Belgium emerges as largest importer of Zim tobacco

via Belgium emerges as largest importer of Zim tobacco | The Herald June 25, 2014

Over 8,4 million kilogrammes of tobacco worth $36.6 million have been exported to Belgium this year. This makes the seat of the European Union the largest importer of Zimbabwean tobacco constituting 39 percent of the total harvest. Recently, Belgium also campaigned for the bloc to lift the illegal sanctions imposed on Zimbabwe to allow unhindered trade in diamonds from Marange.

In its recent update, the TIMB said the United Arab Emirates was the second biggest buyer of the golden leaf with 4,3m kilogrammes having been exported to that country since the start of the tobacco selling season on June 20 this year.

On third position is South Africa, which has bought 3,5m kilogrammes worth $12, 6 million at an average price of $2,93 per kg.
“Exports for 2014 went to 45 countries compared to the previous year with 34 destinations across the globe,” said the TIMB in a statement.

The highest export price has been $8,72 per kg that Malaysia offered when it bought 1,8 million kg.
United States of America offered the lowest price after buying 15,360 kg for $0,24 per kg.

TIMB is on record saying the disparity in prices was a result of the tobacco grade.
A total of 198,1 million kg of tobacco worth $630 million have so far been sold through the contract and auction sales.

Other export destinations for the country’s tobacco include Malaysia, Indonesia, Singapore, Egypt, Montenegro and Russia.
TIMB also revealed that daily deliveries have significantly dropped particularly at the auction floors, prompting the TIMB to announce the end of the 2013-14 season on June 27.

Over the years, tobacco production in Zimbabwe has been on the increase following the favourable prices that the crop has fetched on the market.


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    Mlimo 8 years ago

    Belgium should know better than to buy cancer sticks

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    Mhofu 8 years ago

    For the umpteenth time get you facts right. Belgium is a LARGE WAREHOUSE for Europe destined tobacco. It is cheaper to store tobacco in Belgian warehouse before moving to manufacturers as and when required, yah? Misleading is your report or rather it lacks understanding. Endai kuDr Matibiri munodzida