2 wanted in Zanele Moyo ‘murder’ probe

via 2 wanted in Zanele Moyo ‘murder’ probe – New Zimbabwe 18/10/2015

POLICE in South Africa are reportedly looking for two men in connection with the death of Professor Jonathan Moyo’s daughter whose lifeless body was discovered in her Cape Town flat on Saturday morning.

This comes after Moyo revealed that Zanele, who was found dead in the tub, had an injury on the forehead while blood was discovered on the floor. Zanele reportedly bled from the nose.

However, the cause of the death remains unknown as investigations continue.

But a state media report quoted police spokesperson F.C. Van Wyk saying the cops had opened a murder investigation.

The report said the cops are looking for one Stephen and his friend Leo Chingwena-both Zambian although Chingwena is also half Zimbabwean.

Chingwena reportedly introduced Zanele to Stephen who immediately took a liking to Moyo’s daughter and by last week had started taking her out.

State media reports said Zanele, last Wednesday, indicated to a friend called Nicole that indeed Stephen was taking her out. But later that night, Nicole received a call from Stephen saying she should come over a lock up at Zanele’s.

Stephen, who was using Zanele’s phone, also reportedly said the professor’s daughter was “passing out”.

But Nicole reportedly ignored the call assuming that both Stephen and Zanele may have been drinking.

Between then and Saturday morning, Moyo’s wife reportedly called Zanele on numerous occasions but did not get any reply until she called Nicole and asked her to check.

Reports said Nicole knocked repeatedly on the door to Zanele’s apartment but did not get any response and yet the door was locked.

Locksmiths were then called in and they forced the door open to discover Zanele’s lifeless body inside the tub.

Moyo is reportedly in South Africa together with his friends Philip Chiyangwa and Terrence Hussein, the lawyer.

The higher education minister is a key member of the faction ridden Zanu PF party.

The no-hold barred academic turned politician is linked to the so-called Generation 40 crew who are reportedly pushing for First Lady Grace Mugabe’s take over from her ailing husband, President Robert Mugabe.

Against the G40 crew is Vice President Emmerson Mnangagwa who is known to want to succeed Mugabe.

Since the news of Zanele’s death filtered through, many people-friends and foes alike-have expressed their sorrow and sent condolence messages to the higher education minister’s family.

Zanele, who was the second youngest of Moyo’s daughters, was studying political science, international relations and gender studies degree at the University of Cape Town.


  • comment-avatar
    machakachaka 7 years ago

    Zanele’s death is quite sad. This report had been well presented, until the alleged political dispute between Mnangagwa and Grace was mentioned. How does this report veer from Zanele’s death, and end up being a report on both her death and Zanu pf factionalism? Where are the real journalists in Zimbabwe?

  • comment-avatar
    Msizeni silwelani 7 years ago

    May her soul rest in God’s caring hand. I pray for strength for Prof Moyo in these difficult times. The rage and destruction of political madness is unlimitted.

  • comment-avatar
    jeremiah 7 years ago

    Am a true Zimbabwean.Am very disappointed to the person behind the killing. Rest in peace Zanele.

  • comment-avatar
    Makomo 7 years ago

    Rest in peace zanele