Army, CIO haggle over Dzamara

via Army, CIO haggle over Dzamara – The Zimbabwean 29 April 2015

Central Intelligence Organisation sources have revealed that their officers, together with the army, were responsible for the disappearance of Itai Dzamara, a journalist and civil rights activist who was abducted on March 9.

Inside sources told The Zimbabwean this week that Dzamara was initially snatched by CIO officers from Glen View where he was having a haircut and taken to Goromonzi, the site of a CIO base where scores of opposition supporters and individuals deemed to be a threat by the Zanu (PF) government have been detained, tortured and sometimes killed.

The government inherited the detention centre from colonial Rhodesia, which used it to persecute freedom fighters and those helping them.

“Initially, he was taken because they wanted to interrogate him about a demonstration he was planning for Africa Unity Square,” said the source.

Dzamara, together with numerous young protestors, was arrested several times by the police for calling on President Robert Mugabe to go. He led a campaign dubbed Occupy Africa Unity Square (OAUS), which involved peaceful protests in the park adjacent to parliament, vowing the demonstrations would continue until Mugabe left office.


Security forces are said to have been unsettled by the campaign, which they feared might spark widespread uprising as the economic and political situation continues to deteriorate in the post-2013 election period.

Dzamara had already joined ranks with MDC-T and addressed some of its rallies. The sources said military intelligence took over custody of Dzamara from CIO, but did not mention when and how that happened.

The activist was then taken to a torture camp that the army uses on a farm it owns close to Chitungwiza. Sources named three military operatives, Chikowore, Tashinga and Maruru, whose national identity numbers they also supplied, as being involved in the transfer of Dzamara from Goromonzi. They said they doubted he was still alive.

The High Court recently ordered the security arms of government—police, CIO and army—to look for Dzamara. Crispen Makedenge, an assistant commissioner in charge of the police Law and Order section, recently gave an update to the High Court in keeping with its order but said they were still investigating the matter and had so far found nothing.


The sources said Makedenge was not telling the truth, because the security forces know that they took him. The security departments are, however, reportedly haggling about who is supposed to take responsibility for Dzamara’s fate. Our contacts said teams from the police, army and CIO met last week at the KG6 military barracks to discuss the issue.

A mystery

“Nobody was taking responsibility for his fate. They both accused each other of having Dzamara. The army denied holding him, meaning that something might have gone very wrong in their operations,” said one contact.

Another CIO operative said he was not aware of the KG6 meeting but confirmed that they were frantically trying to locate Dzamara. “The whole thing has become a mystery. We are also anxious to know where Dzamara is and we do regular updates during our meetings. The problem is that operations in the security sector are most of the time so uncoordinated because of suspicion among us,” said the operative.

Several activists, including Jestina Mukoko of the Zimbabwe Peace Project (ZPP), were abducted in 2008 and held incommunicado for long periods before resurfacing at police stations, having been tortured by the security forces.

Dzamara’s abduction has been fiercely condemned by diplomats, opposition parties and human rights defenders. His wife is reportedly living in fear of state agents.


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    Mupurisa 7 years ago

    This is very sad, but a very believable story . The fact that he is still missing right now, would indicate that it is unlikely that we will ever see this young man alive again, because if he is found still alive, then we will hear the truth, and we know very well what Mugabe & Co do with the truth.
    Then, as if to rub coarse salt into the wounds of his Loved ones, the Police say they know nothing and can’t find anything?? It’s unbelievable that someone can be taken in broad daylight, and after such a long time they ‘still don’t know!!” Really!!?
    Whatever this young man’s fate, there can be no doubt that the blame lies with Mugabe himself!! Head of the AU, SADC & Zimbabwe! Lord have mercy on the people of Zimbabwe.

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      This is indeed more than sad & totally disheartening.

      How can, in this era of global-enlightenment, a ruling party continue with its senseless & callous maiming & murdering of innocent citizens – even when elections are still 3 yrs away?

      We know for sure, given the length of time & continued secretiveness of Mugabe’s CIO, police & soldiers, wherever Itai is, he is in a very bad shape or is no more. All becoz of Mugabe-zanu pf heartless thugs.

      • comment-avatar
        Svimbo Nyoro 7 years ago

        Zvinorwadza chokwadi kuti vanhu ava vari kutoenderera mberi vachiita zvavanoda. Munhu kurova kunge hondo yemiseve kudai? Vachadura here vanhu ava?

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    Mukanya 7 years ago

    R I P DZAMARA- my sympathies are with the FAMILY.
    Whatever alibi the ZANU PF securocrats are offering, its not far reaching, all my two arms supporting the ten fingers are firmly pointed at Zanu PF for this dastard act. No amount of xenophobia can eclipse this Dzamara saga.

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    Free Itai Dzamara.
    This story will never rest until the truth is known and the culprits identified and brought before the courts.

    • comment-avatar
      Edzai 7 years ago

      But the culprit is Robert Mugabe who does whatever he likes. If you know the truth what will you do with it?

      • comment-avatar
        wensil 7 years ago

        @Edzai, Robert Mugabe would have authorised this abduction to take place. I don’t understand why on earth he would have allowed such a thing.
        The guy was clearly an ordinary activist and even if he committed any crime he should have been tried in a court of law and not go through torture chambers.
        Robert Mugabe must own up and tell the world what happened to Itai. There is nothing like this that would happen in Zimbabwe without Mugabe knowing, he has every detail.
        I also hold Mugabe directly responsible, he is the one orchestrating all these things so he can stay in power for as long as he wants.

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    The Mind Boggles 7 years ago

    Itai Dzamara a true hero, a man whom I have never met yet your name will remain in my mind until the day I die as a man of stature a man of principle and a man who had the courage to stand up against all evil.
    May your captors rot in hell forever

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    ananian 7 years ago

    This answers Zuma’s question why many Africans run away from country of origin to SA or other European countries. Xenophobia is better considering its perpatrated by other nationals to foreigners. What about MUGABE who is harrasing and killing innocent citizens of his country. MUGABE you are the world terrorist number 1. Worse than Hiltler and even arpatheid. Those that pracrtised it were of another colur and race and from another country and continent. TO HELL wITH MUGABE world Idi Amin and Bokasa

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    mark longhurst 7 years ago

    Je suis Itai……ndini Itai……his legacy no matter must motivate the real Zimbabawe to destroy the Zanu fakers,looters and murderers.

  • comment-avatar
    Gandanga 7 years ago

    My plea to the whole world is to zoom all their energy on Zimbabwe and get to the bottom of the killing of ITAI DZAMARA. Lets get down on ZANU PF and its murderous illegitimate government like a tonne of atomic bomb. If Mugabe is killing people in broad daylight then he is running a terror group. Let us as a world speak with one voice and hold Mugabe accountable of the killing of ITAI DZAMARA as well as 99% of all the bodies buried at the Zimbabwe Heroes Acre (or Zimbabwe Murdered Acre). Prosecutors at the Hague please start compiling the dockets.

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    mukorekore Tavara 7 years ago

    This is an urgent call to whomsoever will pray. please take a moment from your busy schedule and pray for the President R.G. Mugabe and the first Lady Mai Grace,Mugabe as The SPIRIT of. GODleads you.please, this is no time to trade insults nor ask questions. whomsoever will pray please kneel down , or bow your head now and let the Spirit if God lead you,in JESUS NAME amen

    • comment-avatar
      Chidumbu 7 years ago

      Yes lets all pray that Mugarbage and his B/*@h wife die soon to free Zimbabwe of these terrorists who murder and pillage this once great country

  • comment-avatar
    Chamu Mukorokoza 7 years ago

    @mukorekore tavara
    Go back to school and finish Grade 2, you moron.
    You are the one who badly needs a prayer because you have a terminal mental illness. You are a halfwit, nincompoop, ignoramus imbecile.

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    Just give us the ID numbers of the military operatives and let us deal with them

  • comment-avatar
    Michael 7 years ago

    One wonders whether anybody has really made a list of how many innocent people have been killed since 2000 by this ruthless lot of scoundrels running the Government of Zimbabwe?

    Lets face facts – even Mutasa said that all important decisions of the Zimbabwe Government are taken by Mugabe himself and proof of that was also forthcoming about the bonuses issue. When it comes to murdering of opponents would it not be the case as well?

    One can only assume that the Dictator himself decides who shall be tortured and killed. However, what is also clear is that when Mugabe dies – he shall be held accountable for all his misdeeds and the list is getting longer day by day.