US$10m hospital on cards | The Herald

via US$10m hospital on cards | The Herald October 29, 2013

Harare City Council plans to establish a US$10 million district hospital that will serve as a referral centre for patients from the city’s clinics.

City officials said yesterday that they had already identified three potential sites in Mbare, Kuwadzana and Mabvuku-Tafara. Director of Health Services Dr Prosper Chonzi said the initiative was part of a five-year plan that would result in an overhaul of the city’s health infrastructure as part of efforts at enhancing service delivery.

“We have submitted the plan to the Ministry of Health and Child Care and they have told us to give them the land from which construction will take place with the help of other stakeholders,” he said.

Patients in Harare depend on major referral centres such as Parirenyatwa Group of Hospitals and Harare Central Hospital, a situation that puts pressure on the two centres that also receive patients from outside the city.

“As part of our five-year plan, we are also upgrading clinics as some can no longer service the growing population of residents and we intend to construct new clinics in previously unserviced areas like Hopley, Whitecliff and Hatcliffe,” said Dr Chonzi.

He said the city had already found financial partners to assist with mobile clinics that would be used to service communities as the new clinics undergo construction.



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    mutikani 9 years ago

    zim ambassador.

    With moral very low in aftermath of the election, keep on preaching the good news and hope we believe. The herald will
    be bombarding the people with this rubbish,

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    There is serious problem at a clinic in Chitungwiza Unit L
    1) there is only one doctor to service the clinice 24 hrs
    2) they don’t have the smallest apparatus to use like thermometer
    3) they cant even check for BP at this local clinic not to mention the shortage of drugs and gloves.
    4) the free male circumcision is the only good thing happening at this clinic, but the clinic is not supplying the salt to use after the operation.
    5) the doctor at this clinic is overworking and can not do lunch sometimes
    6) The matron is not doing much to solve the problem.

    Reports have been done to the municipality chief and the ministry and they are not helping. I’m sure the Minister responsible is not aware of this dilatable situation.

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    Greyhora 9 years ago

    This is a rubbish plan that makes sense only to idiots! The problem we have is not a lack of hospitals or clinics, rather a dysfunctional health delivery system. Rather use that money to get existing facilities to their original functional state, and then worry about building new facilities later!