AfDB avails $2,8 million to government

via AfDB avails $2,8 million to government – NewsDay Zimbabwe August 25, 2015

THE African Development Bank (AfDB) has provided $2,8 million to government as part of the $108 million three year grant the bank is extending to Zimbabwe.


The grant targets a number of projects including infrastructure rehabilitation, water and sanitation, social sector, private sector and governance.

Speaking at the signing ceremony yesterday, Finance minister and Economic Development minister Patrick Chinamasa said the $108 million grant was for the period 2014 to 2016.

Chinamasa said the $2,8 million grant will strengthen institutional capacity and oversight role of Parliament, capacitate the Office of the Auditor General to improve transparency and accountability in the public sector and promote gender equality for inclusive and sustainable development.

“Strengthening capacity of the Office of the Auditor General will enhance its audit function.This will ensure that the activities of public institutions integrity of financial statements, corporate governance structures, effectiveness of internal controls, as well as compliance with relevant legislation and reporting standards are objectively evaluated,”he said.

Chinamasa said he was thinking of establishing a unit within Treasury to follow up on the reports that are released by the Auditor-General.

AfDB resident representative Mateus Magala said “when a government supports institution of transparency and accountability you should know that it’s a serious government and we work with serious governments”.

“We are confident we are working with a good government. They have understood being accountable is important for the development of Zimbabwe,” he said.

Auditor-General Mildred Chiri said her office was grateful for the grant and will enhance competence as well as acquire laptops and computers for the offices.

Chinamasa said the grant has come at an opportune time when government was prioritising good governance in order to attract capital.

He said the Parliamentary Women Caucus will be capacitated to help members to clearly articulate gender and equity issues in order to promote inclusive development.

Clerk of Parliament Kennedy Chokuda said the grant would help the Public Accounts Committee to review reports and the Women’s Caucus.

The Auditor General’s Office audits the accounts of parastatals and other state-owned enterprises and the reports have unearthed a number of irregularities. The reports are discussed in Parliament.