem situation, you are most unlikely to come up with sustainable solutions because the solution normally lies in how you define your problem.

According to ZimAsset: “Zimbabwe experienced a deteriorating economic and social environment since 2000 caused by illegal economic sanctions imposed by the Western countries . . .”

As opposed to the truth that: Zimbabwe has dismally failed to exploit its resources for the benefit of its citizens because of the philosophies and values of those who have had political power over the last 34 years.

The problems we face can never be solved at this level of thinking because it is that very thinking that created our problems in the first place.

We are all aware that Zimbabwe is endowed with numerous natural and human resources as stated by ZimAsset, but the fundamental question we must ask is: Why have we failed to exploit these assets over the last 34 years to the benefit of all Zimbabweans?

The other point is how this is essentially a blueprint for a command economy run and controlled by a centre that has dismally failed to develop this economy over the last 34 years. How can a government or a leader who has essentially driven an estimated 75 State enterprises with monopolies into the ground revive an economy such as ours? How can a group of men who have destroyed more value than they have created since independence suddenly have the political will and competence to create value for the benefit of ordinary Zimbabweans?

Zimbabwe needs a solid foundation of values before we can even consider reviving our economy. We must first compensate those whom we prejudiced through the land repossessions. We must then heal the wounds of Muramabtsvina and Gukurahundi. Only then can we begin to contemplate building a new society based on sound values and a sustainable economic base.

ZimAsset ignores this and pretends as if there is no baggage. It ignores dealing with corruption and the institutional incapacity that is so evident around us.

In addition to the above, any genuine effort to revive the Zimbabwean economy in an inclusive and participative manner must put the people first. ZimAsset puts Zanu PF first. It is state capitalism or, to be more precise, an opportunity for Zanu PF to control key sectors of the economy while continuing its patronage system.

In order to kick-start economic revival, there are two things that have to be done. Compensate farmers whose land was repossessed and give title to new land owners. This will trigger industrial revival and begin to reduce food imports and create local jobs. This, in tandem with infrastructure development, will begin to turn our economy around.

I must remind my readers that Zimbabwe has had in excess of 30 economic blueprints since 1980 starting with Growth with Equity.

Most of these never worked and today lie somewhere gathering dust.

What is different this time?

In any country where citizens cannot live up to their full potential, the economy of that country will never perform at its optimum levels. In any country where political power is exclusive and managed through fear and intimidation, we will not see an inclusive and productive economy emerging.

ZimAsset is unlikely to work because the assumptions upon which it is based are speculative. Zimbabwe has all the brains and resources to shape a better economic policy. Our problem is the arrogance of our leaders and this belief that they know best. The sad news is that once again, it is the poor ordinary Zimbabweans who will bear the full brunt of this arrogance.

We need God’s grace.



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    george shava 8 years ago


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      kowora kuita sei ,

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        Mthwakazi 8 years ago

        While writing on a public platform like this one, please try commnicating in a language everyone can understand.

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    Nyoni 8 years ago

    Vince spot on! Well said. You should be The President.

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    Ngoma Huru 8 years ago

    Guys we should also blame the opposition, they are divided against one enemy. We can not liberate ourselves.

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      mukanya 8 years ago

      the division in the opposition is non existent at the moment the zimbos are behind MT and people like Ncube, Dabengwa, Makoni and lately Madhuku do not have any followers. The structures in Zim are for MDC-T and ZPF. That is the grim reality of Zimbabwean politics at the momment

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        Mthwakazi 8 years ago

        You are displaying the same arrogance that is characteristic of ZANU PF that Vince is talking about. Where on earth do you get that idea that there everyone is behind Tswangirayi and there are no supporters for the other opposition parties in Zimbabwe. That is practically impossible.

        I know one thing, that you will claim that the other parties have no supporters because they never won a single parliamentary seat in the recent elections – but aren’t these the same elections you in the MDC-T claim were rigged by Nikuv?

        Obviously, it was an easy thing to rig other opposition parties to zero parliamentary seats because they dont have an profile that would cause a national and international outcry as that of the MDC-T. Besides any seats allowed for them as a cover up to the rigging would have eventually deprived ZANU PF of the two thirds majority that they so desperately wanted.

        Its always funny that the MDC-T seems to think the rigging was only against them but not against the other parties – very, very silly indeed, if you ask me. This is why some of us always say you are no different from ZANU PF. You want the world to believe political space belongs to you, and you alone – NONSENSE!!

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      Observer 8 years ago

      After dividing the nation.

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    Simba 8 years ago

    This is very good; the sort of shaking we need to wake us up to the reality.

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    dayford 8 years ago

    To find a solution you must first identify the problem….yes Vince the problem is Zanu PF and our challenge is the solution to this problem.

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    Mike Nyathi 8 years ago

    Yes – and let’s now find the battering ram that will break down this rotten fortress. We need political action and violent street protests.

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    Yes! Exactly! How come the reasonable and progressive people of Zimbabwe never seem to get into government! Pray Zimbabwe, Pray!

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    mwana wevhu 8 years ago

    Zimbabwe has had no government since 1980. We are blessed and awash with POLITICIANS. This
    species is the architect of our WOES globally and in Zimbabwe.”Our” President, his party and their appendages never transformed from politicians to government.As they are up to thei POLIT(R)ICKS governance and the country are dying.Given their determination to “CLING” to power and abuse power with impunity. VINCE my man you sum it well…WE NEED GOD’S GRACE.

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    Mr Mixed Race 8 years ago

    The people of Zimbabwe lack two important things common sense and proper education.Our people like short term solutions which lack fundamental principles.You can easily get somebody attacked and beaten by youth gangs after paying them a few dollars.Why is this possible? It is possible because our youth have been turned into horrible gangsters for political gains.We need to seriously transform the mindsets of these youth so that they respect human life.Economy can only develop when people’s mindsets and common sense are freely utilised to ensure individual’s maximum participation.We should not forget that patriotism comes with individual freedom NOT forced partisanship.Every parent should examine himself/herself and prevent his/her child from being used as a tool by a politician.I have never seen a politician who uses his child for political gains.Why? Because its a dirty game.

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    Kuakwa Katiyo 8 years ago

    Well said Vince. Another area where the president and his party failed us dismally is their inability to separate state affairs from party affairs. Mugabe never transitioned from party leader to State leader, party pronouncements are synonymous with state pronouncements. Without that sharp focus on State and party affairs mugabe was destined to be an absolute failure at leading the country from the very beginning.

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    The sad reality is ZANU has lost respect for the citizens it purports to serve.

    How can a country build a firm foundation for development when vegetable vendors and peanut squeezing machines(muchiona unokuya dovi) are the only industries we have today. Can someone from ZANU give us forensic evidence how those two combinations can revive an economy?