Urban invaders face arrest: Chombo

via Urban invaders face arrest: Chombo by Moses Matenga NewsDay September 27, 2013

Local Government minister Ignatius Chombo yesterday said government will pull down all illegal structures and order the arrest of fraudsters cheating people using the name of Zanu PF.

This came out during an interactive meeting between Chombo and stakeholders in Harare where residents complained of illegal structures mushrooming in the city spearheaded by people purporting to be Zanu PF.

Chombo, who was accompanied by the Minister of State for Provincial Affairs for Harare Miriam Chikukwa, said they would work with Police Commissioner-General

Augustine Chihuri to get perpetrators arrested.

“In the recent past, we have witnessed mushrooming of illegal settlements in most of our urban habitats. You must of necessity remedy the unpalatable development. On that note, I would like to express my displeasure on land invasions perpetrated by pseudo co-operatives, who allocate both municipal and State land without authority from responsible institutions.”

“Individuals masquerading as land authorities must be brought to book so as to protect citizens,” Chombo said.

Harare deputy mayor Thomas Muzuva disclosed that in Mufakose, the invaders claimed that they had the authority of the city’s Physical Planning Department to build houses.

“There is a housing project that falls under Joshua Nkomo Housing Co-operative and if council questions them, they say they got the authority from the Department of Planning,” said Muzuva.

Chombo, however, said the department did not own land.

He said that those who had built on illegal space should destroy their own structures before government stepped in to demolish them.

Chikukwa weighed in saying if Chombo has been talking without acting, she was a different person and would soon prove that.

“We must not build where we are not supposed to build. Maybe minister Chombo was joking, but I mean it. I will make sure people are arrested. Even if you are my relative, you will be arrested and I will come to see you in prison,” she said.



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    Michael 11 years ago

    The election is over and now the people that followed Zanu-PF’s instructions have served there purpose and voted illegally with the sad of voter slips/ They can now be thrown of the land which Zanu-PF used to get them to vote for them. Is it not a crime against humanity to treat human beings that way?

  • comment-avatar
    munzwa 11 years ago

    i take then minister if there is a genuine zanu supporter they can invade, only the psendo’s will be evicted, the rest will have their invasion regularized.

  • comment-avatar
    Chitova weGona 11 years ago

    Does Zanu know anything about human rights Michael? Its unfortunate people never learn. The very people you are feeling for were viciously campaigning for Zanu. Since when has Zanu kept its promises? The only habit they cant shed is that of violence. Its tough for the affected families but they put themselves in that quagmire. Next time they will Change.

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    furedi 11 years ago

    Guys like Chombo have to be careful.He has so much property that he could be the next victim.These mobs do not no anything about title deeds or anything to do with town planning.Pandamaka ndepangu.

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    UNIT K 11 years ago

    Please madam Chiukwa i think you are the right person for the job is it is not also rhetoric in the Press Please visit Hatcliffe Extention Hare North were developers were allocated certain pieces of land to develop stands for prospective beneficiaries these stand were invaded by Harare North Housing Cooperative with its affiliates who i understand are not registered cooperatives, Over 496 Stands were invaded belonging to a certain developer and at the same time 396 stands were also invaded with the very same people telling people lies that Minister Chombo was invoilved in the parcelling of stands,

    Mrs Chikukwa i am supprised over 826 residential stands stand in the turg of war fo Alpha Developers and Pilgrims Developers vs Cooperaratives thus bringing development to a stand still Please talk the walk or walk the talk we need to see action being taken after the 16 October 2013 Judgement if need be riot police should be involved bcz i have seen these illegal settlers removing their clothes naked much to the the dismay of everyone