US Wants Zimbabwe Economy to Prosper

via US Wants Zimbabwe Economy to Prosper VOAZimbabwe by Irwin  Chifera 

United States Deputy Assistant Secretary of State for African Affairs Shannon Smith says though the American government maintains targeted sanctions against President Robert Mugabe and members of his inner circle, it was wants Zimbabwe to prosper and grow economically.

Smith, who is in the country as part of the US government’s re-engagement efforts with Zimbabwe, said America is committed to democratic reform, rule of law and governance in Zimbabwe, adding targeted sanctions will remain until their objectives have been met.

She, however, said overally US policy was not static, adding it can change depending on events taking place in other countries, including Zimbabwe.

Smith said the issue of targeted sanctions came up in a number of meetings she held with some civil society organizations, political parties and Foreign Affairs Deputy Minister Christopher Mutsvangwa.

She said her government wants to re-engage and assist Zimbabwe to prosper.

US Ambassador Zimbabwe, Bruce Wharton, noted that Zimbabwe’s primary task is reviving the economy.

He said Harare should clearly enunciate its business and investment policies.

Zimbabwe’s controversial indigenous law has been blamed for driving investors away and retarding economic growth.

The US and its western allies imposed the so-called smart or targeted sanctions on President Mugabe and his allies more than 10 years ago, citing gross human rights violations, the break down in the rule of law and failure to hold democratic elections.

But Harare says the sanctions were put in place as revenge for Zimbabwe’s land reform program that displaced thousands of white commercial farmers who held prime land at the expense of poor blacks who lived in overcrowded communities otherwise known during the colonial era as reserves.



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    Washumba 8 years ago

    Kana ukaita mwana akoma musoro kudai kuti kana dai ukamupa panichimendi yakaita sei anotoita worse ma1. Ndopaunonzwa vanhu vakuti mwana vacho nhinhi chaiyo

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    Can you just stop talking about sanctions whether you remove them or you do not remove them, whether they serve their purpose or they do not serve their purpose that’s none of my business and l do not give a dame sh**t.

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    Nyoni 8 years ago

    The issue here is does Mugabe and his merry click want Zimbabwe to prosper? Thats the vexing question.

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    With revelations about the goings-on at ZBC I do not think that there is any Zanupf leader who wants national development. It is just amassing as much wealth as one can using party slogan and shouting support for Mugabe.

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    Zimbabwe’s primary task should be telling the truth. Because then, and then and only then, can we really begin to build. God doesn’t build in the dark!!!!

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    mukanya 8 years ago

    good gorvenence and we are ready for economic growth. but we need change right from the top. young blood in old guard out.

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    Bruce 8 years ago

    Primary economy of Zimbabwe is farming, mining,which has been destroyed by poor policies of ZANU PF.

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    Mthwakazi 8 years ago

    Zimbabwe’s economy was destroyed by Gukurawundi Mugabe and his cohorts; not sanctions:

    1. They went to fight in the DRC despite MANDELA warning them that their edventurinsm would destroy their economy;

    2. They destroyed the bedrock of their economy by grabbing land and destroying all agricultural infrastructure in a vengeful spirit;

    3. They tried to play big and forgot they are a small landlocked country with no direct access to the sea;

    4. They printed money 24/7 and thought that is how an economy is run;

    5. They never stopped the looting spree by the politically connected and corruption was tolerated in return for political support; hence the “your obedient son……” sign offs by the Obert Mpofus of this world.