8% of women access media

via 8% of women access media – NewsDay Zimbabwe May 4, 2015

A RECENT survey by the Zimbabwe National Statistics Agency has revealed that 8% of local women had access to media once a week as compared to 15% men.

by Stephen Chadenga

The development comes at a time Zimbabwe joined the rest of the world in celebrating World Press Freedom Day yesterday amid closure of newspapers like The Zimbabwe Mail last month and the turning of another independent daily, The Southern Eye, into a supplement of the NewsDay.

“The proportion of women age between 15 and 49 years who read newspapers or magazines, listened to radio or watched television at least once week was 8% and 15% for men age 15-54 years,” the Zimbabwe Multiple Indicator Cluster Survey 2014, final Report on Media, Information and Communication Technology reads.

According to the report exposure to the three types of media increased with an increase in education and household wealth quintile.

Urban areas recorded high access to the media compared to predominantly rural provinces in the country with radio being the most common medium.

“Radio was the most common medium that the majority of both women and men were exposed to with about 44,5 % of women and 57,5% of men listening to a radio at least once a week,” the report established.

According to the survey, 18% of women were aged 15-24, 13,9% of women aged 15 to 49 and 24% of men aged 15-24, 22,2% men aged 15 to 54 have used a computer in the last 12 months preceding the report.

Eighty-five-point-two percent young women, 85,6 % young men and 88,6 % and 90,3 % adult women and men respectively used mobile or non-mobile phones while 21,6% and 30,8% young women and men used Internet.