ZANU-PF must deliver on promises

via Deliver on promises – DailyNews Live 14 APRIL 2014

As the economic crisis deepens in Zimbabwe, the Zanu PF government must begin to put its money where its mouth is to avert the suffering of its 14 million citizens.

The liberation movement which has been in power since independence in 1980 should be jerked into action by the liquidity crunch currently prevailing to deliver on their electoral promises.

Zimbabweans are hard-pressed on every side with the economy in intensive care as hundreds of companies continue to close down.

Economic analysts who argue that the economy is the albatross around President Robert Mugabe’s neck, attribute this free fall to Zanu PF’s policies such as indigenisation which they say should be put on hold or revised to attract investor confidence.

Hundreds of companies have since closed shop since the beginning of the year against an unemployment rate currently pegged at 80 percent.

Elsewhere in this publication, we report that this figure is set to rise after the de-registration of 176 companies while 634 might be de registered in three months’ time.

This unfortunate state of affairs will worsen the burden on 60 percent of citizens who are deemed to be poor.

Statistics availed by the United Nations reveal that 25 percent of rural households live on just one meal a day; it is then not surprising that one in four children under the age of five are malnourished.

A significant number of workers have gone for long periods without pay while civil servants are up in arms with government over pay increments.

Delivery of essential social services is almost on its knees as people are failing to access basic needs like water, basic health care and education.

Is this the empowerment that Zanu PF was talking about in their manifesto?

We wait patiently for the economic growth of 6,1 percent spelled out in the Zanu PF economic blue print, ZimAsset.

Graduates from tertiary institutions wait patiently for the millions of jobs which the ruling party promised.

Analysts say to prevent total disaster, Zimbabwe needs to put in place policies that attract foreign direct investment.

We couldn’t agree more.

But changing policy alone will not have the desired effect as the ruling party needs to do much more if it is to attract investors like developing a national branding strategy which will rid it of the ‘bad boy’ image it attained over the past decade.

Elsewhere in this publication, MDC leader Morgan Tsvangirai has urged Mugabe to swallow his pride and work together with him to avert the suffering of the people.

We couldn’t agree more with him.


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    the trouble with Mugabe and zanu is they think people have short sane person would invest in a country run by looters.

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    We are idiots. How can anyone of us have got taken in by ZPF’s lies whilst campaigning. Do we not know who Jesus called the father of all lies; it is the devil. After 34 years if anyone of us voted for ZPF on the back of their deception and lies; well then I have no answer for our stupidity. Have we learned nothing? Anyway they rigged the elections. God know that. And now God is judging and the instrument of His judgment = the economy!

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    Saddened 9 years ago

    All these clowns liberated us from is a decent quality of life and little else. As stated in a recent article that the Smith regime was better than ZPF, which is in itself a sad indictment of the present government. The evidence of their ‘liberation’is all around us & affects every aspects of our lives.

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    Suprise, surprise, amid all this Zanu PF has just won another council by election from MDC. Last time they grabbed Mbare and this week its Gweru, all of them MDC strong holds, all of them cities where people are supposed to be more enlightened about why the economy is failing. It seems the more the economy fails the more we vote for Zanu PF.

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      I can’t believe the MDC are stupid enough to even go in for these elections. they should show ZPF the middle finger. Nikuv haven’t left Zimbabwe. And the voters roll is still a sick joke. Eish! I get frustrated with the opposition.

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    Zim Patriot 9 years ago

    Ha Ha comrades, its called ZIM ASSET FREEZE, no moyo not won another by stolen…….Pray to the Lord Jesus Christ that He restores our land, He loves righteousness and justice and ultimately rules in heaven, on earth and below and when He decides to implement His policies and His smooth road for the people He shall do this in Zimbabwe and in the blink of an eye. With No effort He parted the red sea to allow His people a smooth escape, He shall do it again, He is the same yesterday, today and tomorrow. Just watch and see our Lord Almighty do His will in Zimbabwe, shiver and pray people, the Lord is in full control and He is mighty to save, a respector of NOBODY, He can change hardened hearts effortlessly!!!!!

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    I am sorry!
    “ZANU must deliver on ……”??
    You cannot be serious!

    The evidence is there for all of us to see.
    ZANU cares only for itself.

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    munzwa 9 years ago

    You talk as though zanu care about finding solutions, they are on a course to loot with them in charge, join them on their terms or fend for yourself!!!!They don’t have to change course, they are fine